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Twestion: Who will be the starting secondary for the 2015 season?

Criddle: “Back in 2005, it was pretty bad. But since then, it never got back to that preposterous lack of execution.”

Criddle: “Jordan Pendleton has very good in coverage, Bryan Kehl was fantastic.”

Criddle: “You played some Field Corner Brian, most important position out there, who will be the starter this year?”

Criddle: “The guys who have the athletic ability to do it are Mike Davis, Michael Shelton, and Micah Hannemann.”

Logan: “Shelton and Hannemann had very good springs and Hannemann has gotten a ton of hype.”

Logan: “There’s something that I joke around with when it comes to BYU. If you’re a BYU guy and you’re competing head-to-head against a guy who isn’t a BYU guy, then you get the nod.”

Logan: “Even though Shelton is a really good player and you don’t hear negatives about him, you don’t get that same feel that coaches and media give about Hannemann.”

Logan: “I think that Hannemann will get it because of the hype, but personally, I would like to see Michael Shelton on the field.”

Logan: “I would like to see Shelton at the boundary and Preator at the field.”

Criddle: “I don’t think that Preator has the top end speed to play field.”

Logan: “Preator has the technique and his technique is so good that he can get away with not having the speed.”

Criddle: “I was more of a Free Safety than I was a Boundary Corner.”

Criddle: “If you want to try and go cover 2 on both sides on a consistent basis then Preator could be that guy.”

Logan: “I would love to see Shelton playing in a cover 2.”

Logan: “If you don’t have to think and can just go and make plays, it gives you a huge advantage.”

Criddle: “I haven’t broken down who I think, heck, you haven’t even really answered it.”

Logan: “We should break down the positions and why a certain player fits best in that position.”

Criddle: “I didn’t like what I saw in spring ball, I saw a receiving core that dominated the DB’s.”

Logan: “I think that Shelton starting is only successful if Coach Mendenhall calls to his play strengths which is a cover 2 where he’s up on the line and able to make plays.”

Logan: “I think it will be Hannemann, but it should be Shelton.”

Logan: “I think Mike still has a lot of developing left to be done. He redshirted last year and got a lot of practice reps, but getting practice reps is a lot different than game reps.”

Logan: “When you do skill development as a HS DB, all you do is work on back pedaling.”

Logan: “There is no technique being taught, they just stick out the best athletes at corner and tell them to cover the opposing player.”

Logan: “Davis doesn’t make plays because he’s not in the right position, he is a step behind. You don’t need to be the fastest, the biggest, the strongest to play the position. You have to know where you’re playing and what you need to do.”

Logan: “Jordan Johnson was a good example. He had good technique and was one of the faster players on the team.”

Logan: “I think that Mike Davis needs the most work on technique. If he was consistent on his technique and his coverage then OH MY GOSH he could be an NFL corner.”

Criddle: “Davis was never really taught football, you see it every single season where guys will touch the football on a punt return and it’s a live ball.”

Criddle: “I think Davis should go back to Football 101 so he knows the basic rules.”

Logan: “It looks like he’s out there floating.”

Criddle: “He looks like he’s trying to simplify stuff. He can’t even celebrate after he makes a big play because he’s so nervous.”

Logan: “I like Michael Shelton so much because he is a football player.”

Logan: “I think that Preator is solidified at boundary. His technique and knowledge is incredible.”

Logan: “To the credit of Coach Howell, he prepared Preator with these techniques, this was stuff I didn’t learn until I was a senior and Coach Howell took over.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Logan: “Hannemann at Field, at KAT we have Eric Takenaka, Free Kai Nacua, at Boundary Jordan Preator

Criddle: “I have Hannemann at Field, Preator at Boundary, Nacua at Free, and at KAT, I hate to do it, but it’s Matt Hadley.”

Criddle: “Matt Hadley will give competition to whoever plays that KAT spot.”

Criddle: “He wasn’t home in time for spring ball but he’s going to make it some real competition.”

Criddle: “I think Riley Burt and Dayan Lake will come in and compete as well, but I think it’s extremely difficult to come in as a freshman to play.”

Logan: “Man, maybe if he didn’t play in Utah. If he played outside of Utah he’d be used to the competition.”

Criddle: “In Utah they run more complicated defenses, I think it actually helps. It’s not like he’s out there yelling, ‘Man Free! Man Free!'”

Logan: “DeQuandre! Stop looking at your girl! Play centerfield!”

Brad Rock Interview:

Criddle: “A 6’10” young man from the Ivory Coast is targeting BYU, Willy Kouassi. He’s a defensive specialist. Atlantic Sun Conference defensive player of the year.”

Criddle: “They haven’t had a consistent post presence on the defensive end since Aruojo played here, maybe Trent Plaisted.”

Rock: “The Jazz brought in 100 people last year, so I’m not sure what it means that he’s getting invited to all these workouts.”

Rock: “Look at all these guys like Travis Hansen and Marty Haws who went to Europe and made a really good living over there.”

Rock: “Andy Toolson said that Devin Durrant told hiim to try and play as long as he could.”

Rock: “It’s a really hard life to say no matter what I’m playing in the show.”

Rock: “Sometimes being a free agent and picking the best spot is better than being drafted low.”

Rock: “I think that there’s something to be said if you’re drafted in the NBA draft.”

Criddle: “It’s got to be hard to tell a competitor like Tyler Haws that it’s time for them to hang it up and no longer pursue the NBA.”

Rock: “I think that Haws would understand it a little bit better, he was born in Belgium and served a mission in the Philippines.”

Rock: “I think that BYU Alumni do a good job taking care of former players and a lot of these guys end up in good positions in companies.”

Rock: “I remember hearing that when Marty was back there that he was getting good benefits. Sometimes in Europe you don’t have to pay taxes and your housing and car is all paid for.”

Rock: “It’s so much about the fit you end up in in the NBA. Utah might not be a great fit, but Philadelphia definitely would need some play makers.”

Rock: “Tyler’s going to have to correlate with his future wife to see what they’re going to do.”

Rock: “Marty said that he and his wife had a great cultural experience overseas.”

Rock: “Some players have said that their wives struggled because their husband would be gone on a road trip and they couldn’t even go to the market.”

Rock: “I feel that Marty has discussed all options with Tyler. They have done what they can to get their ducks in a row.”

Criddle: “We talked to Travis Hansen and he said the coach he played for in Spain was so strict that it wasn’t even fun anymore and he couldn’t enjoy it.”

Matt Brown Interview:

Brown: “Anytime the lead in to me coming on the show is making out in the back seat of your car, I know I’m on the right show.”

Brown: “I had a 1985 Cutlass as my first car and the inside of that was bigger than my first apartment.”

Brown: “The 2015 schedule is difficult, but the 2016 schedule may be harder. You have MSU, UCLA, WVU, and through all of this you have to replace a QB and a RB.”

Brown: “Obviously you want to go out and get these big P5 teams and you have to do it in September and get them when they have openings in their schedule.”

Brown: “I think getting home games is really difficult for teams.”

Brown: “It’s difficult to get it all scheduled out with all the financial things.”

Brown: “I think one team that makes a ton of sense is Tulane. A lot of schools don’t have flexibility to move around but the AAC has helped out BYU before and Tulane helps out BYU.”

Brown: “That game in 2009 was so empty, there were only like 1,000 fans there and they were all BYU fans. I could hear guys cursing on the field.”

Brown: “I think BYU playing Buffalo would be interesting. BYU doesn’t have a history with the MAC.”

Brown: “I think that it would be cool for BYU to go up there and show their players some church sites in upstate New York.”

Brown: “I think that Army and Navy are just trying to get wins. Navy only really has one open slot with their rivalries and playing in the AAC.”

Brown: “When you win 12 or 13 games without playing anyone, then you do get one year to get an opportunity to play in a big game, but you’re going to get smoked. Like Cole Brennan and Hawaii.”

Allen Kenney Interview:

Criddle: “How valuable do you think the B1G contract will be in 2017?”

Kenney: “I think it will be Texas big, probably the same as the SEC.”

Kenney: “ESPN already has an agreement in managing the B1G, but the question is if Fox will throw an insane amount of money.”

Kenney: “BYU will probably be right around where they are right now.”

Criddle: “I think that disappoints BYU fans because they only are guaranteed $4 million a year.”

Kenney: “Johnny Manziel helped out A&M a lot. It was the year they moved to the SEC so excitement was already up and it was a perfect storm.”

Kenney: “Financially, the Big 12 did really good and Texas got away with the most because of the Longhorn Network and they made $15 million just from that.”

Kenney: “I can’t imagine that ESPN is making any money off of the Longhorn Network.”

Kenney: “BYU is on the right track by the teams they are scheduling and working with ESPN to get their games broadcast.”

Kenney: “Boise State has a draw because they’re the original BCS buster, but they also were good and consistent for years.”

Kenney: “It’s good for the nation to have excitement around these marquee programs like Michigan. Bringing in Harbaugh helps them out a lot.”

Kenney: “You think that Michigan will be able to get back to being a national property year in and year out and it will help get eyeballs on the Big 10.”

Kenney: “They were interesting comments from the WVU AD. The number of schools that could bring in that value are pretty low. Names like Memphis, UCF, Cincinnati, and BYU. Those aren’t names that add value to your conference.”

Kenney: “I don’t see any team out there right now that adds much value to the Big 12’s TV deal.”

Kenney: “BYU is such an interesting case, they have such a loyal and enormous fan base.”

Kenney: “The thing that hurts them is that they spread the conference out so much.”

Criddle: “Lot’s of money being spread out in College Football now-a-days.”

Logan: “I think it’s too much money. People are now seeing that they have made X amount of dollars, and now they think they can make XXXXX amount of dollars.”

Criddle: “Why do you think BYU doesn’t have a lot of people in their corner? Why aren’t there people out there who want them to be able to compete at a higher level of football.”

Logan: “I think the biggest thing is the money. How can any team add value? Can they bring in enough money?”

Logan: “A conference would much rather take a team that hasn’t been to a bowl game compared to a team that’s been to 10 straight bowl games, as long as they make more money off of it.”

Criddle: “Along with bringing money it’s all about adding value and being a chameleon and blending in with other teams.”

Criddle: “People want to do stuff for people who’ve done them a solid.”

Criddle: “You had a phenomenal experience at BYU, but you probably had stuff that rubbed you the wrong way. Members of the LDS church believe that their church is the only true church and when you say something like that, it rubs people the wrong way.”


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