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How We See It:

Twestion: What should Brian Logan name his baby boy? So far the choices are Vega and Maxon.

Criddle: “I don’t think there’s that big of a difference, really.”

Logan: “If you were to look in the future and see Bronco going on that same path that LaVell did, you can see Bronco having a better career if we’re going off of averages.”

Criddle: “LaVell said that Tommy Hudspeth was able to help him out a little bit by bringing in a recruiting pool.”

Criddle: “What LaVell did didn’t just disintegrate under Gary Crowton.”

Criddle: “Gary only won 44% of his games while Tommy won 43.8% of his games.”

Criddle: “LaVell and Bronco were both really really young when they started coaching.”

Criddle: “They basically have the same winning percentage through 10 years.”

Criddle: “LaVell and Bronco both have developed phenomenal QB’s.”

Criddle: “LaVell won 73% of his in conference games the first 6 years, Bronco won 81% of his conference games.”

Criddle: “If you were to do a blind test between the two of them, most fans wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.”

4:30 Segment:

Logan: “I think that this article about Dewey Gray needs to be read to recruits during the recruiting process.”

Logan: “Me being a parent now, I see what BYU is all about and I’m like, ‘Yes, you are going there!'”

Logan: “If the program could reach out to former athletes like Dewey

Criddle: “So you mean to say we need to make the ‘Band of Brothers.. of Brothuh’s.'”

Logan: “Just call it, ‘Band of Bruthuh’s.'”

Logan: “I get 10% of that. It’s all about brand.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “I like the names Drax and Quill.”

Logan: “I hope he could get to 5’8″. Then he could be a baseball player. If he can get to 5’9″ we can retire.”

Criddle: “I think saying that LaVell built the program from nothing is disrespectful to Tommy Hudspeth. He won some WAC champs and stabilized recruiting.”

Brandon Doman Interview:

Criddle: “What I’m trying to build on is commonalities and in the first ten years it is pretty similar.”

Criddle: “They were the last pick on the totem pole.”

Criddle: “All I’m trying to do is create a balance. I don’t think that Bronco is a better coach than LaVell.”

Doman: “LaVell had such deep roots in defense. But he realized that with the personnel BYU had they wouldn’t be able to move the ball.”

Doman: “They’re such different people with personality and coaching styles. LaVell was there so long that people are endeared to him.”

Doman: “I think Bronco will always be in LaVell’s shadow, no matter how long he’s at BYU.”

Doman: “I think it’s tougher now-a-days with social media and press and the honor code and academics. It’s something that Coach Edwards didn’t have to deal with.”

Doman: “They were still there, but not in the limelight like they are today.”

Doman: “I think there are a lot of people asking if BYU can hang in there and be like BYU in the past.”

Doman: “LaVell was able to develop coaches and surround himself with those who were successful.”

Logan: “If Coach Mendenhall were able to win a national championship or make some noise in the playoffs. I think he would still have a hard time with fans because of his friendliness with the fans in the past.”

Doman: “I played at the end of LaVell’s era and I had a great relationship with him. He knew my name, my wife’s name, my kid’s names.”

Logan: “LaVell and his wife do the exact same thing with me and I didn’t even play for him.”

Doman: “Bronco’s strengths are really strong and he does them really well.”

Doman: “I think that Bronco Mendenhall has the hardest coaching job in the country and I think both Bronco and LaVell would say that.”

Doman: “The expectations for this program are so much higher now than when LaVell coached. LaVell wasn’t expected to come in and win right away.”

Doman: “We hadn’t had a losing season in 30 years at BYU and it was a critical time when Bronco took over.”

Doman: “Bronco may have more wins than Whittingham, but because Kyle won a BCS game, Bronco has a little more pressure.”

Doman: “I want to see BYU have another exciting spectacular season.”

Doman: “LaVell’s program didn’t have an identity. He knew they needed something different, he found Bill Walsh and Bill found Doug Scoville and they developed a passing game that was unseen in college football.”

Doman: “He pioneered a football game that changed football forever.”

Doman: “Bronco came into BYU and realized they couldn’t run the 3-3-5 defense and they moved to a 3-4 defense even though the 3-3-5 was exciting and made some big plays, they couldn’t keep points off the board because of the personnel.”

Doman: “I think that the most critical change for Bronco was moving to a 3-4 and was the most important change over the last 10-11 years.”

Doman: “Back when I played our front 7 was as big and as strong as anyone in the nation. BYU’s lost ground there while Utah has gained it.”

Doman: “Brian, look at the background you came from and you were so successful at BYU and were able to settle your roots.”

Doman: “Losing Ricks is something that impacted BYU.”

Doman: “We’ve had some great JC DB’s over the years to come in and be successful.”

Doman: “I think that BYU needs to get depth at the front seven so they can go and compete against anyone.”

Doman: “This is because of who they recruit and bring in.”

Doman: “I think it’s a travesty when BYU misses out on players who were meant to come to BYU.”

Criddle: “I’m not trying to create negativity. But what I’m trying to do is build some commonality.”

Logan: “I like what Coach Doman said where he said it’s hard to compare because of eras, personalities, etc.”

Logan: “What you were able to do was show that they have both been successful.”

Criddle: “Let’s find coaches who were legendary at their programs.”

5:30 Segment:

Logan: “One things that I remember was this poll where it was asking how BYU will do against Nebraska and Nebraska fans think that BYU will win a close one.”

Logan: “Fans have the biggest insight that some of us analysts miss because of the distance.”

Logan: “It’s hard for me when a new coach comes in and tries to implement their policy.”

Logan: “I think some guys are like, ‘I’m gonna go to the league. I’m just gon do me dawg.'”

Logan: “I think that kind of mentality kills teams.”

Logan: “If guys are saying that behind the scenes, it spreads like a cancer.”

Criddle: “I interviewed Mike and while I was doing so I was like, ‘I wanna run through a brick wall for you man.'”

Logan: “Mike Riley is a Christian man and I could see a lot of LDS players wanting to play for him because of that.”

Julie Reneer Interview:

Reneer: “Our camp will be the highlight of a boys summer if you can get there.”

Reneer: “Ziggy Ansah and Trevor Reilly will be the major headlines along with several U of U players and BYU players.”

Reneer: “The money for the camp will go towards building a home for homeless children in Ghana who have been abandoned because they’re disabled.”

Reneer: “You can sign up at”

Reneer: “Mike Alisa, Kaufusi, Jamaal Williams, and Craig Bills have committed to come.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “I like the name Seven in a weird way, I texted my wife.”

Criddle: “You can say it in like Greek, or Hebrew.”

Hicken: “In Hebrew it’s sheevah.”

Logan: “If Bronco is still coaching at BYU and he has an opportunity to BYU. I will make him go to BYU.”

Logan: “It’s crazy to see how much nonprofit CEO’s make. Like $300k a year.”

Logan: “I need to start the ‘Find Brian Logan’s son a name nonprofit.'”

Logan: “I would do something to help feed kids in the states. I appreciate what people do for other countries but there are so many kids who are starving in the America and I even saw that for a little bit when I was in JC.”

Logan: “My grandma was so awesome, I would tell her I was hungry and she would drive to my house with only gas fumes in the tank and come feed me.”

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