Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 14th 2015

How We See It:

Criddle: “I was surprised that Dr. Hill threw Kyle under the bus. He put the exact demands and said that he wanted a country club membership.”

Criddle: “I heard that coach Brian Mitchell when he left BYU he was offered a country club membership down at Texas Tech.”

Criddle: “I was intrigued that he would throw him under the bus to a fan.”

Criddle: “A fan texted in and said that BYU is no longer a formidable opponent, the environment is toxic, and BYU crosses the line when it comes to safety.”

Criddle: “Dr. Hill should be able to talk openly and freely to fans and other AD’s. I don’t think his emails should be public record.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Logan: “I remember when I first got out of HS I was running a 4.6 and I spent a lot of time training and I was running a 4.5 and was disappointed.”

Criddle: “BYU only has 10 players who will be traveling to Spain this August.”

Criddle: “Aytes and Austin both have had setbacks in their injuries and you don’t expect them to be ready for August.”

Criddle: “There’s gonna be a heated battle for those guys who are trying to make the trip. 14 guys on the roster and only 10 get to go.”

Daniel O’Brien Interview:

Logan: “Coach Howell told me that his top-5 players since joining the team were Daniel Sorensen and Andrew Rich at Safety Brandon Bradley at Boundary Preston Hadley playing Nickel and me at Field.”

Criddle: “How is BYU perceived in the NBA world in terms of talent?”

O’Brien: “Not a ton of talent has come out but they do know how to push the ball and play up-tempo ball.”

Logan: “Is draft perspective based off of system or the players individual talent?”

O’Brien: “They are able to look at a player and see his vision and instincts.”

O’Brien: “For a guy like Haws, scouts will want to see how he does in creating space and getting his shot over NBA athletes.”

O’Brien: “I’m hearing that Wiltjer should probably stay another year so he can prove to scouts that he can defend.”

O’Brien: “15-20 years ago, a guy like Karnowski would be a first-round lock but now he’s more of a second round player.”

Criddle: “In your opinion, was it wise or unwise for Haws to turn down his invitation to the Portsmouth Invitational?”

O’Brien: “I think he can do just fine in workouts and help himself in other areas opposed to proving himself on the court.”

O’Brien: “Obviously Haws’ jump shot his great, and his ability to find open space and get the shot off quick. He has good size for his position.”

O’Brien: “I’m not sold on his ability to defend the NBA guard, the other thing is his ability to create space.”

O’Brien: “I think an unconventional agent is good for an unconventional player like Haws who was born in Belgium and speaks another language.”

Criddle: “If Haws was to go overseas, where do you think would be the best fit?”

O’Brien: “I don’t know if he would be able to hang with the athleticism in Spain, but he could be one of the top players in terms of scoring elsewhere.”

O’Brien: “I think that Jimmer has had a disappointing year in terms of scoring, he wasn’t hot from the 3, his defense was a little spotty, it was good when the team was in their spots but other than that it was kind of disappointing.”

O’Brien: “I think that if Jimmer had more time in the rotation, he could prove himself, but he just isn’t getting it.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Even though he didn’t go out on a win, Stew went out on a pretty high note, he played well in the bowl game.”

Criddle: “After the season, many fans asked if Stew would enter the draft and participate in Pro Day. He did in USU’s, BYU’s, and now Utah’s.”

Criddle: “He went today and threw to Dres Anderson today for his Pro Day, his was on a different day because he was recovering from his knee injury.”

Logan: “I thought that Stew would be perfect for the CFL because it’s kind of a gun-slinging league with wider and deeper fields.”

Criddle: “Not all football players have their dreams to play in the NFL, Stew’s was to play at BYU and he fulfilled his dream.”

Logan: “I remember there was a S at TCU who had a chance to be a first-round pick and he decided he wanted to be a Dr.”

Criddle: “Christian is the epitome of Christianity by giving the the Utes, Aggies, and Cougars.”

Criddle: “Hosick said in an interview earlier today that he never got an offer from a school he loved. He also said that no coaches cared about winning as much as him and were only satisfied with going to bowl games.”

Logan: “You only have a small sliver of your life to play sports so if you have to decommit to find where you want to go, then do it!”

Logan: “If you don’t have the height and build to play QB, even though you’re an athlete it’s hard for you to get some PT.”

Robbie Bullough Interview:

Bullough: “The team won the series against LMU and only really have one last tough series on the road.”

Bullough: “I think they have a good chance to finish on the top-4

Bullough: “Adam Miller came in as a relief pitcher on Opening Day and had 3 strikeouts.”

Bullough: “Both Jacob Hannemann and Adam Law are hitting leadoff for their respective teams.”

Criddle: “I feel that Adam Law’s athleticism is overshadowed by the fact that Jacob was a 5-tool player.”

Bullough: “The Law family name is very well known in the MLB, they know his pedigree and that he knows baseball.”

Bullough: “Adam Law has done very well with the Dodgers, he played low-A short season ball and was moved up to high-A ball.”

Bullough: “Would you rather turn down an opportunity to play in the NFL or never get a chance?”

Logan: “NOPE!”

Bullough: “The best guys to play in college are those who don’t see it as a stepping stone to the NFL. They know they’ve arrived.”

Bullough: “I think that Bronco likes to coach those guys who have kind of reached their pinnacle.”

Logan: “I remember when Andrew Rich was down with the Cardinals he was going back and forth on if he was going to stay. He saw that these guys were fighting for a spot on a roster and it was all they had where he had a family and kid that he wanted to play for.”

Bullough: “I’d be very surprised if Noah Hartsock didn’t end up filling one of the two open positions on the basketball staff.”

Criddle: “It sounds like there may a few surprise applicants, let’s speculate for a second do you think Madsen or Quincy have applied?”

Bullough: “I don’t know that Quincy has applied but I’m sure he was invited to do so. But the question is whether or not it hurts your pipeline?”

6:30 Segment:

Criddle: “We are going to do an ‘All-Mendenhall’ team voted on by former players and even get Bronco in on this.”

Logan: “You gotta put out some resumes for each player and have fans vote on them as well.”

Random Thoughts:

Criddle: “A lot of fans have been asking if BYU would be playing at UVU with Pope now being the coach. Apparently a lot of it came because of bad blood between BYU and a former coach who wouldn’t release a player to transfer.”

Criddle: “I think doing a solid to Coach Pope is a good thing. You never know what can happen but there may be a time in the future where BYU loses one of these games.”


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