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Shepherd: “You may not understand why BYU does some things so it may came off as arrogant or elitest.”

Criddle: “I don’t understand how someone can make a claim like that to say that BYU is as arrogant as Texas because they have their own TV network.”

How We See It:

Twestion: ESPN predicted every NFL team’s 53 man roster. Not a FA from BYU was projected to make the roster. Who do you think is most likely to stick?

Shepherd: “The five guys currently on rosters are Alani Fua and Pau Lasike in Arizona, Jordan Leslie in Minnesota, Rob Daniel in Oakland, and De’Ondre Wesley in Baltimore.”

Shepherd: “I pick Leslie because there isn’t any established receiving core in Minnesota.”

Criddle: “I pick Jordan as well, I think he has a great opportunity to succeed and his tangibles are perfect for the NFL.”

Criddle: “My next pick is Alani Fua who is very athletic and I saw him joining the league as a Sam LB but he’s been moved to MLB.”

Criddle: “He’s a guy who can move and make plays on ST and I think that gives him great opportunity.”

Criddle: “Paul Lasike was a guy whose name was consistently brought up throughout camp as being recognized for his success.”

Criddle: “I’m trying to think of the last short yardage guy that Arizona had and I can’t think of anyone. Paul could fill that gap in Bruce Arian’s offense.”

Shepherd: “He’s someone who I see making a practice squad at the least.”

Shepherd: “I’m surprised that Devin Mahina isn’t in camp anymore because I think he has the perfect size to be a TE at the next level.”

Jimmy Rex Real Estate Top 3 Stories:


Rex: “Number one is a condo out in West Valley. It’s on sale for $59,000 and two neighbors sold theirs for $72,000-$77,000.”

Criddle: “The number one story is this Barfknecht interview where the B1G said that they wanted to poach some members from the Big 12.”

Shepherd: “The quote was, ‘People mention BYU but they are the only school as arrogant as Texas. They are happy to come to your party but will tell you who to invite, how to run it, and when it starts.'”

Rex: “For a couple years in a row I’ve had the chance to travel to every road game. BYU and the church show up to your door kind of uninvited and hurt some feelings.”

Rex: “Some people say that it’s such an arrogant thing to say that they’re the only true church.”

Rex: “The next property is a $430,000 home on a full acre in West Jordan that is bank owned.”

Criddle: “I think the next story is that Mark Atuaia is spending the next couple weeks with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Criddle: “Poppinga was with the 49ers a few yearsks back.”

Shepherd: “Usually the staff will go and do this together like in Atlanta or Seattle.”

Criddle: “This is a personal choice because it’s vacation time and I think it’s a big deal that he’s taking time away to go and learn from an NFL team.”

Rex: $254,900 in Sandy that is a bank owned property that has previously sold for $350,000.”

Criddle: “The last story of the weekend is that JD Falslev is the new offensive GA for BYU this year.”

Rex: “I had a chance to talk to JD and he’s getting a house and is moving back here. He’s so excited to have the job.”

Shepherd: “He’s a guy who can relate to other players. He’s been in the battles on the field and he can share his experiences and how it helps other athletes and that is priceless.”

Rex: “I wanna give a quick shout out to Spencer Hadley, he got engaged this past Friday.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Shepherd: “There’s a lot of things about JD that he can relate with just about anyone.”

Shepherd: “He’s dealt with injuries, he’s dealt with being the go-to guy.”

Shepherd: “When things get tough he’s a guy that you can rely on.”

Shepherd: “He knows what it’s like as a player and he can help out players by telling them how he went when times got tough.”

Marc Lyons Interview:

Lyons: “I think they’re going to get more help out of the LB core than they did last year.”

Lyons: “It was amazing to see how teams would come in and just throw the ball against BYU.”

Lyons: “I think back to the UCF game where they were throwing the ball 22 times a game coming in, then they threw the ball 50 times by the time it was over.”

Lyons: “Jan will bring a lot of knowledge for the defensive line.”

Lyons: “Sometimes I still have the dream that I have another year of eligibility. I would love if Jan did as well.”

Lyons: “JD is a lot like those inside receivers and I think he’ll help them out a lot.”

Lyons: “One guy I feel bad for his McCoy Hill. He had the opportunity to be the only QB in spring camp and ended up getting hurt.”

Lyons: “I remember Fui Vakapuna coming back from his mission and he was wearing number 6 and looked like Luke Staley.”

Lyons: “In the old days, it wasn’t like what it is now. Back then you used to start working out a month before and you were good to go.”

Lyons: “The game I’m most excited for is the Michigan game for sure. Being able to play in the big hose is a great opportunity.”

Mark Snyder Interview:

Snyder: “I think that Harbaugh is the biggest story of the B1G even though Ohio State is the national champion and Michigan State is coming off of back-to-back top 5 finishes.”

Snyder: “I think at QB they will see the 5th year transfer from Iowa. He’s a starter who’s played for 2 years in the B1G and will be ready to go.”

Snyder: “Rudolph could be similar to Alex Smith in a management situation.”

Snyder: “I think that Michigan has some big games. They open the game at Utah then play Oregon State at home. We don’t know what’ll happen in those first two so not very many people are looking to BYU yet.”

Snyder: “I think their linebacking core is one of the best in the country. They have three starters at senior.”

Snyder: “Hoke played well with Rich Rod’s teams but he got progressively worse every year.”

Val Hale Interview:

Hale: “Back in 2004, BYU played three teams that went undefeated in Utah, Boise State, and USC. For a while that year, I also had LSU on the schedule as well.”

Hale: “That year, we would’ve played four undefeated teams and two national champions.”

Hale: “My philosophy was that as a player I would want to play the best players.”

Hale: “This years there are so many great teams that these guys play.”

Hale: “BYU was one of the original members to be added to the Big 12 and Baylor and Texas Tech were not until the governor of Texas intervened.”

Hale: “They were going to add New Mexico and BYU and go to 14.”

Hale: “The landscape of college football has kind of evolved and the leagues and teams want more say in what’s going on in college football.”

Hale: “Texas is the big dog in the league and it could be argued that if they leave then the league is done.”

Hale: “They’re trying to find a way to get around having a conference championship game.”

Hale: “I think that BYU is by far the most attractive team that is currently available.”

Hale: “I think that the Big 12 is a better fit for BYU.”

Hale: “I never sensed that BYU was discriminated by the AD’s but I believe that it does exist at the Presidential level.”

Hale: “BYU gave up a ton of revenue to form the MWC. The MWC realized that it never could’ve happened without BYU being involved.”

Hale: “Nobody hated us when we went 1-20 in basketball, but once we started beating teams up they started to hate us again.”

Hale: “When BYU was named the most hated team in America, we got a call from Notre Dame and they were upset we got the distinction.”

Hale: “Bronco was the first assistant coach in the MWC to get a long term contract.”

Hale: “If you were to look at BYU’s budget compared to Texas and Ohio State it would be like comparing it to another country.”

Jonny Linehan Interview:

Linehan: “I’m putting in a ton of work because I feel like I need to make up for the lost time.”

Linehan: “I had a cool back heel trick about a month ago and I was proud about it. Then last week some other kid did the same thing and it made sports center.”

Linehan: “I decided I needed to come up with something better so I got this idea from Calvin Whiting.”

Linehan: “I was told I need to put a shirt back on, but it was my wife’s idea to take it off so I went with it.”

Linehan: “My wife did a cool trick shot earlier today so I need to post that on youtube.”

Linehan: “I’m trying to put in the work to earn a spot and it’s really exciting because football is new.”

Linehan: “I’ve been focusing on punting cause that’s what they’re asking me to do.”

Linehan: “I’m not quite consistent on placekicking yet but I can hit a 40 and 45 and even a 50 here and there.”

Linehan: “The new strength staff is awesome. But it’s been exciting for me because even though I’m a kicker, I work hard and show up everyday, plus I have an accent.”

Linehan: “The DB’s and the WR’s run the most and I’ve been trying to run with those guys and make the times that they’re posting.”

Linehan: “It really is a band of brothers and I feel like a part of the team.”

Linehan: “When I first started punting I would slice the ball a lot because of the muscle memory from kicking a rugby ball. I feel like it’s a rugby swing where when I get in a groove I can hit the ball really good.”



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