Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 22nd, 2015

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News and Notes:

Nelson: “As great of a tool that twitter is to get some praise, it’s also a great way for people to tell you how lousy you are.”

Criddle: “We will be broadcasting live from BYU Media Day so tune into our Band of Brothers Reunion show to listen to former players, coaches, and to get all the latest news.”

Criddle: “There were some comparisons about Keaton Torre’s arm to John Beck.”

Nelson: “You don’t need to throw the ball 40 times to get coaches attention, but you can do it 25 times with good efficiency and help move the ball.”

Nelson: “I like to make the distinction between passers and throwers. It’s just like there are throwers and pitchers.”

Criddle: “Props to Coach McGeary for being able to get his team to the championship. He’s not letting his guys transfer to Timpview, Orem, or any of those other schools.”

How We See It:

Twestion: In BYU football history, In order to win 10 games, how often have you needed a healthy Senior QB?

Criddle: “I think that even tho Christian Stewart came in and was slinging the ball around, the team was very deflated.”

Nelson: “He wasn’t able to take off and run like Taysom but he could afford sacks and move a little bit but he wasn’t that same big play guy.”

Criddle: “I felt when Christian was going out there that he was pressing a little bit.”

Criddle: “BYU doesn’t have that same experience in the depth chart this year, there’s McCoy Hill, Tanner Mangum, and Beau Hoge and that’s not a whole lot of experience.”

Nelson: “We’ve never really had any success finding any QB’s at the JUCO level.”

Nelson: “From my understanding Sark only came because he had a relationship with Walsh.”

Nelson: “Taysom is going to finish this thing like he’s supposed to by getting out there and playing 13 games.”

Nelson: “Lifting was the first thing that came back, it took about 6 months. Quickness, explosiveness, agility, came back in about 8-10. Then consistently spinning the ball and putting it on the spot took over a year.”

Nelson: “I had a companion who found out I played football and he got really excited. He was a wizard on the futsol court so he had great foot-eye coordination but not quite there with the hand-eye coordination. My companion went and bought a little rubber football and we were throwing it back and forth and on the third throw it went right through his hands, smashed his glasses, and cut his cheek.”

Jimmy Rex Top 3 Stories:

Rex: “I have a bank owned property in Saratoga Springs for $83,000. It’s on 1/5th of an acre.”

Criddle: “Tyler Haws has signed a contract with a Spanish team out in Europe if things don’t work out in the NBA.”

Rex: “I went and ran with the bulls once in Spain and man the people out there are jerks, good luck out there Tyler.”

Rex: “Number two is a $139,000 home up in Roy which is bank owned and 2,200 sqft.”

Criddle: “BYU announced that Shawn Olmstead was the new head coach for men’s volleyball in place of Chris McGown.”

Criddle: “His sister was promoted to become the women’s HC.”

Rex: “Our third property is down in Spanish Fork. It is 3,100 sqft with a full mother-in-law apartment for $173,000.”

Criddle: “Jimmer is trying to do what he can to find a spot in the NBA. If he sticks around one more year, he gets pension from the NBA.”

Nelson: “Not a lot of us had the opportunity to enjoy Travis Hansen’s career because of how far away he was.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “BYU offered Wayne Kirby out of ID this weekend. I’ve watched his film 2-3 times now and I really like him. He’s a good fit for BYU.”

Nelson: “I don’t know much about him but you need a 2-gap nose tackle to get the 3-4 to work. He reminds me of a Romney Fuga or a Eathyn Manumaleuna.”

Nelson: “Boise State doesn’t really recruit anyone out of the mountain region. They mostly go to Washington, California, and goes down into Texas.”

Nelson: “Highland has put out some solid kids into D1 going all the way back to the 90’s.”

Stewart Mandel Interview:

Mandel: “Let’s be honest, this article took us on a trip down memory lane. The only feedback I really got were from fans of the teams I declared losers.”

Mandel: “There was no offseason in 2012 with realignment and all the talk about the playoff.”

Mandel: “There may not be anything for a while because this last realignment happened because of TV contracts.”

Mandel: “I think it will be a more modest shake up opposed to a huge one like last time.”

Mandel: “At the time that BYU went independent they were in a different era of college football. It was the BCS era. Since the playoff came along, all the teams that aren’t in the P5 are to get into one of the 6 major bowls.”

Mandel: “BYU isn’t eligible for that spot because they are not in one of the G5 conferences.”

Mandel: “They are kind of in a limbo because they play their schedule and go to the same bowl no matter what.”

Mandel: “Right now, Boise is in the MWC and is on ESPN as much if not more than BYU is and still has the opportunity to go to a NY6 bowl.”

Mandel: “The best thing BYU can do is win.”

Mandel: “BYU has been successful for the last 30 years, but they haven’t had as much success recently.”

Mandel: “If you want to compared BYU and Boise, Boise has had a better on field product. But they do have a very small stadium which is kind of a negative.”

Mandel: “BYU hasn’t just had success with football, but also with basketball over the last decade or so.”

Mandel: “Just cause you go out and schedule a P5 doesn’t mean a whole lot.”

Mandel: “If the Big 12 expands in the next two years it will because they have a team in contention and they get snubbed.”

Mandel: “If they feel like having the same teams puts them at a disadvantage then BYU is definitely one of the first teams they should consider.”

Mandel: “The SEC is one of the better teams out there, then the Pac 12, the B1G is getting a ton of notoriety because of Ohio St and Harbaugh going back to Michigan.”

Mandel: “I think part of the problem with the Big 12 is that the two best teams are Baylor and TCU opposed to Oklahoma and Texas. When prestigious programs are down, the whole conference is down.”

Mandel: “If Urban stays at Ohio State for a while, I could see them becoming a team similar to what Nick Saban has done at Alabama.”

Mandel: “It may take some time for Harbaugh, but he can get that team to be very competitive in the next 2-3 years.”

Mandel: “Because Baylor was so down for so long, it’s hard for teams to see them as a legitimate competitor now.”

Mandel: “I think going to independence was the best thing at the time. But now it’s not the best place. I don’t think they should go back to the MW, but there’s not anything coming from a P5 conference right now. If they have some great seasons then it puts some pressure on.”

Nelson: “I’ve had arguments with my cousins for 3 hours trying to justify whether you go for numbers or eye test.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “We are giving away a free trip to the Big House in partnership with Morris Murdock Travel. We will take the fifth caller today who will get a $25 gift card to fast cart.”

Nelson: “I hope I threw for more yards then there are miles flying to Michigan.”

Nelson: “Playing in Tallahassee was sweet. San Jose was crazy, it’s a really cool little stadium. I loved playing in the Super Dome because I love Drew Brees.”

Criddle: “Not many stadiums have the sound that resonates like Boston College did. It was so loud.”

Nelson: “If you ever find yourself in Las Cruces for business or for pleasure, make sure to get the tamales.”

Jay Drew Interview:

Drew: “I had a good time at the US Open. It was a good time to see Finau and Summerhays play very well.”

Drew: “I think Finau has an opportunity to move up into the top 100 and stay there, in the tier below the elite players. I think he’s 119th right now.”

Drew: “Summerhays probably can’t get much better. He doesn’t hit it long but his irons and putting are his strength.”

Drew: “Tony’s a rookie on the tour and if he continues his trajectory he will continue to move up.”

Drew: “Tony’s big thing is his accuracy on his drives. If he hits fairways then he is doing awesome.”

Drew: “Sometime he hits a high fade when his driver isn’t going well. He was kind of playing like that Saturday but figured it out on Sunday.”

Drew: “There were a couple holes where he could’ve parred or birdied to move into the top 10.”

Drew: “It’s been a long road for Tony but he’s worked hard to get to where he is.”

Drew: “I don’t think it’s a backfire at all. They have the ESPN contract and are in good position to get it renewed. Things out of BYU’s control did happen and the landscape changed a lot. But I don’t think they are in a worse position now then they were before.”

Drew: “They seem to be better off financially. If they were to make a NY6 bowl they’d keep the money where Boise St has to share it.”

Drew: “BYU is in a better position just because of the fact that they don’t have to pay an exit fee if they join a P5 conference.”

Drew: “The number one thing I want to to know is if Taysom is healthy. I also want to know if Jamaal is going to be ready for fall camp and how his reconstructed knee is responding.”

Drew: “I want to know the difference with Bronco running the defense and how the team has responded.”

Drew: “They have some guys who missed spring camp and of course the possible suspensions hanging over their heads.”

Drew: “I’d like to see the difference that Frank Wintrich is making. I’ve heard good things about him but I want to know why so many guys were injured last year and if it can be prevented.”

Drew: “I want to know if they can prevent that streak of injuries they suffered like sprained ankles and goofy injuries that set them back.”

Nelson: “Mormon’s are good at selling, we came out here to find a body of water, we took a sip and it had salt and we made the best of it.”

Nelson: “You get caught between a rock and a hard place in CFB because you want to establish a culture of hard workers but still keep them safe.”

Nelson: “If you go away from making guys run until they puke or squat until they pass out then they might get lax.”

Drew: “I think that it may have moved toward pampering athletes to make them more comfortable.”

Nelson: “Today’s athletes are soft, think about Steph Curry trying to drive the lane against Dennis Rodman. He would’ve put an elbow in his throat and Steph would’ve been out for the season.”

Nelson: “I was so offended that BYU didn’t offer me until after my mission that I refused to put their hat up on the table when I was choosing which college I wanted to go with towards USU and Utah.”

6:30 Segment:

Nelson: “When I was a 6 year old kid I was a huge Packers fan so my dream was to be the fullback for the Green Bay Packers. I rented a book on Vince Lombardi and was sold.”

Nelson: “I’m pretty good at math so I wish that I would have learned how to write code and become one of these Utah County Moguls so I could go out there and watch games instead of being on the field and getting my butt kicked.”

Criddle: “When I played we used to stay at La Quinta next to Ruby River. We used to stuff ourselves full and I remember one night I did that, I went up to my room and fell asleep and missed the walkthrough. I had to switch back and forth with another player because I was not sitting well with Bronco.”

Criddle: “It did not feel good when I woke up at 8:30 and I realized that we were supposed to be there at 7:45 for the walkthrough.”

Nelson: “Max, Dennis, and Andrew were hilarious to go on trips with.”

Nelson: “Halfway through my junior year I got benched and was stuck behind Jake and like several others, I like to eat my feelings. I remember one night against UCF I went and grabbed the tray of hot wings and sat down with the linemen and ate 29 wings.”

Nelson: “I remember that game I ended up getting one tackle and got a fake punt. I knew it was okay because we had the late night kickoff on ESPN.”

Nelson: “I went out and got a sweat on on the bike there and burned a little fat.”

Criddle: “I worked out there too! I think you and I are the only two people to ever work out at the La Quinta gym.”

Nelson: “Yeah I got a good sweat on the elliptical and did some upper body work out with some 45’s.”

Random Thoughts:

Hicken: “I had a chance to umpire this weekend and one of Bronco’s sons was on the bump throwing for a local team and he did a great job. He’s a little lefty, kept the ball low and had 3 K’s in the first inning.”

Nelson: “I loved playing baseball but I used to get too competitive where I’d want to throw it past the number four hitter and leave it belt high and he’d rip it.”

Nelson: “When I was a Jr in HS I led the state in strikeouts and walks. I would tell my defense to pack it up cause that’s what I’d be doing.”

Criddle: “My problem with baseball was that there were never any ladies in the stands.”

Nelson: “Yeah there’s nothing like having 65,000 fans screaming in a stadium.”



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