Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 1st, 2015

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Twestion: What would the reaction be if the Utah Jazz picked up Tyler Haws?

Dickson: “I know that the Cougarettes have gone up there and gotten booed on a numbe of occasions.”

Dickson: “There was a time that Danny Ainge was playing for the Phoenix Suns and these two guys were riding him hard, they were yelling, ‘Hey, you’re 2/6 with 3 turnovers!’ Danny turned over and said, ‘How many rebounds do I have?'”

Dickson: “If he could hustle and maybe hit a few shots like Matt Harpring, then sure, he’d definitely get accepted.”

Dickson: “There are so many Ute fans that are Jazz fans because they play on Sunday.”

Criddle: “I feel like BYU fans are mainly BYU fans. That’s the reason we have our show because of all the fanaticism that goes on with the team.”

Dickson: “More people can be fans because of social media.”

Dickson: “People can be casual fans because of social media, they can get all the latest news without being too diehard.”

Criddle: “Jimmer and Tyler get booed because they fit that stereotypical Provo fit.”

Criddle: “Travis and Arujo maybe don’t fit that mold so they’re a little more accepted outside of the Valley.”

Dickson: “Tyler played hard, opposing fans tried to hate him but he’s a nice guy so you can’t really hate him.”

Pete Fiutak Interview:

Fiutak: “The bad part of being independent is that once you lose one game you have nothing to play for.”

Fiutak: “That September schedule is tough, if you lose any of those games you really only go to the Hawaii Bowl.”

Fiutak: “BYU could possibly play 3 conference division winners in the first month.”

Fiutak: “If Nebraska gets that offense going they are going to be out there.”

Fiutak: “UCLA is the best team in the Pac-12 to start the season. They have so much talent and didn’t play up to it this year.”

Fiutak: “Nebraska is going to be very good, their defense is very talented, if the offense can go they will probably win.”

Fiutak: “Boise State could be better than laster year, they lose Ajayi and they lose their QB but their defense is back.”

Fiutak: “If Taysom back to last year? Is Jamaal back to last year? That is very important.”

Fiutak: “If you have that built in recruiting base of LDS players it helps you out, plus you have the 25-year olds from missions.”

Fiutak: “If BYU got into a conference they would have a better recruiting base so people would realize they actually have something to play for.”

Fiutak: “If you’re BYU, whats the motivation to go to Vegas? You’re Mormon, you can’t do anything fun there.”

Fiutak: “If you have the right team at the right time and have your stuff together, you could really put something special together.”

Fiutak: “There are a lot of winnable games after those first 4.”

Fiutak: “BYU has a competitive advantage in the first three games because of the maturity level that these kids have after going and serving a mission.”

Fiutak: “They have a different personality type because they might be married and have a kid.”

Fiutak: “BYU doesn’t send a lot of guys to the NFL but they can get there and compete.”

Criddle: “If it’s such a competitive advantage, why don’t other colleges send players on two year missions?”

Fiutak: “The problem is that they lose that competitive edge after they get back but BYU is so good at this that it’s ingrained in their program.”

Fiutak: “The guy who’s been around the block more will be more focused than some scatter brained 18-yr old.”

Fiutak: “I think both Taysom and Kaufusi will have stand out seasons, Bronson is a little more versatile and can play in different schemes.”

Fiutak: “Taysom can definitely be an NFL pick if he’s more of a polished passer. He is very explosive and athletic.”


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