Cougar Cuts and Quotes: May 13th, 2015

News and Notes:

Criddle: “Did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo?”

Logan: “How on earth do you do that? What am I supposed to do?”

Criddle: “What is your favorite holiday?”

Logan: “Oh man, it is definitely thanksgiving.”

Criddle: “What seriously? Why thanksgiving?”

Logan: “You get to go spend time with your family, there’s football, plus that is the lowest traffic day for adult internet sites.”

Criddle: “Where did you get that statistic?”

Logan: “My pastor”

Criddle: “And pastors don’t lie”

Hicken: “Mine’s thanksgiving too, I love the food!”

Mauss: “It’s a sweep, thanksgiving for me too.”

Criddle: “I like Christmas”

How We See It:

Twuestion: “Where would you want to see BYU play overseas?”

Criddle: “BYU played overseas in 1978 against UNLV in Japan and in 1987 against CSU in Melbourne.”

Logan: “I’d want them to do something for the fans, go where they have the most members of the church outside the country.”

Logan: “One thing I loved as a player was going to places like Tulane and CSU†.. the fans made it feel like a home game.”

Logan: “BYU fans are like any other that I’ve ever seen, they are everywhere and they show up to support the team.”

Criddle: “I want to go to a place where people are familiar with BYU and maybe rugby to generate interest.”

Criddle: “I would go to a place like New Zealand or South Africa.”

Criddle: “BYU already travels the second most in the country second to Hawaii.”

Criddle: “BYU has a worldwide following.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Brian, do you know why and how Bronco ended up at BYU?”

Logan: “Yeah, he played JUCO ball.. wait, what was the question?”

Mendenhall: “I came to help out a friend and had no plans to be the head coach. I thought it wouldn’t last longer than 3 years.”

Logan: “I heard that when he took over he had a bon fire and told some players to throw some things that they needed to put behind them.”

Mendenhall: “I’m not sure that these 8-5 teams would be 10-2 or 11-1 teams.”

Logan: “When I played we lost to Florida St and TCU, I think that with the talent BYU has now, they would be closer games.”

Criddle: “In my opinion, success comes from having an elite at QB and OL, that was the difference between 06-07 and these 8-5 teams.”

Logan: “BYU is playing teams that are bigger and faster than they did while in the MWC.”

Logan: “Playing in the Pac-12 OL are like an avg of 6’5″ across the board, in the MWC they might be 6’0″.”

Logan: “Wyoming has linemen that are 5’11” and weigh 220 lbs where Wisconsin they are 6’5″ 270 lbs and run 4.3 40’s.”

Criddle: “When you only point out height and weight that’s not the whole picture, there’s more to it.”

Logan: “If Tejan were 3″ taller he wouldn’t be at BYU.”

Criddle: “Time to go to…”

Logan: “Yeah, that’s right I won.”

Criddle: “LOL”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “If you enjoy what you do, is working long hours stressful?”

Logan: “I say maybe 80% of the time, because I would rather be spending time with my wife.”

Logan: “Jesus didn’t say it would be easy, but it would be worth it.”

Criddle: “Bronco said that when you’re a head coach, one year ages you seven years.”

Criddle: “I think that Coach Mendenhall loves certain aspects of his job, but there are places that he doesn’t like it much.”

Logan: “I’d like to know how much stress a coach at Wyoming has opposed to Bronco.”

Logan: “At BYU you represent something more than football so there is a lot more pressure.”

Greg Wrubell Interview:

Wrubell: “The thing about the CFL is that they have to have a number of Canadians and International players on the roster, if you’re a Canadian who played at a high level then you can get an opportunity.”

Wrubell: “I don’t know what the Alouette’s depth chart looks like at OL but growing up in Canada, there are a lot of Canadian players on the OL.”

Wrubell: “I can’t imagine a scenario where going to the MWC would be deemed a viable move for BYU.”

Wrubell: “They’ve moved on to bigger and better things than the MWC. They’re doing better financially and scheduling wise than ever before.”

Wrubell: “The MWC isn’t going to go the a NY6 every year, there’s no guarantee that it gives better access than being an independent.”

Wrubell: “The pecking order is that P5 trumps Independence and that trumps the MWC.”

Wrubell: “It’s tough to argue that BYU didn’t have some of their best players who played in 2009 and 2010.”

Wrubell: “I think that Bronco believes that their talent level is good enough to compete with the schedules they’re putting together.”

Wrubell: “BYU dropped a number of games that you don’t expect them to in the last few season.”

Wrubell: “As we all know the schedules are getting harder every season.”

Wrubell: “BYU is returning at lot at some very key positions in women’s soccer.”

Wrubell: “Almost all of the offensive squad is returning and Ashley Hatch has gotten a lot of attention.”

Wrubell: “We’ve heard about that 4 conference scenario coming up but you have to wonder which team is most likely to bow out, we’ve already seen the Big East do that.”

Wrubell: “I think you see KC, Chase, Corbin, Nate Austin, Jordan Chatman, Jake Toolson, Kyle Davis, Zac Seljaas, and Nick Emery being a lock to make it to Spain.”

Wrubell: “I think you lean to Calvert as a guy to fill in, he got back from his mission soon enough, he has a chance.”

Wrubell: “I think that Jamal may get scratched because of his injury.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “It’s funny, LaVell hired a lot of guys from outside, he attracted a lot of talent, yet Bronco has hired from within.”

Logan: “Bronco is the type of guy who will mold you and develop you to be what he wants you to be.”

Logan: “I like the style of hiring from within.”

Criddle: “When Bronco has been hands off, no one has been able to perform the job at the same level that he has.”

Logan: “In practice, you’re going 75% but as soon as you know Bronco is watching you you’re going 120%.”

Logan: “I once thought that going back to the MWC was a good idea until I realized what the money was like.”

Logan: “I thought it would be hard because of the competitiveness.”

Quinn Lawlor Interview:

Lawlor: “I wasn’t at Pro Day for BYU but I went to the national combine and had a 31.5″ vert and a 4.5 40 with a tweaked hamstring.”

Lawlor: “I realized that I wasn’t happy without football in my life and that’s when the decision came to try to go to the CFL.”

Lawlor: “We moved down here from when I was 1 year old, my Mom and I lived with my Grandparents down here in Orem.”

Lawlor: “This past year I saw action in 2 games, the year before it was in 6 games.”

Lawlor: “I’m rooting big for Parker Dawe, he’s a walk-on guy and I think he’s going to have a big role this year.”

Lawlor: “I think that BYU is going to be a lot better on the offensive line because of the experience. You go out and do instead of thinking.”

Logan: “In 2010 we all had a meeting to rally the team together after we got off to our bad start.”

Lawlor: “Being a part of the scout team last year I didn’t get a chance to be a part of a lot of stuff but the team really rallied around Christian and did what they could to improve going forward.”

Logan: “4 years ago, only 15 or 16 American’s could be on the roster at any time, there had to be 2 Canadian’s starting in any game.”

Logan: “It’s a whole bunch of shuffling, an OL could get hurt and he’s a Canadian so they have to cut an American DB to bring another OL on.”

Mauss: “There is a $1.5 million tax that is being added to fund Utah State’s COA.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “We are all subjects of the government, we all are now boosters of Utah State.”

Logan: “As a citizen of this great state, I’m not too happy about this.”

Logan: “I remember that game against Utah State and I look over on the sideline and Coach Mendenhall is calling plays, I was confused and look over and go, ‘Where’s Coach Hill?’ He was over on the sideline sitting on the bench with his arms folded and his headset off.”

Criddle: “Being Independent is apparently worse off for BYU than being in the MWC according to some.”

Criddle: “One of the best things about Independence is being able to play the best teams at any time.”

Logan: “I like the fact that BYU is on ESPN every week, EVERYONE can see you.”

Mendenhall: “If the Pac-12 were to expand, that would be the most ideal place to go.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “I argue for the sake of winning, there’s no such thing as just doing something for fun, you do it to win.”

Criddle: “So what was it that we were arguing about?”

Logan: “Um…”

Criddle: “I was blessed to play with some of the best to play at BYU. Harvey Unga, Max Hall, Dallas Reynolds, Danny Coats, Jake Kuresa.”

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