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News and Notes:

Gurney: “My fandom of the Padres is all about former BYU player Wally Joyner.”

Gurney: “I got home from my mission and decided that I wanted to follow baseball and that was it.”

Criddle: “That’s exactly why so many BYU fans are 49ers fans.”

Criddle: “Yoeli Childs received an offer from BYU. I’m kind of surprised because I didn’t know that he was interested. He’s a beast in the post.”

Gurney: “He’s a little undersized but I think 6’7″ can fly in the post at the college level, especially in the WCC.”

Gurney: “I’ve seen him play at Bingham a handful of times and have seen Tim LaComb there twice.”

Gurney: “It sounds like there wasn’t initially a lot of interest but BYU has done a good job recruiting him and he really likes how BYU plays and is excited about it.”

Criddle: “He doesn’t have a ton of offers, I’m sure that other schools will wait to see how he does in the AAU circuit.”

Gurney: “AAU doesn’t help out bigs a lot cause it’s a lot of run and gun but I think that his coaches will do a good job in showcasing him.”

Gurney: “BYU has some great bigs signed, but it’s always good to have a junkyard dog.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Who are the winners and losers of conference realignment?

Criddle: “Stewart Mandel said that BYU is a loser of conference realignment.”

Gurney: “I disagree, I think that BYU is in a better position than they were in the MWC. That’s what he has to be arguing, he can’t be arguing P5 vs. Indy because no one knows what it’s like.”

Criddle: “He’s always been a proponent of BYU back to the MWC.”

Criddle: “Will the AAC or MWC ever have enough leverage to get a P5 level contract? I don’t think so unless they add BYU.”

Criddle: “When BYU comes in you get more money and you get more power.”

Criddle: “Think about trying to motivate your team after 2-3 losses. It’s hard to do if they aren’t in a conference, it’s hard to do if they aren’t going for a state championship.”

Criddle: “BYU is making guaranteed money, Boise State is gambling, they don’t get that $9 million if they don’t go to a NY6.”

Kevin Nathan Interview:

Nathan: “UCONN absolutely is a loser of realignment, the AAC is a step down from the Big East. Unluckily for UCONN football is king, otherwise their basketball teams would carry them.”

Nathan: “I played D3 football back in the day, and the only reason why is because there isn’t a D4.”

Nathan: “The offensive line has struggled in the past and has gotten bigger and stronger, that doesn’t necessarily translate to the ability to block.”

Nathan: “All the pressure is on the defense because the offense has struggled over the history of UCONN football.”

Nathan: “Byron Jones was an under recruited kid who was extremely athletic and he was rough. He was coached up and ended as a first round pick in the NFL draft.”

Nathan: “If UCONN can get back to where they were and start beating the teams that they are supposed to, then they should belong.”

Nathan: “With success they would get bigger recruits and get more fans in the stadium.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “The reason Stewart Mandel puts out something like this is because he can’t see how much BYU makes on the season.”

Criddle: “You can get an estimation with how much they make on ticket sales, concessions, drinks, etc.”

Criddle: “Largely is a pretty bold claim if he doesn’t have access to all the facts.”

Criddle: “The Jazz did a good job before the season in talking about who they were going to draft and what their plan was going forward.”

Mauss: “BYU can say that they don’t want to do that, they should give something out but they don’t.”

Jordan Pendleton Interview:

Pendleton: “I’m fed up man, I had a kid come in this week who tore his ACL in practice. I had another kid who came in last week who came in and hurt his back because his coach made him max out on his squat. Another kid injured his groin because he was running his sprints and his coaches didn’t warm him up.”

Pendleton: “I’m tired of seeing English teachers and Math teachers running these programs in the summer, they’re making their kids do too much.”

Pendleton: “These kids have work outs and weight lifting at 6 am, then they come back at 6 pm and have 7-on-7.”

Pendleton: “The whole year they’re working out and they only play football for 3 months. There needs to be more education on how to properly train.”

Pendleton: “Schools are getting better facilities and there’s more money but for some reason this part of it is still being put behind.”

Pendleton: “I think that there is an ego thing and these coaches will do what they can to push these kids. I had one guy come in who said his coach was putting them through 10 sets of 10 squats at 80% of their 1 rep max.”

Pendleton: “I think it’s so this coach can make it seem like they’re so tough.”

Pendleton: “The first year of independence was my senior year, I see it as a huge plus cause we went from playing on the mtn. and BYUTV to ESPN every week.”

Pendleton: “I’d rather play against Christian Ponder than Wyoming and get a ring at the end of the season.”

Pendleton: “I want to play in the biggest stage against the best competition in the world.”

Pendleton: “BYU’s scheduling has gotten so much tougher, they aren’t able to get as many athletes as these other schools, they can win a few but when they constantly play them it’s tough.”

Pendleton: “I wish I was still playing, had Frank been at BYU while I was playing, everything would be completely different for me.”

Pendleton: “I never got to have an experience like this, going to the Big House to play Michigan, playing Boise State. All I have on my resume is beating Idaho State 50-0.”

Pendleton: “The only guy that I’m really familiar with is Fred Warner who I think is a specemin.”

Pendleton: “I’m excited for the defense to move back to Bronco’s bend don’t break mentality.”

Pendleton: “I would tell all of these kids to get in the film room. I was athletic and I could make some plays but I never really knew my responsibilities.”

Pendleton: “For offense I was going to go with my BIL Austin Collie, it’s a toss up between him and Dennis Pitta. You look at Cody Hoffman’s success, but Austin only played three years.”

Pendleton: “On defense it would probably be Kyle. Look at all the plays he made, forced fumbles, interceptions, blocked kicks. He’s a complete player.”

Pendleton: “I would line up against Kyle right now and put him on his back. You can ask him, back when I played he was my little tackling dummy.”

Pendleton: “Other than Kyle it might be Andrew Rich, that guy could get it done and he’s a stud.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Jordan is not lying when he said that he regularly put Kyle on his back.”

Criddle: “He came in as a safety and a WR at BYU. He was the gatorade player of the year at Bingham.”

Criddle: “What is the difference between Jordan and Kyle?”

Gurney: “Kyle was able to stay healthy.”

Gurney: “Austin Collie is number 1, Max Hall and John Beck have to be there in the top 5, they’re probably 2 and 3, Harvey Unga at 4, and Dennis at number 5.”

Criddle: “After rethinking this, I think that Harvey should be number one.”

Criddle: “He had like 4o something touchdowns and 1,000 yards receiving.”

Criddle: “He could take that zone read, cut it back make 3-4 people miss then lower your shoulder and destroy a safety.”

Gurney: “If Taysom can finish this year healthy I would say that he would be top 5, if Jamaal can break Unga’s record then it’s possible he’s there.”

Jeremiah Jensen Interview:

Jensen: “Defensively I need to say: Kyle Van Noy, Bryan Kehl, David Nixon, Cam Jensen, and Daniel Sorensen.”

Jensen: “Harvey Unga, Max Hall, Austin Collie, Dennis Pitta, and Cody Hoffman.”

Jensen: “I can’t put Taysom in the top 5 because of what he’s done over the span of his career, but if he can stay healthy I would put him there.”

Jensen: “When it comes to greatest walk-ons, you are right there in my top 5 Ben.”

Jensen: “Gavin is a perfect pick up for BYU. He’s a guy who can get in and rebound, but he can also go outside and shoot the 3.”

Jensen: “He’s in the scout 100 and just outside the ESPN 100, he’s a great get for BYU.”

Jensen: “I have covered HS football for a long time and the 2017 class is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Jensen: “If Frank didn’t go on a mission, he’d be a one and done player.”

Jensen: “Watching his highlights, you think he’s more than a HS senior.”

Jensen: “There isn’t another player I’ve seen in person who can do what Frank can do in person.”

Jensen: “TJ was a better player than Tyler was in HS.”

Jensen: “Bryce may have his reason he doesn’t like BYU and maybe it’s not cool to be a BYU fan growing up in LV.”

Jensen: “If Tyler works hard on improving his lateral quickness and his defense then he could have a chance. But he could also go to Europe and play like Jaycee Carroll and be really expensive.”

Jensen: “Best assistant coach at BYU.. I’d probably say Mike Holmgren.”

Criddle: “I would probably say Doug Scoville.”

Jensen: “There is so much talent in the state of Utah, but there is a lot more talent in football.”

Jensen: “I think that basketball is catching up but it’ll take some time.”

Jensen: “BYU has some real talent coming in, I think they’re going to make some noise in the next 5 years.”

Jensen: “They should make multiple sweet 16’s in the next few years.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Manase is expecting fans to come and greet him at the airport on June 28th.”

Gurney: “I’m a big fan of Manase, I like his story and I’m excited.”

Criddle: “Anything wrong in Utah County is my fault, definitely my fault.”

Criddle: “I will pick up any fans who want to go and greet him, I don’t have a big car, but I will drive!”

Hicken: “Just ride the front runner up to the airport! It’ll take you right there!”

Gurney: “We can all meet at the Thanksgiving Point station and ride up.”

Hicken: “Ben will buy your ticket! It’ll be like a field trip!”

Gurney: “I think that with TJ’s ability to play PG, he does more for BYU than any other recruit. Pair him with Nick Emery, Payton Dastrup, Ivan Drago, and Zac Seljaas.”

Gurney: “Who do you have on the football team that is that guy?”

Criddle: “I will take the opposite, people laugh at me but I tell you why.”

Criddle: “BYU has been behind the curve in strength and conditioning in the last 10 years. With Frank coming to BYU and him developing players, you will see more wins.”

Criddle: “There have been NFL athletes on BYU’s football team in the BM era, they just have been developed as power lifters instead of athletes.”

Criddle: “Look at Tuni Kanuch, that guy came in as Mr. Football but he has been hurt. He is finally healthy.”

Gurney: “His calves are as big as my waist.”

Random Thoughts:

Gurney: “I gave myself the name G-Man when I made that first post on cougarblue, that was the thunder dome of BYU message boards.”

Criddle: “The best assistant coach during the BM era has been Robert Anae.”

Criddle: “Don’t go and see Jurassic World, seriously, it’s awful, wait till it comes out on Netflix.”


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