Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 28th, 2015

News and Notes:

Logan: “Ben Cahoon is the Jerry Rice of the CFL. When I was up there and said I was from BYU, guys would get excited.”

Criddle: “All three of these positions: Recruiting Coordinator, Director of Football Operations, and the Asst. were handled by Duane Busby.”

How We See It:

Logan: “There are two things that you have to look at for players going to the next level: 1. Freakish Athletes 2. Some conferences do get more recognition.”

Logan: “The JC conference I played in was considered the SEC of JC. I commuted an hour everyday because they would send 60+ guys to D1.”

Logan: “Starters with equal talent but were in a lower conference weren’t getting offers because of the recognition.”

Logan: “If you’re not a 1st round pick out of HS, then you want to go to a school that has a proven pipeline and recognition.”

Logan: “There are relationships built between scouts and college coaches when they’ve proven that they develop players.”

Criddle: “Do you go to a school that develops 1 NBA guy every 5 years, or the school that develops 5 guys every year?”

4:30 Segment:

Logan: “If Duke doesn’t play a style of basketball that helps me develop, I don’t go to Duke. If BYU does help me, I go to BYU.”

Logan: “When Coach Hill came in for the in home visit, he explained the honor code. My Mom said, ‘If you have a scholarship, we’ll take it.'”

Criddle: “A better twestion may have been, who had a bigger impact for the LDS Church, Jimmer or Jabari?”

Criddle: “People hate on Tebow for his love for the savior, but his message was transcendent.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “It seems like Bronco has turned a page on what the media provides. We’ve had Jay Drew, Jared Lloyd, and Greg Wrubell mention that.”

Criddle: “Bronco recently mentioned that he feels that Independence has entered a new era. First, they were trying to establish themselves. Now, they are competing with P5 schools.”

Criddle: “The reason Bronco feels that it ends in 3 years is because the B1G’s TV contract ends in 2017. After that you imagine they expand.”

Logan: “With a school like Boise St. it doesn’t matter how much they win, they don’t bring in money because of their market.”

Jared Lloyd Interview:

Criddle: “The B1G is going to expand to 16 teams. The question is who are they going to invite? Virginia and Virginia Tech?”

Lloyd: “The question for me is how much more is the bubble going to expand? TV money has increased exponentially.”

Lloyd: “10 years ago it was a great season if you went to a BCS Bowl and got $10 million.”

Lloyd: “No one really knows how money is going to shape the landscape going forward.”

Lloyd: “The TV comes from money and TV is in an interesting time right now where people want to cut the cord and stream.”

Lloyd: “Schools with decent sized markets that can bring in the ratings are ones that conferences are interested in.”

Lloyd: “That’s what’s interesting about BYU, they bring in great ratings and ESPN is happy with the current deal, but they don’t have a huge market and don’t really fit anywhere geographically.”

Lloyd: “Conferences look at 1. TV dollars. 2. Level of competition. 3. Natural rivalries.”

Lloyd: “The offensive line is where the success of the offense begins and ends. You need to have a good amount of depth there.”

Lloyd: “Russell’s title isn’t one that WOW’s you but it gives him an opportunity to move up.”

Lloyd: “Bronco has said in the past that he wants to help former players in their future jobs in football.”

Lloyd: “I’ve known the Jackson’s for a very long time. They’re good people and I like them a lot.”

Lloyd: “There are a few factors that Frank has to take into account. Does he want to be a mission guy, a one-and-done guy, what fits his style.”

Lloyd: “I think that BYU has an edge because of the style of basketball they play.”

Lloyd: “You have Corbin Kaufusi and Kyle Davis in the post for scoring. Plus Jamal Aytes will make a difference once he’s healthy. Where does Isaac Neilson fit into all of this?”

Lloyd: “I just finished a story on Austin Collie and his work on brain injuries and concussion. The NFL Draft is coming up this week, and the big rugby match will be on Saturday.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Boise St with their ESPN contract and NY6 Bowl money, they only made $5 mil, half of what BYU made from their revenue streams.”

Logan: “From a talent stand point, I think that it’s easier to compete in the MWC.”

Mauss: “If BYU wants to get to an NY6 game, you can argue that it’s easier if you go through the MWC. Boise St. made it in with 2 L’s.”

Logan: “Do you want to compete and try to get to NY6 games or do you want to limp to 6-6 against a competitive schedule.”

6:00 Segment:

Logan: “I think that BYU will definitely have one guy drafted this weekend. For me, it’s Alani.”

Logan: “As far as potentials, there’s Jordan Leslie, Devin Mahina. So there could be 3.”

Criddle: “A lot of guys have said that they would rather end up as a free agent than be picked in the 7th round.”

Criddle: “Jordan Leslie tweeted out that he got a phone call yesterday that made him really excited for Saturday.”

Logan: “Scott and Alani are my buddies, so sometimes my wife and I are like man, I hope they don’t leave us behind.”

Logan: “Scott got invited to 2-3 kicking combines or camps. He’s had a lot of opportunities to showcase his talents.”

Logan: “There are differences between getting a free agent deal and getting invited to a rookie mini camp.”

Logan: “I don’t think Solo Kafu gets an invite because of his lack of film.”

Criddle: “I think that he could’ve been one of the best OL at BYU, but he was so stretched thin.”

Criddle: “Skye PoVey is going to get a free agent deal, just compare his Pro Day numbers to Eric Weddle.”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Jimmermania is much more widespread than Jabari Parker’s faith. Jimmer being LDS met a wider audience.”

Criddle: “The B1G is going to make themselves a 16-team conference. Whether they add West Virginia or Virginia or Virginia Tech.”

Criddle: “There are some people who want to add them to the MWC at the expense of $5 mil a year.”

Random Thoughts:

Logan: “I love Interstellar. I can’t stop watching that movie. You watch it before bed and you’re up for 3-4 hours thinking about everything, even the soundtrack.”

Logan: “I missed The Avengers as a child so I’m really excited to see it this weekend.”

Criddle: “Independence is where it’s at.”


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