Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 24th, 2015

How We See It:

Criddle: “I think that Rose made the right hire by going with May, he has experience in doing this at both SLCC and BYU.”

Criddle: “Greg Wrubell told us that during the last go around that Quincy Lewis was one of the last two guys against Mark Pope.”

Criddle: “I think that Noah Hartsock is in the conversation because he knows how to coach guys in the post. BYU needs that right now.”

Jorgensen: “I think that if Noah were to get the job it would be an upset. Quincy is the most likely guy to get the job right now.”

Jorgensen: “Noah’s a scrapper and I love how he played the game. But I’d definitely have to go after Quincy Lewis.”

Criddle: “Noah Hartsock has officially been a GA for two years so he has to have some sort of inside track.”

Criddle: “Coach Rose wants to find a coach who can help them get to the next level.”

Jorgensen: “The way I see it, I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut with Quincy Lewis and Noah Hartsock.”

Jorgensen: “The reason I say that is because there are a number of highly qualified coaches who are going for this job.”

Jorgensen: “I think that Barret Peery is right up there with Lewis and Hartsock.”

Jorgensen: “Stu Morrill could make the argument that he has done the best job as a college basketball coach in the state over the last 10 years.”

Jorgensen: “BYU is a free spirit. They don’t run much of a set offense.”

Criddle: “I don’t think that people actually know what the Director of Basketball Operations does.”

Jorgensen: “I know what Duane did, he did everything that wasn’t football related.”

Criddle: “You want to get a guy who is OCD about this kind of stuff and can make sure that everything is done.”

Jorgensen: “Ben, I would rather repeatedly punch myself in the face instead of being the Director of Football or Basketball Operations.”

Jorgensen: “You don’t need to know how to coach Basketball to be a DBO, you need to know how to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.”

Jorgensen: “He does need to know how to talk to recruits because he is the liaison between the two parties.”

Jonathon Tavernari Interview:

Tavernari: “I literally just got back last night at 1 AM from playing in Italy.”

Tavernari: “We were able to accomplish staying in the division which is the goal of every season.”

Tavernari: “You don’t start playing the league until October then you play Euroleague and Eurocup about once or twice a week and play until March or April.”

Tavernari: “One of the reasons that I’m blessed is because I have a European passport because my Grandpa was from Italy.”

Tavernari: “It’s a blessed profession cause I get to see the world, where my ancestors came from.”

Tavernari: “There were times that I was the only member of the church in the whole city I was in.”

Tavernari: “Does BYU have to aim to be the alpha dog of the conference? Yes. Can they do it? Absolutely?”

Tavernari: “I think that every program goes through ups and downs. BYU has a big batch of freshmen and RMs who will make a difference.”

Tavernari: “I think that BYU should aim to win a conference championship every year.”

Tavernari: “Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the process and the journey of going through it.”

Tavernari: “Coach Rose is like a second Dad to me. Tom Holmoe is a mentor.”

Tavernari: “A lot of people make fun of Bronco for trying to spread the message of the church, but I think that’s good.”

Tavernari: “The only guy besides Ty who could get regular PT on the team we had this year was Kyle.”

Tavernari: “The year before I played and the next couple years after we had the top 25-30  players who ever played at BYU.”

Tavernari: “In the MWC we played against a lot of NBA players, outside of Gonzaga, there aren’t many NBA players in the WCC.”

Tavernari: “I’d say to Jimmer that I feel bad that he isn’t playing, but I don’t because he’s making $1 million not playing. I don’t make half of that playing 35  minutes a night.”

Tavernari: “You never see Steph playing off the ball. That’s what you need to do with Jimmer. Give him the ball and let him go.”

Tavernari: “It’s hard for Jimmer because this is something that he loves. How hard is it to have something taken away because of other’s misconceptions of you?”

Tavernari: “My personal opinion is that Quincy has turned Lone Peak into a powerhouse. Bringing a guy like that here helps recruiting.”

Tavernari: “Now that Frank is probably going to Duke, if Quincy were to join the team it could sway him a little bit.”

Tavernari: “If Utah goes to the Sweet 16 next year then I say they’re back. One good season is a fluke.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Jorgensen: “As we all know, parking on BYU campus is ridiculous so I made an investment when I was a student, I bought a 50 CC scooter. I was driving one day down by Brick Oven and I see Jonathan Tavernari and he goes, ‘Jan, I need a ride to class. Let me hop on man.’ We had 500 lbs of man on that scoot. the engine was never the same”

Gurney: “Tavernari was one of my favorite guys to interview, we’d ask one question and he’d give 10 minutes of quotes.”

Criddle: “Greg Wrubell tweeted in to say he tuned in to listen to Jonathon on the show, that might be the first time Greg has listened to the show”

Gurney: “Frank is a Duke-level talent. The question is whether or not Coach K would wait 2 years for him.”

Gurney: “Frank’s top 5 are Arizona, ASU, BYU, Stanford, and Utah.”

Criddle: “I’d go to Duke cause I know that if I play there, I’ll be set because of the networking and relationships that they have.”

Jorgensen: “Going to Duke is the total package.”

Jorgensen: “People say, look at BYU, they have a great business school and great academics. But Duke puts the world in your fingertips.”

Gurney: “BYU just needs to get better to land national recruits like Frank Jackson. It surely doesn’t help that Utah has improved.”

Random Thoughts:

Gurney: “The interview with Frank Jackson is on Monday, so the article should come out next week.”

Criddle: “Jonathan Tavernari said to give him a weeks notice and he’d be on the show.”

Gurney: “That’s better than the 2-3 hours you usually give me.”

Jorgensen: “Since I’m wearing my onesie, I can go take care of some business, go to a nice dinner with a beautiful woman, and go to bed, not with a woman.”

Criddle: “I’m surprised we don’t have more diabetes in Utah County with all the sugar that we eat.”


Special Thanks to Zak Hicken for his contributions on Cougar Cuts and Quotes


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