Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 15th, 2015

News and Notes:

Tavernari: “There’s some news on Monday that I can’t bring up until then.”

Criddle: “Harvey Langi had an opportunity to stand in for a sculpture for Junior Seau.”

How We See It:

Twestion: How is it that Jimmer is in NO getting DNP’s while Dellavoda is dropping daggers in the playoffs?

Tavernari: “The NBA is all about finding guys who somewhat understand basketball and are freakishly athletic.”

Tavernari: “Jimmer has been labeled a shooter, they compare him to JJ Reddick but that’s like apples to oranges.”

Tavernari: “JJ is a catch and shoot guy while the real Jimmer needs to have the ball in his hands and do his thing.”

Tavernari: “Jimmer isn’t a catch-and-shoot guy, he has been mislabeled in the NBA.”

Tavernari: “It’s like comparing Max Hall to Taysom Hill. Both QB’s but Taysom is a runner while Max is a pocket passer.”

Tavernari: “Jimmer needs the ball in his hands to score. He isn’t a creator, he’s a scorer.”

Criddle: “In the NFL, those who are drafted get more opportunities, is that the same in the NBA?”

Tavernari: “It’s all about being in a place where you can get an opportunity.”

Tavernari: “In the NBA, there are 450 guys in the league. 50 are stars, another 100 are guys under contract from the year before, another 100 are veterans, and the last 200 are guys who have to go out there and kill themselves to succeed, hunger games style.”

Tavernari: “Jimmer is a guy who should be compared to Nate Robinson.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Everyone in Utah judges the person who isn’t married so you’re judging me JT.”

Tavernari: “I have a reputation to uphold so I have to dress like a pretty boy.”

Tavernari: “I can’t just go around like Ben Criddle being like, ‘Hey, he’s a big deal.'”

Criddle: “Arnold Palmer is my best friend.”

Tavernari: “I can drink sprite all the way to the temple.”

Criddle: “In the state of Utah, we consume more sugar than any other state in the US.”

Criddle: “We don’t do drugs except for perscription drugs, we have the highest number (per capita) of anti-depressant users.”

Criddle: “King Hussein is the guy who builds all the Costco’s in the world, he’s LDS and donated the money for the IPF.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Tavernari: “I was contacted by ESPN bout a month to a month and a half ago, I was asked if I would put together a BYU/State of Utah alumni team for a tournament.”

Tavernari: “I wasn’t able to get just BYU guys so we got guys from BYU, Utah, USU, and WSU to put together a team.”

Tavernari: “We need votes to get this together.”

Brett Hein Interview:

Hein: “I live way north of Utah County so I don’t have access to Essential Oils.”

Hein: “People who grew up in the church who are familiar with the church know a bit about a mission. Unfortunately, not a lot of sports writers know about it or even do a lot of research about it.”

Hein: “Going on a mission can set you back in a lot of ways.”

Hein: “I had people message me who said that they were grateful that I outlined that for them.”

Hein: “I talked to someone who said that they couldn’t get their legs back after their mission and even a baseball player who lost 13o lbs and had to hang up the cleats.”

Hein: “Wes Morgan is a kid who is getting some love from BYU fans on twitter and there is some interest. He’s 6’7″ but plays SG.”

Hein: “Zac Seljaas has good size and some definite potential to be a big player at the next level.”

Hein: “If it wasn’t for Rose’s system we wouldn’t have guys like Haws or Jimmer.”

Hein: “It’s good to be a fan of a team that does have an uptempo pace and gets up and down the court.”

Hein: “This stipend is a way to help student athletes make up for a lot of the expenses that weren’t being offered before.”

Hein: “Another $100/mo may be nice but I don’t think it’ll make or break anyone’s decision to go anywhere else.”

Hein: “Every team gets one less timeout and if a coach calls a timeout close enough to a media timeout they will be skipped.”

Hein: “There has been times that you see 30 seconds of basketball but it’s been 10 minutes in real time.”

Hein: “One of the major voices of the Simpson’s is leaving the show so we decided to do an article of comparing BYU guys to Simpson’s characters.”

Craig Cusick Interview:

Cusick: “Not all of us get to find out this news immediately so this 30 second shot clock is news to me.”

Cusick: “Every team has seen a little bit different success and I think that they have seen success in this new style of play so they’re going to stick with it.”

Cusick: “Playing against the Italian and the Greece national team helped us learn quite a bit.”

Cusick: “If the balls rattling around on the rim, they go up there and get it, I kind of like that style of play.”

Cusick: “I think that Cory Calvert certainly has a shot to make it to go on that Spain trip.”

Cusick: “He’s not playing a ton, he’s trying to get in shape and he’s in the gym every day shooting and working on his game.”

Cusick: “Jordan Chatman will be a guy who has his role and it’ll pan out.”

Cusick: “A lot of the pick up they are playing, Nick is running the point.”

Cusick: “Zac Seljaas is a guy who’s down there playing a lot, he has to add a little meat on his bones but he has a good opportunity.”

Cusick: “Kyle Davis is a guy who really goes after it and plays really good against guys who may be a little bit bigger than him.”

6:00 Segment:

Tavernari: “What is kale? It’s just a fancy word for salad!”

Tavernari: “How do I come up with a new name for something and make bank off of it?”

Criddle: “Being a player on the two-deep and being able to go and play in a bowl game is a really special memory.”

Tavernari: “Yeah, when I played I had an opportunity to go and play in France.”

Tavernari: “The trip to France was my opportunity to show Coach Rose that I was going to be his guy for the next 3 years.”

Tavernari: “The trip itself great but the preparation and the time off the court was really important too.”

Criddle: “Matt Carlino was someone who we didn’t know if he was going to be the guy each year.”

Tavernari: “I think that 10 guys is too much.”

Tavernari: “In August, every single team is getting ready for Euro Cup. All the other teams are getting ready for preseason, they will be out of shape.”

Tavernari: “I see this trip as a benefit to Corbin, Nate, and those who are working to improve.”

Tavernari: “My mentality has changed, it’s more about longevity and focusing on health.”

Tavernari: “KC, Chase, Nick, Zac, Jake Toolson, Nate, Kaufusi.”

Tavernari: “I think that this trip is a huge deal for Jake Toolson, this is a place where he can go and prove himself.”

Criddle: “Kyle Davis will be a lock, he plays very aggressively and goes up and get boards.”

Tavernari: “This trip is very special for coach to see who is going to crack the rotation and can go out and play.”

Tavernari: “I think that Jamal Aytes could be the next Keena Young. He had Keena’s size as a freshman. He’s undersized but plays above the rim.”

6:30 Segment:

Tavernari: “re: Haws. Why was he a big time scorer? Everything was run through him.”

Tavernari: “Tyler may have hurt himself by going to the Portsmouth because of his style of play.”

Tavernari: “They aren’t looking for guys who are coming off of screens, they are going there to make big plays for themselves.”

Tavernari: “Tyler would do amazing with the Spurs.”

Tavernari: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he was invited to a team that runs half-court offensive sets and finds success.”

Tavernari: “The players who go to the combine are the top 64 players in the world, not just the NCAA and not just seniors.”

Tavernari: “I think that America is the center of the Universe, but not making it to the NBA isn’t the end of the world.”

Tavernari: “Playing in Europe, you get a $300k-$400k contract and you get it all, you don’t have to pay any taxes.”

Criddle: “Is Tyler Haws an NBA basketball player?”

Tavernari: “Can he play in the NBA? Yes, probably, maybe. He knows basketball, he’s smart he could do it but his game translates perfect to Europe.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “Our band of the day is Maroon 5 because we have an Adam Levine look-a-like (JT) in the studio.”

Tavernari: “I definitely married up.”

Criddle: “I feel bad for Jimmer for all his DNP’s but then I don’t feel bad because of all the money he’s making.”

Tavernari: “I need to know why Ben Criddle hasn’t manned up and gotten some bling for his girl.”

Criddle: “My GF tells me there’s no excuse, I need to step up my game, I’m 32 years old.”

Tavernari: “WHAT?! You’re 32 and you’re not married?!”

Tavernari: “Welcome my co-host THE Provo All-Star: Beeennn Criddle!!!”


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