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News and Notes:

Tavernari: “There was this one time I was in the weight room at BYU when this guy named Bronco came up to me and told me to come play football.”

Tavernari: “I played DE in HS and I didn’t know that you couldn’t grab people’s helmets so I went to go run and get the QB and I grabbed the OL facemask and ran past him.”

Tavernari: “I think that the basketball team needs to do something like Media Day where they bring everyone back.”

Criddle: “In public, I’m all about being positive and building a players confidence.”

How We See It:

Twestion: What are the pros and cons of tyler going to play in Spain?

Tavernari: “Why would he chase after something that isn’t guaranteed where he has something that is guaranteed in Spain?”

Tavernari: “If he were to make a team, he makes the league minimum at $450,000 Uncle Sam steps in, he takes money, then you gotta buy a house, travel, everything. In Europe they pay for everything and you don’t have taxes.”

Tavernari: “Why not go to the old world and see some of the most beautiful places in the world?”

Tavernari: “When they bring American’s into Europe, they treat them like American’s you are there to play. If you want 25 pairs of shoes, you get 25 pairs of shoes.”

Tavernari: “American’s are there to play, they aren’t going to be rotational guys.”

Tavernari: “I never went to Spain because I never got a call from Real Madrid or Barcelona.”

Tavernari: “Euro League is like a stair case. You do good, you move up. You do bad, you move down.”

4:30 Segment:

Tavernari: “11 times out of 10 an NBA team will take the guy who can jump out of the gym more so than the guy who is considered a smart player.”

Tavernari: “The Jazz should be competing for 50 or so wins. Gordon is in his prime and it’s time for the team to start to peak.”

Tavernari: “I think that Trey Lyles looks better than Paul Millsap did when he was coming out of college.”

Tavernari: “The only reason Paul Millsap left is because he wanted money.”

Tavernari: “If Trey is a good kid who has his head on his shoulders, he’ll be able to have a good career.”

Tavernari: “These guys who come to Utah and weren’t able to make it are bums, they had to go over to Europe to succeed.”

Criddle: “So JT, you’re a bum?”

Tavernari: “Yeah but I make more money playing basketball than you do.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Bob Bowlsby responded to David Boren’s comments by saying his comments are being taken as important.”

Criddle: “I think that Bronco knows what he’s talking about when he says 3 years.”

Criddle: “Mike Riley said that in the next 3 years there will be some more shuffling.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Gurney: “The scheduling announcement was kind of a downer.”

Gurney: “Media Day was what was kind of expected. The coaches were gracious, the players were gracious.”

Gurney: “To me, it’s the official start of football.”

Gurney: “I didn’t sit in on the Bronco Mendenhall interview. One thing I wanted to get was changes that the defense was making.”

Gurney: “I think the biggest question mark is the inside linebackers. They don’t have anything solid there.”

Gurney: “Fred Warner is a guy who was disappointed in his play his freshman year. He has a lot of potential to be a big play maker for this defense.”

Gurney: “I asked Ryker who the best pass rusher off the edge was and he said it was Fred Warner.”

Gurney: “I was disappointed that Kai wasn’t at Media Day. He’s very blunt and straight forward.”

Gurney: “I would assume that Isaiah left so he could go and get academics taken care of.  He is a stud player and could be a tremendous part of BYU’s defense.”

Gurney: “He played next to Gabe Reid and he was definitely the better out of the two players.”

Gurney: “If the offense can stay healthy they can be very very good.”

Gurney: “The offensive line on this years team could be the best since the ’06-’07 offensive line.”

Criddle: “Holliday went and kind of called me out. He said that BYU was able to win 11-games with me playing corner.”

Gurney: “You can’t gauge a pass rush with how many sacks they have. What they need to do is create some disruption.”

5:30 Segment:

Tavernari: “Corbin Kaufusi is really looking good, he’s developing a lot and he’s getting there.”

Tavernari: “I can’t wait to get down there and watch some practices.”

Tavernari: “Matt is going to Italy to go play a Summer League in Rome.”

Tavernari: “Matt could’ve got 25+ min/gm if he would’ve stayed at BYU but he thought the grass was greener.”

Tavernari: “The reality is the grass isn’t greener. You need to come in and learn the team, become a part of your team, it’s hard to move around a lot.”

Tavernari: “First rule of being a pro, act like a pro.”

Tavernari: “If I would have come out after my Jr year I would’ve ended up going drafted late in the 2nd round.”

Tavernari: “If you look up the word of hypocrisy in the dictionary you will see a picture of the NCAA.”

Criddle: “When NCAA 2007 came out, I was listed as a back up on the team because I missed spring ball. I went on to go play and I was the fastest guy on the team.”

Hicken: “So you had 99 speed or did you give it to yourself?”

Criddle: “I was just the fastest guy on the team and I ended up bumping myself into a starting spot.”

Tavernari: “You know, I never played with myself in those games.”

Darnell Dickson Interview:


Dickson: “The main point for me was that Taysom Hill was given the opportunity to start going 100% back 5 weeks ago and Jamaal is currently 80%.”

Dickson: “It sounds like the coaches are trying to get more runs out of the RB’s than Taysom. Bringing over the bash brothers has helped out with that a lot.”

Dickson: “The threat that Taysom can run the ball is almost just as good as him actually running it because he spreads out the offense.”

Dickson: “One of the things that Anae said is that they have more packages that they can use in the run game.”

Dickson: “They’re working hard on making sure they have enough offensive linemen and defensive backs, but two guys they can’t do this without is Jamaal and Taysom.”

Dickson: “I don’t think you can look at the media day and the players that were there.”

Dickson: “I think one part that the defense struggled with was pressuring the QB’s and letting very average QB’s look very good.”

Dickson: “I don’t know that I would say Bronco’s job is the toughest in college football, but maybe the most complicated.”

6:30 Segment:

Tavernari: “One of the coolest things after that game against Louisville was that I was walking out and this guy walked up to me and said, ‘Hello young man, my name is Roy Williams and let me just tell you that was one of the best shooting performances I have ever seen. Best of luck tomorrow.'”

Random Thoughts:

Tavernari: “I know a lot about BYU basketball, when I got recruited I studied the history of the team and still do so. But Greg Wrubell and Kyle Chilton know a lot more then I do.”

Tavernari: “I think that one day me and you should do play-by-play.”

Hicken: “I’d pay to see JT and Bill Walton do play-by-play and color.”

Tavernari: “What’re you trying to say? I’m suing! You’re discriminating!”

Criddle: “What’re you talking about? You called Zak Stay Puft!”

Tavernari: “Well look at his shirt? Speaking of looking at stuff, I noticed that you started using Rogaine!”

Criddle: “Well look at my hair, I gotta use that!”

Tavernari: “So did you ask Donald Trump where he got his wig?”


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