Cougar Cuts and Quotes: June 19th, 2015

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News and Notes:

Criddle: “Austin Collie is getting the start at WR tonight for the BC Lions.”

Jorgensen: “Is there a former BYU guy you want to succeed more than Austin Collie? He’s gone through so much in his career.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Out of the BYU football players left in professional football, who do you most want to succeed?

Jorgensen: “Mine would definitely be Austin Collie, he’s been through so much. He was having a pro bowl season when the injury bug first bit him.”

Criddle: “I want it to be someone who brings something to BYU football. Someone who can put them on the map.”

Criddle: “I put no emotions into it. In fact, I don’t get emotional about anything. My girlfriend says I’m a cold hearted son of a gun.”

Criddle: “I want Ziggy to have a pro bowl season. He started from the bottom and now he’s literally at the top.”

Criddle: “The Ziggy Ansah story will be made into a movie by Disney.”

Criddle: “That will transcend the message of the church.”

Aaron Wilson Interview:

Wilson: “Having Dennis hurt has really hurt them. Hopefully he can get healthy and come back this year.”

Wilson: “Dennis isn’t very explosive, he isn’t doing a lot of team work, just mostly jogging and rehabbing.”

Wilson: “When I was a football player at ECU, I dislocated my shoulder and since that time I’ve had 10 dislocations.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Samutu Avea a 6’5″ SG transferred from Kahuku HS and will be attending Bingham this fall. He’s being recruited by BYU.”

Criddle: “He was down on campus this week. He had a chance to look at the new facility plans, meet Brandon Davies and Jimmer Fredette.”

Ryan Tibbitts Interview:

Tibbitts: “I think that this game speaks so much for Jim McMahon. They told him to get off the field and he said no way. Coach Edwards handled it very well, and let him go with it.”

Tibbitts: “Jim saw that Clay Brown was open and audibled to throw to him.”

Tibbitts: “I read an article in 1986 that this was considered to be one of the greatest bowl games of all time. This game has been on so many lists for the greatest bowl games, greatest college games, greatest miracles in sports.”

Tibbitts: “I tried to find someone else to write it for years but I wasn’t able to find anyone so I did it.”

Tibbitts: “I talked to Tom Holmoe when I started this. He got me in contact with the people at the Holiday Bowl and that’s when I knew that it was on.”

Tibbitts: “The joke is that the game between the Mormons and the Methodists, that the Catholics won.”

Tibbitts: “The kicker, Gunther, said that the last thing he had heard was Doug Scoville telling LaVell they should go for 2 so they wouldn’t botch the kick.”

Tibbitts: “Cory Pace was getting married the next day and he had to take one more deep breath before he snapped the ball and if you see on the tape, Gunther barely kicks it after it gets down.”

Tibbitts: “There are so many things that could’ve gone wrong. But all Eric Dickerson had to do to win the game was get a first down.”

Tibbitts: “It was the 1980 team for SMU that was the first to get paid and that’s why they got the death penalty.”

Tibbitts: “Eric Dickerson said that he had to take a pay cut when he went on to play in the NFL.”

Tibbitts: “LaVell said that he doesn’t think people realize how good Dickerson and James were.”

Tibbitts: “We had good players back then, these guys were ripped. Craig Meyers said he didn’t recruit players for college, they were going to be NFL players.”

Tibbitts: “I had a book signing at City Creek and we had a few former guys like Steve Young and LaVell Edwards who showed up to sign books.”

Tibbitts: “Steve Young was a freshman on that team.”

Tibbitts: “That wasn’t just a Hail Mary cause of the pass, it was a Hail Mary for the program.”

Criddle: “I was a QB until I was 12 and everyone hit puberty.”

Tibbitts: “I get to say that I was ahead of Steve Young on the depth chart back in 1980.”

Samuta Avea Interview:

Avea: “I moved here to Utah to get myself playing against better competition and give myself a better opportunity for basketball.”

Avea: “I was going to move out to some friends in Minnesota. I was looking for anywhere to live in the mainland and my aunt welcomed me into her home.”

Lory: “When he said that he wanted to move to Minnesota I told him to come live with family instead of with strangers.”

Avea: “Tim LaComb invited me to go down and meet the coaches.”

Avea: “I’ve been playing with the Utah Prospects for AAU, I’ve been here since March 25th.”

Avea: “I play with Jason Youngblood on the Utah Prospects.”

Avea: “I like my visit to BYU. The new facility is exciting, there are good players coming back from missions. The future is bright.”

Avea: “Coming from Hawaii I only really watched UH, my dream is just to play D1 ball.”

Avea: “I really hope an offer comes from BYU. A lot of big things are coming from the program in the future.”

Avea: “I think I need to tighten up the handle. I need to try and keep it crisp and tight. I played point at Kahuku but need to continue to work on it.”

Phil Steele Interview:

Steele: “I do about 300-400 radio shows during the summer.”

Steele: “In Alabama I’ve done about 30-35 radio shows so far. Utah has been the second most by far and naturally a lot of that talk is for BYU and Utah.”

Steele: “I think the BYU fanbase is definitely out there.”

Steele: “I was able to interview Coach Mendenhall, I read something about Jamaal possibly redshirting but Bronco told me he would be 100%.”

Steele: “Bronco Mendenhall would be a top 25 head coach in my book. Especially with how good he is at calling a defense.”

Steele: “BYU isn’t in a great position, they aren’t in a P5 conference and they have to put together a brutal schedule.”

Steele: “I would say that Bronco’s job is probably the top 2-3 toughest in the country, right behind Vanderbilt.”

Steele: “BYU loses 27 letterman from last season.”

Steele: “BYU’s OL has 69 career starts.”

Steele: “4 of the top 5 tacklers on the team graduated from last year.”

Steele: “I do think that serving missions has been one thing that has helped BYU stay at the top. It does take the kids a while to get their guys back in the shape.”

Steele: “I think missions are something that offset all the hard things that BYU has to go against.”

Steele: “Boise State has a QB who will be making his first road start against BYU.”

Steele: “The weakest game of most QB’s careers are their first road start.”

Steele: “BYU has the #52 ranked schedule.”

6:30 Segment:

Jorgensen: “If Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice were getting drug tested, they would definitely fail.”

Criddle: “I’d love to see Bronco Mendenhall and Kyle Whittingham fight. I think Bronco has the reach but Whit has the weight on him.”

Hicken: “I think they need to have cornermen. Whit would get suspender boy.”

Criddle: “And Bronco would get Nick Howell.”

Criddle: “I think Jan should fight Gunther, or even a Kruger.”

Random Thoughts:

Jorgensen: “I think me and Paul Kruger fighting would make a lot of sense. He’s out there making millions and I’m doing radio shows.”

Jorgensen: “Zane Beadles would be another good fight too.”

Jorgensen: “I’d like to see Steve Tate fight Austin Collie.”

Criddle: “Marshall Henderson and Jackson Emery.”


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