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News and Notes:

Jorgensen: “Frank, please come to BYU. I don’t care what anyone says, that new practice facility is built for you.”

Dickson: “As a member of the media I feel like I interview a number of players and of course some get interviewed more than others.”

Dickson: “I know you were interviewed a lot and you never seemed like you were too annoyed.”

Jorgensen: “Not unless I get asked dumb questions.”

Dickson: “I think that Taysom gets very annoyed, especially in those cluster interviews where there’s like 7-8 of us huddled around him.”

Jorgensen: “During my time at BYU, we were told that the media was the devil. We were told to not give them anything cause they’d spin it. Anything they say about mormons down in the south, BYU said about the media.”

Jorgensen: “I enjoyed being interviewed, I feel like a had good relationships with you, Dick Harmon, and a lot of other guys in the area.”

Jorgensen: “I think Coach Mendenhall will crack down on the group as a whole because of the mistake of one person.”

Dickson: “I think that Jamaal is a guy who will say what’s on his mind instead of what he’s expected to say. At times, it may have gotten him in trouble like when he said that he was suspended.”

Jorgensen: “My birds and the bees talk was my Dad sitting me down and telling me that if I get a girl pregnant, I’m dead.”

Dickson: “To call media day a media day, it’s really a BYU appreciation day.”

Dickson: “It’s a PR event for the football team.”

Jorgensen: “It’s more of a fan event then a media event.”

How We See It:

Twestion: How important is it for BYU to play in big time venues?

Jorgensen: “There were 80,000 fans at Jerry’s World when we played Oklahoma and 60,000 of them were OU fans.”

Jorgensen: “Of course the best atmosphere is the Holy War.”

Jorgensen: “Going to Boston College was really cool. The stadium isn’t very big, you’d think it’d be bigger, but those fans are right on top of  you.”

Jorgensen: “It’s built a lot like Utah State where the fans are like 10 feet away from the sideline.”

Kevin Gemmell Interview:

Gemmell: “Cody Kessler is very athletic but he doesn’t run like a lot of other QB’s. He put up good numbers but struggled against Top 25 teams.”

Gemmell: “He’s very talented, but I feel like one more year in Steve Sarkisian’s offense  because he fits it very well.”

Gemmell: “I think that Utah is finally learning how to be a P5 team by getting better facilities, bringing in better talent.”

Gemmell: “UCLA has a talented group of offensive linemen, their center is a stud.”

Gemmell: “Phenomenal wide receivers, they can make a lot of plays on the outside.”

Gemmell: “They probably have the best front seven in the Pac-12.”

Gemmell: “21 of their 22 are insanely talented players.”

Gemmell: “The coaching staff is very high on Josh Rosen, they think he can come in and run the offense.”

Gemmell: “The offensive line is finally healthy this year. It was terrible last year, later in the season it got better but it was patch work early on.”

Gemmell: “Even with the issues on the OL, they had the leading rusher in the conference.”

Gemmell: “I think that the head coach went and asked the school to pony up and give more money so he can pay his assistants and get better facilities.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Dickson: “There are rumors floating around that former Pleasant Grove product Alan Hamson will be walking on at BYU.”

Dickson: “BYU could use some help in the post, Nate Austin has been injured, he was just cleared to play full court.”

Dickson: “It sounds like Nate has gotten approved to return by the NCAA but now the WCC has to approve it.”

Dickson: “BYU already had a commitment from Steven Beo, but picked up one from Gavin Baxter and extended an offer to Yoeli Childs.”

Dickson: “Brendan isn’t a dominant player, but he has good skills.”

Craig Bills Interview:

Dickson: “I almost wonder how a 7’5″ guy like Hamson would do in Dave Rose’s system.”

Jorgensen: “I remember BYU had a couple of 7′ guys and I was in the IPF during practice and they had to do agility drills and these guys looked like baby giraffes.”

Jorgensen: “To think that he could come home in September and get his coordination down, there’s not a huge chance.”

Dickson: “If you are 7′ tall and in the United States, you have a 17% chance of playing in the NBA.”

Dickson: “I was interviewing a 7’3″ kid from Lehi. He’s learning on how to play at a high level in AAU ball. His coordination is pretty good, he doesn’t always jump, his instincts are still getting developed, but Kevin Nixon is his coach.”

Dickson: “This kid is taller then every adult that he knows. His Dad is 6’5″. His doctor said that his growth plates haven’t closed yet but they are close.”

Dickson: “There was so much interest in Shawn because he was 7’5″ and he hadn’t played for two years.”

Dickson: “I think it’s the same thing with Alan being gone for two years.”

Dickson: “If Frank Jackson really wants to go on a mission, some of his offers are going to dry up.”

Dickson: “It’s way too competitive at these others schools and I don’t think they’d hold a scholarship for 2 years.”

5:30 Segment:

Jorgensen: “I love college football preview magazines, specifically Phil Steele. He knows so much about all these teams.”

Jorgensen: “This lady came up to me at MWC Media Day one year and she said that she was writing the Athlon preview and I was blown away, she wasn’t the greatest writer.”

Jorgensen: “She was on a conference call with Kyle Whittingham and asked him what the II on some Utah players name was.”

Mauss: “For the most part, when Phil does his magazine he has a team of guys who go and highlight everything for him.”

Jorgensen: “He is the only guy that I believe calls each and every head coach.”

Jorgensen: “Athlon is smart to get local guys, but it’s pretty bad when they don’t screen their writers.”

Dickson: “BYU coaches are down at a satellite camp in Texas this week. I think that’s huge for them.”

Jorgensen: “I really like it, it’s a new development but nothing can replace going in and getting in front of a young man.”

Jorgensen: “It’s a huge positive for BYU to do this.”

Josh Gershon Interview:

Gershon: “If you can give these kids the opportunity to focus on basketball without school it can help them out a whole bunch in their development.”

Gershon: “I would never cover a kid who wasn’t in or entering High School, I don’t think it’s right to evaluate kids any younger than that.”

Gershon: “Ever since Frank decommitted from BYU, the idea is that he probably won’t be going on a mission.”

Gershon: “It’s different for these schools where they aren’t used to them going on missions. I think that he’s good enough that schools would wait for him.”

Gershon: “Frank is so versatile for a guard. He’s an NBA prospect at both the 1 and the 2.”

Gershon: “He’s great on defense, he has good vision, he’s a hard worker, everything is going in the right direction for him.”

Gershon: “I don’t have a problem with a point guard taking a lot of shots, as long as he makes a high percentage of them.”

Gershon: “All these coaches are recruiting him with the approach that he isn’t going on a mission.”

Gershon: “The approach is coming from the family, 2 months ago they were planning on him going on a mission, now something has changed.”

Gershon: “Having Quincy on the staff will obviously help out because they already have a relationship.”

Gershon: “Gavin Baxter is an elite athlete, he’s a big get for BYU.”

Gershon: “These kids from Utah are very talented and there needs to be a closer eye on them from here on out.”

Gershon: “I don’t think too many coaches are too comfortable with recruiting mission kids because they aren’t familiar with it.”

Gershon: “BYU is so used to it that they have an advantage.”

Jorgensen: “I know Frank and I’d be very surprised if he didn’t go on a mission.”

Jorgensen: “Even if he played his freshman year first, I would still expect him to go.”

Jorgensen: “Circumstances have changed for Frank, he’s a fringe top 10 pick which means he’s probably a first round pick in the NBA draft in two years.”

Jorgensen: “I don’t see BYU being able to sign Frank Jackson if he didn’t go on his mission.”

Jorgensen: “I was committed to Kentucky when I left on my mission, in fact I hated BYU before I went on my mission but I decided I wanted to be close to home.”

6:30 Segment:

Jorgensen: “Kyle Van Noy is probably the best player at BYU over the last 10 years.”

Jorgensen: “Not many defensive players can single handedly win games and he did that a number of times.”

Jorgensen: “Austin Collie is the second best, and by far the best receiver I played with. He had so much confidence, he thought he could outrun anyone on the field.”

Jorgensen: “Dennis Pitta is next, he was so talented.”

Jorgensen: “Bryan is definitely number four, we’d call him Carlton cause of the way he’d dress.”

Jorgensen: “Cam Jensen was a walk-on and started for 3 years. He was a great player.”

Jorgensen: “Harvey Unga was so good, he was the leading rusher in BYU history and did it in three years. He didn’t even play his senior year. I remember his first scrimmage and we actually had to tackle him, we couldn’t.”

Dickson: “I covered Harvey in HS and Timpview ran a basic offense, give to Harvey, fake to Harvey, throw to Harvey.”

Jorgensen: “His NFL career has been unfortunately turbulent.”

Jorgensen: “It’s hard to not name myself number one.”

Random Thoughts:

Hicken: “Manase Tu’ungafasi just tweeted out asking what NCMO was.”

Jorgensen: “I think NCMO is the stupidest thing about BYU.”

Gurney: “I can’t believe it’s still around. It was there when I was at BYU 25 years ago.”

Jorgensen: “Never underestimate the nerdiness of BYU students.”

Jorgensen: “LeBron James had one of those soccer moments where he hit his head on a camera and he rolled around like he got shot.”

Gurney: “I didn’t watch the game because I had to go watch BYU soccer and some players limp around.”


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