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Twestion: Regarding recruiting, what sets BYU apart against other schools that they compete against?

Criddle: “Would I rather be in the Pac-12? Yes. Would I rather be playing in that schedule? Yes.”

Logan: “I believe that BYU does offer a unique, valuable, football experience.”

Criddle: “The keyword is phenomenal because that is what I’m arguing.”

Logan: “Yes it is phenomenal because of the experience. Because you have an honor code and that you are representing an organization.”

Logan: “There are other schools that have honor codes, but you don’t see guys at these other schools getting kicked out because of drinking or doing drugs.”

Criddle: “The definition of Phenomenal from Miriam-Webster is: very remarkable or extraordinary.”

Logan: “The fact that I can travel all the way across the country and spend time with fans at a fireside and then show up for a game the next morning and those same fans are there to cheer you on.”

Logan: “The fact that I can travel anywhere and feel like it’s a home game, that is a phenomenal experience.”

Logan: “Yeah our goal is to go undefeated, to win a conference championship, to win a national championship, but it’s bigger than that at BYU. It stands for much more.”

Logan: “I feel like I’m the funniest person in the world because I laugh at myself all the time.”

Logan: “I feel like the work that I do on the field would leave an impact in people’s lives.”

Logan: “To have a scripture or something on your eyeblack is one thing but to have the group of people you influence to be so direct is another story, just because of the church relationship.”

Logan: “At BYU you’re going through things that are different than the average college student.”

Logan: “At BYU, guys are having conversations about their wives getting mad at them for not doing the dishes.”

Logan: “I’m not saying it’s hard elsewhere, but it’s unique to BYU and no where else is like this.”

Logan: “We’re sitting here talking to a freshman and saying, ‘You should go on a mission and this is why.'”

Logan: “BYU has the 8th or 5th biggest Nike contract out there, they have fantastic facilities. The owners of the Marriott and Jet Blue are LDS and because of that we are very well taken care of and travel in luxury.”

Criddle: “Who besides BYU has their own TV network? You can go on and be appreciated and showcased to an entire fanbase. No other school has that.”

Criddle: “BYUTV and ESPN are a tremendous boone for BYU. There are only 10 schools who have been seen more than BYU.”

Criddle: “When I played, I was on the mtn and no one saw who I was, not that they wanted to.”

Criddle: “Think about jobs after college and the networking that you can do.”

Criddle: “My degree from BYU means a whole lot more than a USU degree, a Utah degree, an SUU degree.”

Criddle: “For me, beach destination bowl games is huge, whether it’s Hawaii, Miami, or San Diego.”

Criddle: “There are guys out there like your cousin Joe Sampson who only came to BYU because they were going to go play in Hawaii.”

Criddle: “BYU is in the top third in EVERYTHING.”

Criddle: “If you say that BYU isn’t in the top 43 of a football experience, you are drinking the wrong kool-aid.”

WVU AD Interview:

Lyons: “First of all, I thought the discussion in the Big 12 meetings was great. Everyone gave their opinions of the pros and cons and the decision was unanimous.”

Lyons: “We only have one year of a data set, using the Big 12 in the past, there have been times where there has been a CCG and the best team has gotten knocked out.”

Lyons: “There’s a presidential committee that is looking at expansion, but as AD’s you look at what the potential expansion partners and who brings the most to the league.”

Lyons: “I’m in favor of expansion depending on how good those two teams are. I would prefer someone out in the East, but several things play into it.”

Lyons: “We are the only conference who plays a true round robin. We play all 9 other members head-to-head so we really do identify the best team because of that.”

Criddle: “The presidential committee is the committee that is looking at expansion. Ultimately it’s about revenue stream, who will bring the most revenue?”

Criddle: “I hate to speculate but I bet that committee is 90% Texas and 10% Oklahoma.”

Criddle: “They believe their non-conference schedule is tough enough to get Texas and Oklahoma into the play off.”

Criddle: “Texas and Oklahoma run that conference, it’s the only reason it exists.”

Criddle: “Texas and Oklahoma make that decision and they are the only ones that have schedule appropriately for the next two years.”

Criddle: “6 times in the BCS era, the Big 12 has been knocked out of the Natl Championship in the CCG.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Charleston Rambo is a sophomore WR from Dallas, TX who BYU just offered. He is 6’1″ 160 lbs and runs like a gazelle.”

Criddle: “My stats were no where near his and he’s doing this as a sophomore in Texas.”

Criddle: “If you can dictate a guy and force him to turn his hips on that first step then you’re money.”

Criddle: “He scores so many TD’s on double moves because he can jump well and isn’t afraid of going up in traffic.”

Criddle: “Ross Apo is one of the biggest receivers to ever come up to BYU but he hated going into traffic, since then I have always looked at guys and how they play in traffic.”

Criddle: “He isn’t LDS but he’s working out with Margin Hooks.”

Criddle: “All he does down there is develop D1 talent.”

Criddle: “He was a phenomenal WR for BYU back in the day. I bet he could’ve broken records if he had a QB when he played.”

Criddle: “He has a 3.5 GPA, off the field, he’s a BYU guy.”

Shaq Walker Interview:

Walker: “I think it’s possible [to break the record again] we’ve been running good, and it surprised us and our coaches.”

Walker: “All 4 of us ran our best split ever in that race.”

Criddle: “Was the track fast? How were the conditions? Did you eat anything special?”

Walker: “If anything, I thought we’d have run slower because there was an hour delay and we ran at 10:45 at night.”

Walker: “There are all kinds of things to get us prepared for our run, running at a certain time of day.”

Walker: “My secret is to eat pretty much whatever sounds good, I justify it by saying that if my body craves it, there must be something good in the food that my body needs.”

Walker: “I ate Chick-Fil-A today, and I’m headed to Red Robin tonight for a friends breakfast.”

Walker: “Sprinters have it down to a science, they only eat stuff that’s good for their body.”

Walker: “I have both the indoor and outdoor school record in the 800m.”

Walker: “I hope to go a little faster in the national meet, hopefully dip under 1:45.”

Walker: “Coming into the meet, I have the second fastest time in the country.”

Walker: “I feel good and healthy and prepared.”

Logan: “Shaq, do whatever you have been doing. If that means eating Krispy Kreme and Red Robin, you do that.”

Walker: “The guy I’m most concerned about is Brandon McBride from Mississippi St.”

Criddle: “Is there any trash talking that goes on on the track?”

Walker: “I usually don’t try and talk trash but I try and crack a joke and make them smile, usually it doesn’t work.”

Criddle: “You do what other sports do for punishment, and you do it well.”

Walker: “Heart separates what we do more than anything else. We are best friends and we actually live together so we do everything together.”

Walker: “There are times when we’re at home and we actually start talking about track and we’ll start practicing handing batons.”

Chris Turner Interview:

Turner: “BYU is going to be a very good team this year if they can stay healthy.”

Turner: “Missouri in no right is going to roll past BYU. I’ve seen inconsistencies on their team including with how the offense performed last year.”

Tuner: “A healthy Taysom Hill coming back is huge for BYU.”

Turner: “I think that BYU coming into that game, they will be 5-3.”

Turner: “At Nebraska will be tough. I like them against Boise State at home, they lose Ajayi and Hedrick but they always reload.”

Turner: “UCLA will be interesting because I feel that they have some questions that need to be answered and I feel that BYU has an opportunity to steal that game against Michigan.”

Turner: “If the 2014 contest against Indiana has taught me anything, BYU can’t take non-conference games for granted anymore.”

Turner: “I think the biggest question has to be the receivers. The leading guy coming back is TE Shawn Culkin who had 20 catches for 170 yards last year.”

Turner: “The receiving core is very young right now. You have 4 sophomores and freshman on there and only one senior.”

Turner: “Matty Malk will have lots of guys to throw to but they will be very green.”

Turner: “The game between Georgia and Missouri has kind of been the deciding game for the SEC East the last couple of years.”

Turner: “I think that the most likely record is 7-2 in SEC play.”

Turner: “I think 2020 is the next matchup in Provo and a lot of fans are intrigued by this matchup.”

Turner: “I think the fanbase is very optimistic because of how the team has played at Arrowhead Stadium.”

Turner: “It could have a very good atmosphere as fans come together and meet at a neutral sight.”

Turner: “I think closer to November, the 1983 matchup will be brought up.”

Turner: “Fans want to go back to Arrowhead for the Kansas game, but they are ready to welcome something new.”

Logan: “What is your perception of BYU in recent years? Do you think they are worthy of a P5 invite? How do they fit in the national spotlight?”

Turner: “I’m sure there are fans who think that they are still in the Mountain West and I’m sure there are some older fans who remember the Steve Young and Jim McMahon games.”

Turner: “BYU has been very consistent under Bronco Mendenhall. They have won a lot of games, gone to bowl games, and done a good job.”

Turner: “Last year they slid a little, but fell because of the loss of Taysom Hill. I think these games against P5 opponents help prove that they deserve to be there.”

Turner: “Mizzou is able to take kids from the 2* to 3* range and turn them into guys that can compete against 5* recruits in the SEC.”

Turner: “The SEC has opened Mizzou into all new doors of recruiting. They can sell kids on those letters S-E-C.”

Turner: “You can now compete in Georgia and Florida, but it also means you’re battling against schools in that area.”

Criddle: “The last two years you guys have been able to produce the best defensive player in the SEC.”

Turner: “It is surprising that Michael Sam isn’t in the NFL. The situation he was drafted into wasn’t a great situation for him. He looked good in the preseason, but he didn’t perform great in the combine and was undersized.”

Turner: “One story that has been important is shoring up the Defensive Line. They lost some important guys and it’s important for Matty Malk to be protected.”

Turner: “The last two years, Mizzou has had stars on the DL, but now they are a little green and may struggle a bit.”

Turner: “In prior years they had edge rushers, but now, most of the experience comes from up the middle.”


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