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Twestion: What happens at Junior Day in Provo?

Jorgensen: “There were about 200 kids down there running around and it’s a way to build relationships and getting guys down there.”

Jorgensen: “It’s a big decision making day for coaches, it’s the first time that they really get a chance to see these kids in person.”

Jorgensen: “It’s a way that they can decide whether or not they’re going to offer him after seeing him in person.”

Criddle: “Anyone can show up, you fill out your name, height, weight, and pay $25.”

Criddle: “There are coaches who have an idea of who they want so they’re pulled off to the side and the coaches will work out kids one-on-one.”

Criddle: “After the camp, there were 30-50 kids who were pulled aside and given a tour of the facilities and had an opportunity to speak with current coaches.”

Criddle: “According to some, Chaz Ah You from Westlake was the best defensive player down there.”

Criddle: “Junior college guys can go to Jr Day and Jonah Trinnaman from Snow made it. He ran a 4.35.”

Criddle: “It’s an opportunity for kids to get better by working out with great athletes.”

Vai Sikahema Interview:

Sikahema: “It was tough to find out last weekend that he past. I didn’t know him real well but I feel that I knew him better than most people.”

Sikahema: “I met him as a freshman back in 1980 and I didn’t know who he was. We were standing in line at a gas station and I was wearing a BYU shirt and he was talking to me. He asked who I was and I told him I was a punt returner and he wished me luck in the next upcoming game.”

Sikahema: “I got a letter after the game from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and it was a hand written letter from LTP congratulating me and wishing me luck in the rest of the season.”

Sikahema: “There haven’t been a ton of connections, but there have been enough over 30 years that I’ve considered him as a mentor of sorts.”

Criddle: “I feel that some of your testimony has been shored up because of your experience with men like that.”

Sikahema: “That is absolutely correct.”

Sikahema: “In the process of being at BYU, we were trained to be leaders.”

Sikahema: “When we travelled, we represented more than the university. We play for a cause, more than just 30,000 students on a campus but we follow wards and stakes.”

Sikahema: “There are people who follow BYU because these young men came to their branches in South America, Europe, and Asia.”

Sikahema: “If you grew up without having priesthood keys, you definitely learned those during your time at BYU. It was so unique.”

Jorgensen: “One thing that people do is say that we should leave our religion at the door when it comes to being a football player, I feel that it shapes your experience when you’re at BYU.”

Sikahema: “We were told to be more than men because we were men who hold the priesthood, those who didn’t they helped us remain worthy in holding it.”

Sikahema: “Over the years I learned to appreciate how special it is. Only at BYU you get to have President Hinckley MC your football banquet at the end of the year.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “There were a number of talented players at Jr Day, one guy that stood out was Jonah Trinnaman.”

Criddle: “I was told that if Jonah Trinnaman was at BYU he would be one of the guys at BYU.”

Criddle: “He was always an athlete, but now he’s a football player.”

Mauss: “I covered him while he was at American Fork and he was their go-to-guy while he played there.”

Criddle: “At SPARQ combines, he struggled with guys that would get physical with him. Now, he’s going up and fighting for balls.”

Brandon Huffman Interview:

Huffman: “Covering recruiting was something that I originally did as a hobby and did for fun to turning into a career and doing something that I can do to support my family.”

Huffman: “I remember a friend of mine was telling me about his son 4-5 years ago and now he just got his first offer from Fresno State.”

Huffman: “Being able to see kids realize their dream is really special for me.”

Huffman: “So much has changed with twitter. Then with all the internet sites, there are so many more checks and balances. Coaches used to be able to tell kids that they were the only QB they were recruiting, now coaches can’t say stuff like that.”

Huffman: “Now coaches are able to see these guys and players are able to see who’s coming in with them and how they play.”

Huffman: “Kids will live tweet their entire recruiting process.”

Huffman: “Porter Gustin fell through the cracks until 10 months before signing day and was offered by 40+ teams late in the process.”

Huffman: “Hudl has completely changed it, before you had to go and create a DVD and send it out to coaches.”

Huffman: “Look at a guy like Tristan Hoge from Pocatello who ended up being a top 100 kid.”

Huffman: “I think that one of the things that hurts BYU and Utah is that the kids who they’d normally land in state are getting recognized by teams from out of the state. You can thank Osa Masina and Porter Gustin for that.”

Huffman: “Fred Warner was a kid who surprised me that BYU got. They got in early and fended off teams that usually don’t lose recruiting battles in Oregon and USC.”

Huffman: “BYU did the same with his brother Troy, but when he was offered by Oregon he committed.”

Huffman: “Teancum Fuga and Sione Takitaki were two other guys that I really liked but BYU was able to hold on to their commitment when big schools started coming for them.”

Huffman: “Tanner Mangum proved to us at an event we put on that he was really one of the top QB’s in the country and not just some commodity out of Idaho.”

Huffman: “Taylor Kelly was a kid who was dangerous with his legs, Tanner Mangum was extremely dangerous in the pocket.”

Huffman: “I think the difference between Jake Heaps and Tanner Mangum is the mental make up. Tanner is kind of a quiet guy but he had this calmness to him and there was a lot of respect that guys would give to him in the huddle.”

Huffman: “Jr Day is one of the few teams that you can get a whole bunch of kids on campus and knock out a bunch of tours at once.”

BJ Rains Interview:

Rains: “If you’re looking at strengths, Boise State’s is definitely the defense.”

Rains: “I think they’re going to be a top 10-top 15 defense.”

Rains: “The QB battle is still up in the air and so is the battle at RB, but luckily the OL returns all 5 starters, it will help them quite a bit.”

Rains: “Going out and winning the Fiesta Bowl brought back a lot of swagger for Boise State.”

Rains: “This is the first time they’ve opened up at home in the last 6 years, it’s a huge game for the team, especially with Chris Peterson coming to town.”

Rains: “As soon as they walked off the field with their Fiesta Bowl trophy they’ve turned their attention to Washington.”

Rains: “They like going on the road and getting a lesser P5 team or a G5 team that they feel they can go out and win.”

Rains: “There are some really good home and home games set, they have FSU and Oklahoma St coming to the blue in the next 5-6 years.”

Rains: “This new coaching staff is much younger and has brought a lot of new energy to this team.”

Rains: “After seeing Boise State struggle and come back and win a Fiesta Bowl at the end of the year is huge.”

Rains: “The average per player is $5,100 which is a lot higher then several P5 teams and is even higher than anyone else in the MWC.”

Rains: “They’re not getting SEC money, but they are getting the highest in the MWC with their ESPN contract and the naming rights to their stadium.”

Rains: “Boise State is giving out more money than USC and UCLA while they’re out in LA.”

Rains: “You could say that Nevada and Fresno State are Boise State’s biggest rivalries, but because of MWC scheduling they don’t play them this year.”

Rains: “There’s a strong BYU presence in Treasure Valley so you can throw them in there.”

Rains: “BSU and Idaho used to play pretty regularly until Boise joined the MWC. There are a lot of Idaho alums who wished that they’d play more but BSU had been dominating and it meant nothing. Idaho wants them to go up there and play and Boise wants to play at home and make more money.”

Rains: “I think that Boise gets a lot of teams best, if you look on their schedule a lot of teams have white-outs and black-outs and pink-outs.”


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