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Matt Wells Interview:

Criddle: “Can we make an agreement to not have any QB’s get hurt?”

Wells: “I think both sides would like that, it’s been so devastating for both teams.”

Wells: “They’re both incredible players, I know that about my guy, and I believe everything I’ve heard about Taysom to be true.”

Wells: “If we were playing flag football, Chuckie Keaton would be graduated by now.”

Wells: “Brian is with the Detroit Lions and from what I hear he’s been performing well.”

Wells: “Chuckie is doing well, he’s full speed and went without a knee brace all spring.”

Wells: “I look for him to have a good season this year, he’s cutting laterally.”

Wells: “Chuckie has only made it through one year completely healthy.”

Wells: “Our back ups have performed well, Adam Kennedy went 5-1, Darrel Garretson went 5-1, and Kent Myers went I think 6-1.”

Wells: “I spend time at the beginning of practice with defense but when it comes to game prep I am right there with the offense.”

Criddle: “I know that Bronco loves to coach the nose tackle’s, that is probably his favorite position to coach.”

Criddle: “I see the success of your back up QB’s and a light goes on in your head and I wonder if you gravitate as well.”

Wells: “We found some safeties to come fill in for our guys that graduated. The guys we’ve brought in are right there athletically, maybe even a little bit better.”

Wells: “We’ve got talent coming back, but the problem is that because of injuries we only have a few guys who were able to participate in spring ball.”

Wells: “Kyler is one of the most likely guys to be an NFL prospect, there are guys who have good senior seasons after becoming productive as juniors and I think we have some guys who have the opportunity to do so.”

Criddle: “What schools do you feel that you target the same prospects as when you’re out on the road?”

Wells: “I feel like it’s a lot of the MWC schools. We mainly recruit Utah, Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida. We obviously compete with BYU and Utah as well.”

Wells: “2017 may be the best recruiting class that I’ve ever seen in the state of Utah.”

Wells: “The top players out of the state has been very good, in number of those top guys they may have the most.”

Wells: “From Utah, you’re finding kids who are blue collar and work their tail off, they are tough and care a lot about football.”

Logan: “I had an opportunity to start 3-4 games into the season over a kid who was an All-American. Coaches who don’t care if a kid is an All-American but won’t the ones who work hard see a little more success.”

How We See It:

Twestion: Who is the best offensive player and best defensive player from the Bronco Mendenhall era?

Logan: “I would say Dennis Pitta, I played with him so I could see first hand how good he was.”

Logan: “Anyone you can consider the best has to go beyond college and have success. He went on to win a super bowl and did it at the highest level in the biggest game.”

Logan: “I can only remember one time that he’s ever dropped a pass. I was standing there with Corby and we saw it and we dropped our water bottles and were like what?? We thought we had seen Santa Clause.”

Logan: “I was way faster than Dennis Pitta but whenever he ran a route it was like he was running a 4.3 and I was running a 4.6.”

Criddle: “Curtis Brown is the best offensive player in the Bronco Mendenhall era.”

Logan: “Harvey did more than Curtis and he only did it in three years. Harvey broke all these records that Curtis set.”

Logan: “Even if Curtis was splitting reps as a freshman. If you were that good, you wouldn’t be splitting reps.”

Criddle: “Curtis Brown was a top 10 receiver as a running back. He had 157 receptions and 1,300 yards.”

Criddle: “Harvey had 80 receptions and about 1,000 yards.”

Criddle: “Curtis did this with a young offensive line and a very young John Beck.”

Criddle: “I think there was more NFL offensive linemen to block for Harvey then there were for Curtis.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Brian, what was the vertical jump on your pro day?”

Logan: “Like 36″?”

Criddle: “Brian, are you making that up?”

Logan: “Nah, it was like 36.5″.”

Criddle: “There’s a BYU recruit who has a 45″ vertical.”

Criddle: “This kid can stand under the rim flat footed and dunk it.”

Criddle: “Have you ever seen a 45″ vertical?”

Logan: “Umm.. What’s LeBron James vert?”

Logan: “Kids can cheat by locking out there shoulder, they can get 2 extra inches.”

Logan: “If someone ran a 4.35 then yeah I do believe that it’s a 45″ vertical, it’s all about explosion.”

Criddle: “He’s joining our show next, right here in studio and his name is Jonah Trinnaman.”

Jonah Trinnaman Interview:

Criddle: “I need to correct myself, I said that you were a BYU commit but you are a BYU lean.”

Criddle: “You got your BYU shirt on, but clear it up for me, you’re still evaluating.”

Trinnaman: “I’ve been offered by BYU, Utah, and Oregon State.”

Trinnaman: “I’m hearing from Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Hawaii, and Colorado State.”

Logan: “Is Hawaii in your top 3 cause of the beach?”

Trinnaman: “I have a lot of good friends who were the main players on last years AF team and I’m happy for them and how they performed.”

Trinnaman: “You can’t base your decision off of what one person says, you need to figure it out for yourself.”

Criddle: “I think kids have come down to the realization that you still need to think about it, take some trips.”

Trinnaman: “This is a life decision, it won’t effect you just for four years but will for the rest of your life.”

Ja. Trinnaman: “Bolles didn’t have any offers out of HS, so when he got his first major offer from BYU he jumped all over it.”

Ja. Trinnaman: “Why not take the time to go and travel the country and see where you’re happy. If you’re not happy you’re going to struggle on the field and struggle to get good grades.”

Trinnaman: “I am planning on taking a trip to Oregon State in the near future.”

Trinnaman: “Most of the kids at Jr. Day knew me because I went to AF and it was kind of awkward to be there with all these kids.”

Trinnaman: “When I first went out there last year we were the only ones out there in the middle of July and I was missing my family. It’s a struggle, you have to bring all your own gear, the places that we live at are pretty sketchy.”

Trinnaman: “Out of HS, I struggled to find my confidence. I knew I could be a good player.”

Trinnaman: “Going to JC has been a blessing because I’ve been able to get offers from some big time schools.”

Trinnaman: “BYU has been a dream school for me since I was a young man. The other is UW, I grew up in Sammamish so I love the area.”

Trinnaman: “The plan is to play another year and graduate a semester early so I could join the team a little bit early for spring ball next year.”

Criddle: “I have great relationships and love and trust about 60-70% of the guys I’ve gotten to know while I’ve been at BYU.”

Trinnaman: “I talked to Trey Dye at Jr Day and all the guys are rolling with each other, they’re all pretty tight.”

Trinnaman: “There are still some of those guys at JC who are kind of shady, they’ll steal your socks when you turn your back.”

Criddle: “Ray Hudson used to steal my cocoa butter and I had to sit him down to talk about it.”

Logan: “Is there something that separates BYU from a Pac-12 schedule in the way they play Nebraska, Michigan, and UCLA?”

Trinnaman: “It’s a lot of different schools, great schools, big schools, it’s the kind of schedule you want to play against.”

Criddle: “Guy Holliday is a guy who can kind of help with the culture shock in bringing in minorities. You grew in up AF but when it comes to the BYU student body it’s a different beast.”

Criddle: “One guy you might want to talk with is Jordan Leslie, he has quite the experience.”

5:30 Segment:

Logan: “We had this equipment manager who was so terrible when it came to filming us. He’d have the camera fixed on the 20 yard line while everyone was down field.”

Criddle: “When it comes to BYU you need as much variety and perspective as possible. You want to find out what makes it special for each person.”

Logan: “When it comes to JC kid you need to have kids who can come in and fill a need immediately

Criddle: “ASU is going to offer him, in fact I bet every Pac-12 school will offer him. BYU needs to convince him and his family that BYU will make him the best person and football player possible.”

6:00 Segment:

Logan: “It’s okay to say black, you don’t need to walk up to me and ask about how my experience at BYU was as an african american, you can say black.”

Logan: “I give permission for this show for all 5 of us here in Utah county.”

Logan: “I think the best comedians are the people who can make fun of themselves.”

Logan: “It’s rare to have a defensive player who can straight up win a game for you and that is KVN.”

Logan: “You can pick out a safety, an OLB or even a corner and tell what a defense is going to run in a 3-4. You can’t do that with Kyle, he’ll rush, drop back, get an INT and return it for a touchdown.”

Criddle: “The defense won the biggest game in the BM era against Oklahoma.”

Criddle: “You can make an argument for Andrew Rich to be the best defensive player in the Bronco Mendenhall era.”

Logan: “He’s right there behind me.”

Criddle: “Andrew had 10 picks and was eighth for total over a career.”

Logan: “What makes Andrew more special than KVN is that Andrew made other players better.”

Logan: “Andrew had so much chemistry with every other player and he understood the game and x’s and o’s and his teammates so well that he could adjust the defense accordingly.”

Logan: “He’d be able to make a read and I’d be covering a guy and I’d turn around and Andrew was right there, I’m like, ‘Man, why aren’t you on your guy? You have the outside?’ He’s say, ‘I knew he was going to go inside so I wanted to help you out.'”

Logan: “He’d have the flats but then he’d come up with a play deep because he read the defense and he’d let JP go out there and make a play cause he could run a 4.5”

Criddle: “Vic said that playing rugby is like playing smear the other guy with the ball with a bunch of soccer players.”

Criddle: “Honorable mention for best player is Cam Jensen, he’s a JC guy out of Ricks and he’s a stud.”

Logan: “What about Uani?”

Criddle: “Uani had a lot of success but it was for one season, granted it was a record setting season.”

Logan: “I think it’s amazing that we’re talking the about the best defensive player and Ziggy isn’t even coming up. It’s amazing what height, weight, speed can do.”

Logan: “We don’t know that game reps made him a lot better.”

Criddle: “Look at the senior bowl practices, he struggled in practice but then got to the game and blew it up.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I had a player from Wyoming who told me that he was going to ‘Moss’ me. He didn’t have a single catch.”

Criddle: “I’d never want to be in another G5 conference, I love independence and a P5 probably would be better.”

Hicken: “I’ve gotten into an argument about a number of BYU fans about this, but I don’t think the Big 12 is the best option. The thing that beats out Independence is the money, but the Big 12 is so unstable.”

Criddle: “Yeah we had Barry Trammel from the Oklahoma Statesmen who said it’s like anarchy.”

Hicken: “I think that the exact quote was that Texas made 90% of the decisions, Oklahoma made 10%, and everyone else just tagged along.”

Hicken: “I think that things are going to get chaotic starting in 2017 with the expiration of GOR’s and the B1G and the SEC will start poaching teams, if Texas and OU leave the Big 12, that conference is done. Ideally, BYU should be in the Pac 12.”

Logan: “If you’re a Boise and you win the conference and go undefeated you have a great opportunity to go to a NY6 bowl.”

Criddle: “Tom Holmoe is a DB and he’s a calculated risk guy, he’s going to think about it before he goes for anything too drastic.”

Criddle: “He needs one magic season to show that everything he’s done so far can be validated.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “Brian Logan has this weird, long finger that looks like ET. It’s got this bony end like it’s got gout.”

Criddle: “He’s got 6’5″ hands.”

Logan: “You know, the doctor said I was supposed to be 6’3″, I guess I’m lucky to just have good health.”

Logan: “What animal would you say DB’s are?”

Criddle: “Probably a cat of some sort cause they have to be fast and agile, like a jaguar cause most of them are black.”

Logan: “What about QB’s?”

Criddle: “I don’t know, maybe an elephant if your Ben Roethlisberger, maybe a dolphin cause they have to be dual-threat now?”

Criddle: “One of my favorite parts of Jurassic Park is when the T-Rex goes down and gets the guy who’s on the pot.”


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