Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 22nd, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “It’s a tough day to be a Cougar, both of these games lost late in the game. It’s tough.”

Criddle: “They have a very young team and a number of contributors are going to be coming back next season.”

Criddle: “You need the young bucks in a program who have energy and are willing to do what they can to help out.”

Criddle: “In the MLB, 7 of the top 10 highest paid players are pitchers. Arms are very valued.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Which loss made you pull out more hair: Baseball’s loss against Pepperdine or Basketball’s loss against Ole Miss?

Logan: “There’s a point you get to in a game where you know you’ve won so you kind of start to cruise.”

Logan: “That leads to the one team getting a little steam, putting in a little more hustle and doing what they can to win.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Baltimore drafted 2 TE’s this year, why? Because they weren’t sure if Pitta would be able to play again.”

Criddle: “The story line has been crazy, it has been back and forth on what’s happening.”

Criddle: “There was some bone floating around in the hip, kind of scary stuff.”

Criddle: “It’s a little worrisome that he’ll even be able to move in 20 years.”

Logan: “Yeah I’d be worried that I wouldn’t be able to run around and play with my kids.”

Criddle: “For me, it’s probably going to be remembering stuff instead of getting around.”

McKay Jacobsen Interview:

Jacobsen: “Tanner is busy doing missionary work but we were able to catch up with him on Mother’s Day.”

Jacobsen: “I’m attending SMU down in Dallas. I am going into business.”

Jacobsen: “I have a little boy, his name is Ben.”

Jacobsen: “It’s been fun to watch Tanner play, he’s on the defensive side of the ball so he has a little bit different mentality.”

Jacobsen: “When he was being recruited, some schools were really open to him going on a mission and luckily Tech was very open to it.”

Jacobsen: “Every state has great athletes, I think it depends on the recruiting strategy but I’m sure that the BYU coaches know what they are doing.”

Jacobsen: “I hope that Dennis has no more injuries and that things can go well for him going forward.”

Jacobsen: “When the QB position isn’t as solidified, it’s hard to adjust.”

Jacobsen: “My freshman and sophomore year I was spoiled to be on great teams, not to say that my junior and senior teams weren’t great, but sometimes it takes more to get the ball rolling.”

Jacobsen: “I was a fan of Riley’s hair.”

Logan: “Yeah that used to flow like a head and shoulders commercial.”

5:30 Segment:

Logan: “What on earth is this music man?!”

Logan: “When Jake Heaps was coming in we did what we could to hype him up.”

Logan: “When you get married during football season, it makes a difference in your mentality.”

Criddle: “When I was playing, Nate Meikle wanted to go take some reps at RB and another player goes, ‘Man, I will murder you.'”

Kevin McGuire Interview:

Logan: “Last year, BYU was favored pretty highly to end up finishing undefeated last year.”

McGuire: “The fan expectation may be a little bit higher at Nebraska than it is at Michigan.”

McGuire: “Nebraska’s division is an easier path to the B1G CCG.”

McGuire: “I think it’ll be another year or two before Jim Harbaugh can really turn around that Michigan program.”

McGuire: “Michigan’s QB situation isn’t going to be ideal no matter what way you shake it, but Jake Murdock will help just for this year.”

Criddle: “I feel like BYU plays a very similar style of football to the B1G.”

McGuire: “I definitely agree. When I think of the B1G I think of defense and I think of running the football. When I see BYU that’s what they’ve done well recently.”

McGuire: “Wisconsin has been one of the most consistent teams in the B1G. They have a big year this year as they open up against Alabama.”

McGuire: “The way that Ohio State shut Wisconsin down in the B1G CCG was absolutely incredible.”

McGuire: “I don’t know how much the B1G will really expand. Everything that they’ve done expansion was for the TV market.”

McGuire: “They’re at 14 teams already and I feel that they’ve done all their expanding.”

McGuire: “I think that BYU’s schedule is incredibly hard in the first month of the season. After that it’s kind of back and forth but Cincinnati and Mizzou will both be tough games late in the season.”

McGuire: “BYU’s veteran experience is really going to help them in the first month.”

McGuire: “I feel that the defense is going to have to help out with getting some stops and forcing some turnovers. You need defense to arrive to the occasion.”

McGuire: “I have a lot of respect for Bronco Mendenhall. Coaching at BYU is very tough because of the Honor Code and you have to have athletes that buy in.”

McGuire: “There’s been a few times that I’ve wondered where they’re going to end up after leaving the MWC and they’ve done a good job keeping up.”

Criddle: “If the Big 12 never expands, do you think BYU can still pay competitive financially?”

McGuire: “I think that ESPN is crazy if they were to give up BYU. BYU provides some quality games on weeknights and is exciting to watch.”

McGuire: “The B1G is very top heavy with Ohio State and Michigan State but they don’t have the best depth top to bottom.”

McGuire: “I think that BYU will be a team that P5 leagues will use as a quality opponent for non-conference scheduling.”

Brent Norton Interview:

Norton: “It was a tough weekend, we played great baseball.”

Norton: “We led both games going into the 9th inning but we just couldn’t put them away.”

Norton: “Last night was probably the most disheartening loss I’ve ever been apart of.”

Norton: “We didn’t really have a ton of depth in the bullpen and it really hurt us.”

Norton: “When you’re up 5-0 you are confident going to those late innings but it’s hard to not close it off.”

Norton: “There are 7 seniors on the team, there are a few juniors who are potentially drafted.”

Norton: “I think they’re on the right track it just depends on how hard they want to work.”

Norton: “I think the COA stipend has helped but it’s still so new that we don’t know how effective it is.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “I remember one of the first times I showed up to Utah I was hanging out with a few guys and they went and got some bottle rockets and were shooting them at each other!”

Criddle: “One thing I used to do is to go and get a water balloon launcher and shoot it at kids who were playing down on the basketball court.”

Criddle: “There was this time I came home during the offseason and I got back to my dorm, we were one of the only dorms that had a computer and like 6 guys were surrounded by my computer. I walk up to them and they have bottles of anabolic steroids and they’re looking up online how to inject them, I was so irate!!”

Logan: “I heard that estrogen pills can help you get bigger.”

Hicken: “Yeah don’t forget that deer antler spray!”


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