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Criddle: “Gary you are one of two QB’s who has had success coming from a JC.”

Criddle: “In ’74 and ’75 the success of the team took off, what do you credit that to.”

Sheide: “LaVell said that he kind of went out on a ledge by trying to passing attack. He said that if it didn’t work then he could’ve been out of a job.”

Sheide: “We have about 35,000-36,000 when I played.”

Sheide: “We were playing the wishbone when I first started and it is so boring. They only get 2 yard chunks at a time where we were getting 20-30 at a time.”

Sheide: “I wanted to have fun in the game. I told my coach in JC that I wouldn’t run a mile after practice because I don’t run a mile during the game. I told him I wanted to throw the ball 50% of the time.”

Criddle: “From ’75-’84 BYU went 99-23. They won 9 out of 10 conference titles and went to 8 bowl games.”

Sheide: “When BYU went and beat Pitt in ’84 they jumped up in the rankings and went off from there.”

Taysom Hill Interview:

Hill: “I started working out with Tom House a few years ago. John Beck arranged this for me and I told Coach Beck and Wintrich about this and Wintrich went and worked with him to learn some of his techniques.”

Hill: “I was doing a lot of things that Tom was already working on. Now we have actually implemented some of his practices into our workouts.”

Hill: “What they’re trying to do is that they have some workouts that increase flexibility in both my hips and shoulders.”

Hill: “I’ve been able to balance explosiveness and elasticity before. I feel like I’m a little leaner and not as muscle bound now.”

Hill: “Tom hasn’t done a lot of footwork stuff, he’s doing more stuff along the terms of throwing motion and technique.”

Hill: “We do a lot of bag drills for our footwork.”

Hill: “It’s hard to mimic a game type situation in practice but we do the best I can.”

Hill: “I’m willing to change my game up a little bit and I am comfortable with it but there are situations where protection breaks down and I need to make a play.”

Hill: “I feel that one thing that improved from my Sophomore year to my Junior year was the way I moved in the pocket and how aware I was.”

Hill: “At the end of the day, football is a vicious sport and just putting on a helmet puts me in danger. Look at WSU’s QB who broke his leg while sitting in the pocket trying to throw.”

Hill: “It’s hard to change the entire call because we don’t huddle but there are little things that we can do to change plays.”

Hill: “Our first check is run vs. pass. I’ll start up front and see what the front is, then I’ll go to the backers and see where they’re position then go to the safety and see where they lean. The last thing I look at is the corners and I see how much cushion they’re giving me.”

Hill: “Our OL doesn’t always have an idea what we’re running because they’re doing a zone blocking scheme but what’s being changed is with the WR and RB.”

Hill: “We know what we need to accomplish to go and succeed at the next level.”

Hill: “I do talk to my receivers and see what I think they can beat the opponent on as the game on. I also know how these guys run their routes and what they’re best at.”

Hill: “Juergens is a guy who is always where he needs to be and I can always rely on.”

Hill: “It’s hard to say how much you can rely on a guy if they haven’t gone out there and proven themselves yet.”

Sheide: “I’ve always thought that when BYU has a successful game it’s because they have a 8, 9, 10 guys catching passes in the box score.”

Hill: “This week will mark 6 weeks that I’ve worked out with the team. But I do feel that I’m not as strong as I was and how fast I was.”

Sheide: “I know you can do it, but don’t run over players, run out of bounds, take a knee, we need to talk to your wife and see what she can do to make this happen.”

Hill: “When you’re on the one yard line about to score you don’t just run out of bounds.”

Tejan Koroma Interview:

Sheide: “Go into the press box at BYU and you’ll see just how important football is by seeing general authorities, wealthy donors, notable figures.”

Koroma: “I came in last year thinking that I was going to redshirt or just be a backup center to Ed Fusi.”

Sheide: “I think we should name his arms ‘Tay’ and ‘Jam’ sounds like Tejan and it is for Taysom and Jamaal.”

Koroma: “I feel that our team feels ready to go. Our guys are healthy and we’re working hard.”

Koroma: “I’m going to do what I can to be the strongest guy on the team when we start ranking our workouts.”

Koroma: “Steven Richards is ranked first right now, right now I’m around #15.”

Koroma: “If you can get your hands inside and grab whatever you can, jersey, shoulder pads, facemask.”

Koroma: “One guy that I’ve met was Sete Aulai.”

Koroma: “Against Texas, I wasn’t scared, I got excited.”

Koroma: “I mean I was at UT, growing up in Texas playing at UT was the biggest thing ever. I didn’t know my snaps were high at all until I snapped it over Taysom’s head.”

Koroma: “I heard Malcolm Brown’s name before the game but when I lined up against him he was just another guy.”

Koroma: “I was just a little puppy back then and now I’m the big dog.”

Koroma: “Come Nebraska, I want to be the leanest 290 I can be.”

Koroma: “I came out of that scuffle with no boo boo’s.”

Criddle: “Man, 5 guys went after you and you got nothing.”

Criddle: “From what I heard Bronco was initially upset but after he went and watched the film he realize that’s what you need to do and stand up for your team.”

Koroma: “One of my favorite things to do is go over to a guy who gets run over by our RB’s and let them know they did get run all over.”

Koroma: “When I came to BYU I knew that we’d have a big schedule but I didn’t know just how big it would be.”

Koroma: “If we end up losing to Nebraska I will want to bring it against Boise State.”

Koroma: “I’m so excited for the Nebraska game, that’s the game I see myself having to go out there and perform.”

Travis Tuiloma Interview:

Tuiloma: “Everyone has more experience now and it’s going to make a difference.”

Tuiloma: “I like considering myself as the guy who does the work so everyone else can get everything done.”

Tuiloma: “Coming off of a mission, I think I did pretty good but I’m not quite where I wanted to be.”

Tuiloma: “The one thing I feel I lacked last year was using my hands, especially during the pass rush.”

Tuiloma: “Two guys who have came and worked out with us have been Hebron Fangupo and Vic So’oto.”

Tuiloma: “I think the starting front will probably look like Logan Taele, Me, and Kesni Tausinga.”

Tuiloma: “Logan is a guy who has come in and worked really hard to earn a scholarship.”

Tuiloma: “Logan’s a stout guy and he works hard in everything he does. On and off the field. Bronco’s used him as an example.”

Tuiloma: “Sione has been a guy that has stuck out for me at the outside linebacker position.”

Tuiloma: “I need to start getting louder in the weight room so I can get that 5* ranking.”

Tuiloma: “I think that Sae and Kai are tied for the best Call of Duty players.”

Tuiloma: “Sae’s reception was one of the best one’s I’ve been to. The food was so good.”

Sheide: “I was asked if I stole Jeff’s girlfriend and brushed it off.”

Sheide: “There was one school that I went to for a recruiting trip where they set you up with a job during the time you were there and I showed up and all they told me to do was show up and they paid me a lot of money.”

Sheide: “I came back from BYU and everyone was so nice.”

Jamaal Williams Interview:

Williams: “Travis is big but he dresses like a hipster. He got the short shorts and the vans.”

Williams: “I tried to put a tank top on here and they won’t let me.”

Williams: “If I’m on campus just walking around I’ll wear the tank top but if I go to class I respect the rules.”

Williams: “I hate being cold so I run over to the sideline so I can be back over by the heaters.”

Williams: “I love running powers and counters.”

Williams: “I don’t care if it’s outside, middle, wherever, I want to do what I can to make a play.”

Williams: “My mom has more attitude and personality than I do. She’s outside signing stuff and doing interviews.”

Williams: “My Mom thinks she’s the super star. She sat down right next to Bronco like she was the star QB.”

Williams: “I put myself to a higher level, even when I was 17. Like every time I got the ball against Georgia Tech I was able to make a play.”

Williams: “Harvey’s record is on my mind, but it’s about the team first.”

Williams: “My health is at 80% right now.”

Williams: “I can beat Taysom right now. I’m the fastest on the team.”

Williams: “Call of Duty is my baby, but I’d say I’m a better running back.”

Williams: “There was a guy I played with named Golden Richards and he could dress pretty well, he brought the swag.”

Williams: “I might wear a combination of my grill mouthpiece or the colors of the other team.”

Williams: “I’ll be 100% for the first game. Right now it’s just healing it, people are concerned you could be scared of being injured again but I’m not cause I’m a dog.”

Williams: “I need a knee brace that’s the color of each team.”

Williams: “This year if I get 100 yards a game I’ll buy the offensive line McDonalds breakfast. If I got 100 yards in the game that I break the records I’ll take them to Tucano’s.”

Adam Hine Interview:

Hine: “It’s frustrating when we have so much talent and we make mistakes on ST. It’s something that’s going to be fixed.”

Hine: “I was doing track when I was a freshman and I tore my patella tendon and I decided to leave it behind after that.”

Sheide: “I think you need to race Jamaal now that he’s coming off of surgery.”

Hine: “I am coming off of surgery too. I broke the bone under my big toe last year.”

Hine: “After practice, games I was in a walking boot around campus. During games I was wearing the cleat.”

Hine: “I love the snow. You get to bundle up and if you’re married you get to cuddle up.”

Hine: “I’m ready to contribute anywhere I can, offense, the return game.”

Hine: “I’m going to class more than Jamaal is.”

Hine: “I just took the DAT and let me say, I was just relieved.”

Hine: “I haven’t heard about AJ being moved back to DB but I could see that happening.”

Hine: “Nebraska is a game that I’m looking forward to. UCLA will be fun, it’s an away game but our fanbase is great in So. Cal.”

Hine: “If AJ feels that moving to DB will help them out.”

Sheide: “I feel like if you’re not a good WR or a good RB you’ll get moved to DB.”

Algie Brown Interview:

Brown: “I did a lot of walking on my mission so I feel like that helped me when I came back.”

Brown: “I feel like running through people has become one of my strengths instead of running through people like Jamaal.”

Brown: “When I run the ball I’m look to avoid people and secure the ball.”

Brown: “Coach Wintrich has helped out with us getting ready for the season.”

Sheide: “What does Robbie do with the program? We don’t really know what he does.”

Brown: “They put the foot down on us to make sure that we’re going to class.”

Brown: “They have a strike system going for us. If you get a strike you get 50 burpees. If you get a second strike, you get 100 burpees. If you get a third strike, your whole side of the ball gets 200 strikes.”

Brown: “Harvey, Manoa, and JLD all bring it those are guys who come in the hole and you know it’s going to hurt.”

Brown: “If me and Harvey in the backfield, we could have a pineapple express type of situation.”

Omarr Morgan Interview:

Criddle: “When I was in 2004, I had to send out VCR tapes for colleges to recruit me.”

Morgan: “BYU is a factory to me, they have put out so many legends.”

Morgan: “My son is being recruited by BYU right now. He plays WR and DB.”

Morgan: “He was a basketball player and started playing baseball like two years ago.”

Morgan: “He ran the 100m in 10.6 but he couldn’t beat me in the first 10 yards.”

Morgan: “Tim was a good DB but Derwin Grey was the man.”

Morgan: “This is one of the best universities in the country.”

Morgan: “No matter where you go is a culture shock cause you’re getting away from home at a young age.”

Morgan: “I just left ASU and Arizona and it’s not even close to what I’ve seen at BYU today. If you want to play some real football in a football town with great coaches and great alums, come to BYU.”

Morgan: “I don’t think BYU is a hard sell because of the history and what they’ve done in the past.”

Morgan: “I’m a football junky and I watch a lot of football and I believe that Taysom is one of the 5-6 best players in the country.”

Morgan: “BYU is a #1 university in my opinion. They should be able to get any athlete they want if they go after them.”

Bronco Mendenhall Interview:

Mendenhall: “It’s been a long day, but a good day.”

Mendenhall: “My first show was with my wife at 7:20 this morning.”

Mendenhall: “It’s cool to have people who want to interview you. I’ve been places where you get a media day and it only lasts 30 minutes.”

Mendenhall: “For the kids who want the most holistic experience, I don’t know that you can find anywhere better than BYU.”

Mendenhall: “I feel fortunate to be a part of this. It was cool to see so many players from different eras interact and almost all of those guys were coached by one player.”

Mendenhall: “What provides such a unique launch point is the tradition of LaVell being a part of the program for so long.”

Mendenhall: “I know that we won’t ever make anyone happy but we try to win at a high level the right way.”

Mendenhall: “When you get in the stadium and realize what’s at stake, you get put in this mode where you are focused on winning.”

Mendenhall: “There are only two external celebrations I can think of. Of those two my favorite one was the windmill, that was some of my better work.”

Mendenhall: “Maybe we’re due for another one this year.”

Mendenhall: “There’s something about getting four stops on the one, that really takes a whole lot.”

Criddle: “My best play was against Air Force when I blocked a kick, I came off the field and Bronco patted me on the helmet.”

Mendenhall: “A pat on the helmet is pretty special. It’s not something that happens too often.”

Mendenhall: “I think that a team is more successful with the core of having a defensive mindset it’s more defined and put together.”

Mendenhall: “Usually when we’re picking to go on offense or defense after a coin flip, I go to Robert Anae to see what he wants to do, if he wants the ball or what he’s feeling that’s what we go with.”

Mendenhall: “One of the reasons it hasn’t been successful when we slow down is because it’s something we haven’t practiced or trained for.”

Mendenhall: “I don’t want them to have the ball cause we move slower, I want us to keep the ball while moving slower.”

Mendenhall: “At the time that that song came on it was when I was in one mood and I was in it all the time.”

Mendenhall: “When you go to a 3-4you do so because your guys that are making plays are on the outside.”

Mendenhall: “Coach Howell was in charge in that game against Cal. We knew that if we played well in the blue zone that we’d be able to do well.”

Mendenhall: “There were two overtime losses that if we would’ve won, we would’ve gone to 10 wins.”

Mendenhall: “I have to move guys around to have the 11 best players on the field at any given time.”

Mendenhall: “Micah is most likely the Field. Eric and Kai would more than likely be our safeties. Boundary is a little more up for grabs between Davis, Shelton, and Preator.”

Mendenhall: “We’ll probably have 6 defensive linemen who get rotated in and out between Kesni, Travis, Bronson, Logan, Graham, and Remington.”

Mendenhall: “Maybe one reason I didn’t smile back in the day was because Ben was playing corner for us back then.”

Jan Jorgensen Interview:

Jorgensen: “Being in that room was cool all these players are legends.”

Jorgensen: “I think any coach can be around .500, but not many coaches can be successful at BYU with BYU players.”

Guy Holliday Interview:

Holliday: “I had a job offer elsewhere. I was sitting down with Steve Kaufusi at an all-poly meeting and told him I’d really like to work at BYU because of the history and I thought it’d be a lot of fun.”

Holliday: “BYU is a very unique place and you really need to understand the ins and outs of BYU to make it happen.”

Holliday: “There are people who have apprehensions to come here because of the restrictions and the high expectations.”

Holliday: “I think I was brought here and the reason I stay here is to fight the fight. I’m so grateful to bring good kids

Holliday: “It brings anger to my heart when we classify people as white, black, LDS, non-LDS. Good people are good people.”

Holliday: “LDS people make just as many mistakes as anyone else.”

Holliday: “17, 18, 19 year old kids are gonna make mistakes, but if they have a spiritual background I think they are going to have good intent in their actions.”

Holliday: “We want the best football players who are the best people, regardless of race or religion.”

Holliday: “I don’t care what color you are, but you better be able to run and catch.”

Holliday: “Mine and Jordan’s relationship is much closer than what most people realize. The black athlete is stereotyped. Russell Wilson could play at BYU, Richard Sherman could play at BYU. But there are also a lot of white guys who can’t play at BYU.”

Holliday: “I’ve had three chances to leave, but I haven’t and I think BYU needs me as much as I need BYU.”

Holliday: “I think we have a chance to be really good but it’s about how we go out and perform on game day.”

Holliday: “The reality is you may have had success last year, but it’s about what have you done today.”

Holliday: “I don’t care who my guys go against, I want them to go out and destroy their opponent.”

Holliday: “Cincy is coming off of a great season in the AAC.”

Holliday: “When Utah went into the Pac-12 it wasn’t the first 22, it was their back ups.”

Holliday: “If you go in my room, I chart every player every day.”

Holliday: “My mother would tell me that in order to be great, you can’t be complacent and I believe that you need to work hard.”


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