Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 8th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “I’m here with my co-host of the day, the Brazilian bomber, 6’6″ 215 lbs, he’s got a beautiful life, beautiful wife, and beautiful child, Jonathon Tavernari.”

Tavernari: “You forgot that I’m incredibly handsome.”

Criddle: “We have Riley Nelson coming in on June 22, I’m excited for him to come in.”

Tavernari: “In one year, I had to do all four years of Seminary. Church is true!”

Top 3 Stories:

Criddle: “Ziggy and KVN are looking to do big things this year. Ziggy is being touted as one of the top pass rushers in the NFL by his coaches.”

Criddle: “I heard that you’re a cougar insider, from your social and professional group.”

Criddle: “Top story of the day for me: Frank Jackson.”

Criddle: “Was the comment coming from Al Jackson (Frank Jackson’s Dad) saying that Frank was ‘Not BYU Bound’ a big deal?”

Criddle: “Why did his Dad say that in the first place? Why did he respond to someone who was saying, ‘NBA bound’ about Frank Jackson’s potential?”

Tavernari: “It’s tough, Frank has a strong personality. His Dad may have some influence in the decision, but ultimately, it will come from Frank.”

Tavernari: “I’ve yet to see Coach Rose lose a guy who committed to him and eventually lose that commitment.”

Criddle: “I think that BYU fans shouldn’t be gnashing teeth over this, they should be happy for a young man to be recognized for his talent.”

Criddle: “Ultimately, he’ll have the biggest message for the church from being at BYU. He’ll be able to do a lot more.”

Rex: “He’s a mission kid so the whole two years that he’s out there he’s going to get closer to the church and you don’t want anything standing in the way.”

Criddle: “What if when he goes to Duke and the conversation comes up, ‘Are you sure that you want to go on a mission?'”

Tavernari: “I remember when Jake Heaps came to BYU and people were so excited.”

Tavernari: “When I was in college, we were putting guys in the NFL like once a year.”

Tavernari: “The success of BYU football is directly tied to the number of pro guys on their team.”

Criddle: “Second biggest story for me is KVN and Ziggy in Detroit.”

Criddle: “BYU may not put a ton of guys in the NFL, but once they get out there they are 1st and 2nd round draft picks and are making the pro bowl.”

Rex: “For Kyle, it’s a huge deal to get healthy and be able to get out there. He knows he’s not going to be starting every game, but next year, the year after this coming year, is what you need to be excited for.”

Rex: “For Ziggy, I think that he’s doing more then you think he could’ve ever done. I’m happy for both of them though, their stories are both so unique.”

Criddle: “My third story is Khari Vanderbilt. He will be announcing where he’s going to be attending school this year.”

Criddle: “How important is it to secure a JC safety for this team this year.”

Tavernari: “It’s important to see that Bronco can get guys like this, transcend the religion barrier when it comes to these recruits.”

Tavernari: “I think Bronco’s a cool guy, I love him. He was always nice to me and it amazes me that for 10-11 years he’s been able to sell the same thing and be successful.”

Criddle: “There is one scholarship available by my counts, and I hope that it has been set aside for Khari Vanderbilt.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Does it matter that a BYU legends son committed to Utah State?

Tavernari: “We’re good enough friends that you can tell me you hate my taste in music. I can give you a hard time about not being married.”

Criddle: “Adam Levine didn’t write that song because it was his masterpiece, he wrote it because he knew he was going to make a ton of money.”

Criddle: “I don’t think BYU offered Crew Ainge, but I’m sure he was being recruited as a preferred walk-on.”

Criddle: “He’s got very good handles, he’s an Ainge. He’s more athletic than Austin.”

Tavernari: “I think this is more Crew saying that he earned this rather than saying that his Dad earned it for him.”

Tavernari: “Austin earned a scholarship and had an opportunity to play professionally but he always wanted to coach.”

Criddle: “I look at who he would be competing against with BYU and who he’d be competing against with USU.”

Criddle: “Crew, you can become a starter at BYU. You’re more likely to become a starter at BYU then you are at USU because of the competition.”

Tavernari: “He’s going to earn a starting spot because he’s an Ainge and he’s going to work his butt off.”

Tavernari: “The hardest working families I’ve ever met are the Ainge’s and the Kaufusi’s.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Gurney: “When I was three years old I fell into the luggage compartment of a plane, I was in the bowels of the plane floating around with the luggage.”

Gurney: “The scholarship issue isn’t a big deal for the Ainge’s. I say it’s good to accept the scholarship because it means you’re in the teams plans.”

Gurney: “I think it’s nothing, are there fans really belly aching about it?”

Criddle: “I’m belly aching about it! This is my show! I want Danny involved with the program and watching the games.”

Criddle: “I think he has a better opportunity to play and start at BYU than he does at Utah State.”

Gurney: “I think it was an inside joke with some guy who’s been ribbing him about BYU and he didn’t think that cougar nation would descend on him and start with the inferiority complex.”

Gurney: “It’s a little annoying, but I understand fans, you can go out and see anything that’s on the internet.”

Gurney: “I was like, ‘Wow, he went out of his way to bash BYU?’ Then I thought, ‘Probably not.'”

Gurney: “Gavin Baxter just committed to BYU.”

Criddle: “Jackson Emery would’ve been an NFL DB if he would’ve played football, he was that good of an athlete.”

Kyle Meinke Interview:

Meinke: “I’m glad that you guys couldn’t see me doing the two step for that song in my living room.”

Meinke: “That 11-win season was big, especially for a community that was starved and I think there’s a lot of optimism with this team.”

Criddle: “How much will both of these guys contribute this year?”

Meinke: “KVN is coming off of a lost rookie season. He feels like he’s ready for a fresh start and now Tahir Whitehead is competing directly with him for that spot.”

Meinke: “With Ziggy, man he’s really developed. He can disappear snap-to-snap. There’s a play or two where you need a play from the defensive line and he’ll end up in the backfield.”

Meinke: “Ziggy is a big play guy and with Suh now in Miami, it’s time for Ziggy to be a leader on that defense.”

Meinke: “I don’t know how much Van Noy will play this year, but he is definitely in the plans in the long term for Detroit.”

Criddle: “Do you think that Ziggy will make the Pro Bowl this year?”

Meinke: “I think it’s very possible that he’s going to make the Pro Bowl this year. He’s been on such a sharp upward trajectory since coming to Detroit.”

Meinke: “I like here in Ann Arbor and I remember sitting in a cafe and this dude comes running in wearing khaki’s and is yelling, ‘Harbaugh, Harbaugh.'”

Meinke: “The team that he’s inheriting is in disarray, but he has brought so much excitement to this fan base and really reinvigorated it.”

Mike Rutherford Interview:

Rutherford: “The WCC is a really good conference and they’re playing better than they ever have and it’s completely overshadowed by how dominant Gonzaga has been.”

Rutherford: “The top 2 teams behind Gonzaga really need to step it up.”

Rutherford: “You still have KC, you still have Fischer, and you have big time transfers coming in from UNLV and Utah State which you expect to help out immediately.”

Rutherford: “It seems like BYU is one of those teams whose being debated on whether or not they should be in the First Four and they don’t always play up to their talent.”

Rutherford: “I think it’s a big year for BYU. A lot of people expected them to come in and compete with Gonzaga immediately.”

Rutherford: “If it doesn’t happen now, you wonder if and when it ever will.”

Criddle: “I’ve been told to win a game in the NCAA tournament you need at least one guy, to make a run you need at least two stars.”

Rutherford: “I think that Karnowski and Wiltjer are really talented. Wiltjer is a big guy who has a very different skill set.”

Rutherford: “The NBA is a league made up of 19-20 stars and then a bunch of guys who have one specific skill.”

Tavernari: “The difference between Gonzaga and the rest of the WCC is the number of pro guys in the league.”

Rutherford: “The biggest difference between BYU and Gonzaga is that BYU can score from anywhere, but they can’t keep up with Gonzaga on the inside.”

Rutherford: “BYU really needs a fifth year transfer or a big time recruit to come in and fill up some space in the paint.”

Rutherford: “It’s a big year for Pepperdine to make a big jump going forward and really make a push to become that top 3 team in the league.”

Rutherford: “I think the biggest argument against expanding the NCAA tournament is that you don’t mess with a big thing. It’s wildly perceived to be the best postseason in sports.”

Rutherford: “I watch the NIT because there aren’t other games on, but I don’t really care who’s playing.”

Rutherford: “The NIT really means nothing, I have no problem getting rid of the other tournaments beside the NCAA.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I really do not like Maroon 5, why do we have to listen to it every time JT is on the show?”

Tavernari: “If I got a tattoo could we say that we can do it Brazil like the guys can do in the islands?”

Tavernari: “LeBron is saying all the right things about Matthew Dellevadova.”

Tavernari: “I really want LeBron to win because he’s doing a lot of good things but he can’t catch a break.”

Tavernari: “He is the best player to come into the NBA in a while, Kobe was a good player, he’s a better scorer but LeBron impacts the game in all facets.”

Tavernari: “The basket that won the game was Delly’s drive and put back.”

Tavernari: “He is going to get paid next year and he is playing so hard and someone is going to pay for him next year.”

Tavernari: “Teams will invest in guys, look at what happened to Lance Stephenson.”

Criddle: “And then he starts getting shopped around mid-season.”

Tavernari: “Why leave a comfortable situation just to make more money.”

Tavernari: “I’m about Ty’s height, but I can guard a four man because of my physicality. Granted, I can’t come off a screen and shoot on one leg.”

Tavernari: “Tyler never had the help that he needed to win. He never had a big man like Trent Plaisted who was drafted in the NBA draft, he didn’t have Lee Cummard who took care of all the little things. He had to do everything himself.”

Tavernari: “What is the LeBron effect? The more positivity you get, the more things start to go your way, the better and better you do.”

Random Thoughts:

Tavernari: “There are so many guys in the NBA who are just good at one thing and they need to prove that they can do that one thing.”

Tavernari: “Ty’s offensive moves are second to none, he can come off of a screen, he can post up, he can step back, he can do it all.”

Tavernari: “What does JJ Reddick do? He’s a catch and shoot guy and that’s all he does.”

Tavernari: “I think by saying that he wants people to think he’s white and slow but can stick around.”

Tavernari: “There’s a big difference between scoring 2,500 points in the ACC and the WCC. The A and the W make a big difference.”

Criddle: “I was thinking about who JT could be compared to in the league, I think he could be Rick Fox. He definitely could perform better than Mike Miller.”

Criddle: “Don’t hate on Hood River! You have to respect anything with the word Hood in it!”

Criddle: “I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get down on one knee and propose to me.”



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