Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 15th, 2015

How We See It:

Criddle: “Everyone is familiar with the SPARQ High School Combines, they are kind of a big deal.”

Criddle: “ has all of the official times from Pro Day.”

Logan: “I see Leslie going undrafted.”

Criddle: “I think that he could be drafted in the 7th round.”

Logan: “If you’re in the top 20 players overall, why didn’t they get invited to the combine?”

Logan: “It only takes one or two scouts to create some buzz before a player can really get hyped up.”

Logan: “I almost think that Ross would have a better chance of getting drafted than Jordan because of the intangibles.”

Logan: “A scout would look at him and say, ‘I could teach you how to catch some balls.'”

Logan: “Scouts look at a player who’s going to go up against a 6’3″ corner who can run just as fast as him.”

Logan: “I don’t care if you’re 5’8″ if you’re dynamic.”

Logan: “There’s more upside to Ross than there is to Jordan.”

Criddle: “Austin Collie went up against NFL DB’s and he was lighting them up in college.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Alani Fua tested out 10th overall for OLB prospects entering the draft this year and is ranked 11th by”

Logan: “I would say that Alani gets drafted late 6th, early 7th.”

Logan: “Improving from his combine to his Pro Day really helped him a lot.”

Logan: “We talk a lot about potential and upside and Alani’s pro’s definitely outweigh his negatives.”

Criddle: “I think that Alani does get drafted but higher than the 7th round.”

Criddle: “Skye did some really good things at his Pro Day, according to he apparently didn’t. The numbers aren’t too accurate.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “Spring Recruiting begins today and according to Justin Anderson, BYU will be focusing on winning the state.”

Logan: “The most important positions on BYU’s defense is Field Corner, Free Safety, and Mike Linebacker.”

Criddle: “Free Safeties and Mike Linebackers get funneled all the plays in the 3-4 defense. You need someone who can make plays.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Criddle: “I played safety coming into BYU and I had to get moved to Boundary Corner because all the corner’s got kicked off the team.”

Gurney: “In a 3-4 defense, the focus and muscle of the defense is in the middle and it’s anchored by the NT.”

Gurney: “It’s more pronounced when you don’t have a field corner, it sticks out like a sore thumb when you don’t have someone who can perform.”

Logan: “I think for some time, BYU has been able to rely on JC transfers to come in and play the corner position. Jordan Johnson came in and messed that up.”

Logan: “If you can be technically sound at the corner position you can be successful. You don’t need speed, height, weight to do that.”

Criddle: “Davis does a good job squeezing the sideline, but he really struggles seeing the game.”

Gurney: “Preator and Hannemann are two guys who stick out to me. Preator is one of those guys who did-it-all in HS.”

Gurney: “Micah Hannemann was ahead of the curve in terms of his technique in HS.”

Gurney: “Michael Shelton is a little bit of an unknown to me in practice. He was held out for some time so I’m not sure we saw everything when it comes to him.”

Gurney: “Anytime you have a safety leading the team in tackles that means that the linebackers aren’t doing their job.”

Gurney: “Under Mendenhall at MLB you have guys like ‘The General’, Uona Kaveinga, Uani Unga, and Ogletree.”

Logan: “Based on the check of the FS, the MLB can then adjust the front-7.”

Criddle: “The Mike and the FS should be communicating constantly.”

Gurney: “Heder is the guy who I think will be the Mike Backer. He isn’t as athletic as Langi but he has the experience and is always in position.”

Criddle: “I think that Langi could move back over to RB and be effective. I just don’t know that he sees the game at LB.”

Criddle: “I heard that Philip Amone has been playing very well. You have athletes and you have football players and he is a football player.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Robertson Daniel did a great job his junior year and continued to improve athletically but struggled a bit his senior year.”

Criddle: “Rob Daniel had the second most reps at the corner position with 24. Josh Shaw from USC is the only one who beat him.”

Logan: “Rob Daniel shouldn’t go to a team that plays zone defense. He is best in man coverage.”

Criddle: “He ended up with the 14th best overall performance for corners from all Pro Days and the combine.”

Gurney: “It would be HUGE for BYU to get a cornerback in the NFL. That is the toughest position for BYU to recruit and would give them a boost.”

Criddle: “The Eagles coach kept ribbing him and saying that the scouts had to remember that he bit on double moves.”

Criddle: “Robertson Daniel had a 124.1 SPARQ score based off of Pro Day numbers and Jordan Leslie had a 125.7”

Jim Hamblin:

Criddle: “I remember Hamblin used to pull out his guitar and strum along in his office for us football players.”

Hamblin: “We are on our way out the door to go and celebrate with Sae Tautu since he just got married today.”

Hamblin: “I was a student at BYU and was a GA for 2 years under Coach Edwards and now I’m in my 13th year in academics.”

Logan: “I do not like fried chicken, watermelon, or grape drink.”

Logan: “I remember going into Jim’s office and there would be 10 OL packed in his office trying to to get their academics straightened out.”

Hamblin: “One of the most satisfying things that happened in my job the last couple years was when Jim McMahon graduated.”

Hamblin: “We have 3-4 guys who will be walking in the next couple of weeks like Reno, Uani, Uona, and Ray Feinga.”

Criddle: “Was Brian Logan ever in the red group?”

Hamblin: “Of course he was.”

Logan: “WHAAA?”

Hamblin: “Everyone has to be for that first semester.”

Hamblin: “Obviously having Jim come back was a long process, but the person who had the biggest impact was his Dad.”

Hamblin: “I tried to reach out to him and he didn’t know me from Adam so things got rolling when Tom called him.”

Criddle: “Who was the funniest athlete to come through BYU?”

Hamblin: “I would have to say that Brian Logan is up there and Criddle is the best non-Polynesian singer.”

Hamblin: “Our goal is to help our players find a subject that they are interested in so by the time they get to their second year they are in their major.”

Hamblin: “I don’t apologize for how closely we monitor these guys because of how much of their time is taken up by football.”

Hamblin: “Having the early morning practice is a lot better for these kids because it opens up more classes that are usually offered during the afternoon.”

Hamblin: “I’m grateful for the relationship I have with all the good young men and women that come through BYU and I hope I can have a good influence on them opposed to a bad influence.”

Logan: “You literally have to try to fail at BYU with all of the resources you have become of guys like Jim Hamblin.”

6:30 Segment:

Logan: “The best safety I ever played with was Scott Johnson because of his up-and-down knowledge of the game.”

Logan: “He wasn’t the best athlete but he was always in position to make the play.”

Logan: “I remember pulling aside Sam Lee and showed him how he could cheat a little by seeing how the receiver lined up, the personnel they were in, and the ability of the receiver.”

Logan: “There were some guys who I saw playing in the CFL who were drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL and they didn’t play great up there.”

Logan: “It’s almost like any other team or sport, you have 2-3 stars and the rest of your players are role players.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “I got my mind on hungry and hungry on my mind.”

Criddle: “There were two young men who influenced Terrenn Houk to BYU: Alex Kuresa and Jake Heaps.”


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