Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 4th, 2015

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How We See It:

Twestion: Are we certain that Tanner Mangum will be the back up behind Taysom Hill next year?

Harmon: “Well, in Spring Practice, who did you see backing up Taysom Hill?”

Harmon: “You do have a couple freshman coming in.”

Criddle: “I think that McCoy Hill has a dynamic, competitive personality and he will be fighting for it.”

Harmon: “McCoy has the best arm in camp besides Tanner Mangum, he can throw it harder, farther, he just needs to work on the accuracy.”

Harmon: “He was an AP which probably means he’s a pretty well liked guy and can develop relationships with guys.”

Harmon: “The last two QB’s for BYU were AP’s in Christian Stewart in Japan and Taysom Hill in Australia.”

Criddle: “I hope that McCoy is competitive. I hope that Beau Hoge will be coming in to push, but I think that it’s Tanner Mangum’s job to lose. Coach Anae loves him and it’s his job to lose.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “I feel like BYU and Boise State have a little bit of a rivalry going on right now.”

Criddle: “Boise State might not have much reason to think it’s a rivalry, but BYU has been beaten 3 times by Boise State. Your heart has been ripped out twice, you got tthem once at home, but then were killed last year.”

Criddle: “I think that both are kind of warring as ‘mid-majors’ in College Football. I think both are in the top third of the nation, but they haven’t been invited or recognized as a P5.”

Harmon: “They are the BYU of 1980. Going out and beating up on big schools. BYU has been where Boise State is.”

Harmon: “You need to look around and say, ‘Where are our rivals?’ Your main rival doesn’t want to play you, or if they do they want to do it on their terms.”

Parker Mangum Interview:

Mangum: “Tanner took his time getting off the plane, he said that it took him a little bit to soak it in.”

Criddle: “I can’t remember exactly because of all the concussions, but I think I was the last one to get off the plane.”

Mangum: “He took his sweet time and was one of the last ones to come off the plane.”

Mangum: “He’ll be down there on Monday so he’s giving a talk on Sunday and will be down.”

Mangum: “He came back about 285.”

Criddle: “285?!”

Mangum: “I’m just kidding, he’s about 205. He looks like he’s in good shape, still 6’3″ but he needs to get back in shape and I’m sure he will.”

Mangum: “He looks good, he took two footballs down there to throw around and he had a chance to do that quite a bit. He actually gave both of them away to friends he made on the mission.”

Mangum: “Madison is the athlete of the family. He’s always been able to jump higher, run faster than anyone else in the family.”

Mangum: “He looks like a greek god, almost like a Criddle in his hey-day.”

Mangum: “Tanner isn’t as athletic as Madison but he has football smarts and he’s been playing QB since he was 6 years old in flag football.”

Mangum: “Madison was #4 in HS and Tanner was #11 so when you wanted a TD you would dial up 411.”

Mangum: “Tanner struggled through the workout that I put him in today.”

Mangum: “I work for Nike and we do circuits and sprints and I like to pass it along to friends and family and Tanner definitely was feeling it after.”

Mangum: “I think it’s better that he’s coming down to BYU so soon so he can just get back to it and not get bored in Idaho.”

Mangum: “He’ll be bunking with Matt Hadley.”

Mangum: “As far as I know he hasn’t seen the offensive playbook. He’s doing a good job crossing that barrier.”

Criddle: “As we all know, this offense isn’t complicated at all, just give the rock to Tanner and let him sling it around.”

Harmon: “It’s interesting that you have Taysom being the alpha dog in the room and Tanner has been in a similar situation being AP and being from Idaho, I think Taysom will appreciate it.”

Mangum: “They play two different styles of football, but I think that they can both contribute well.”

Mangum: “Moroni from Mountain Crest was in the same mission and they’d get out on P-Days and throw the football and run some routes.”

Mangum: “His mission president is a big BYU fan and said he’s excited to see him get back and compete.”

Criddle: “When I was on a mission the president let our AP go and compete in a rodeo and he won $500 and got a big belt buckle.”


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