Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 10th, 2015

Opening Segment:

Jorgensen: “I’d rather go and get a pedicure than change my tire.”

Criddle: “Yeah, the reason I’m not married is because I don’t know how to fix stuff!”

How We See It:

Criddle: “Will this be the best offense since Bronco Mendenhall has been at BYU?”

Jorgensen: “I’m glad you narrowed it down, cause it would be hard to debate with the different era’s of football.”

Jorgensen: “The 2006 offense with John Beck at the helm was really good. It was almost unstoppable at seasons end.”

Jorgensen: “You had Curtis Brown at running back, Fui Vakapuna and Manase Tonga at full back, Johnny Harline, Alex Kuresa.”

Criddle: “Last year they finished 26th with 400+ yards of offense per game.”

Jorgensen: “If Taysom stayed healthy last year, he would’ve gone to New York and if he stays healthy this year he’ll definitely make that trip.”

Jorgensen: “Jamaal Williams is much better than Curtis Williams, I love Curtis but he was an over achiever.”

Criddle: “I think this will be the most prolific, explosive offense in Bronco’s tenure.”

Jorgensen: “Which offense is more unstoppable? What is the tipping point?”

Criddle: “For me, the tipping point is the offensive line and 2006 has the nod there. 2015 is good but just can’t compare with 06.”

Jorgensen: “What tips it for me is Taysom Hill’s running ability.”

Jorgensen: “I think this year is better than 2006.”

Criddle: “I give it to 2006 because of the offensive line.”

Criddle: “Now who would you rather have at QB Taysom Hill or John Beck?”

Jorgensen: “I go with John because it’s more likely that Taysom will get hurt.”

Criddle: “I take Taysom Hill because of his leadership and the fact that he’s the best overall athlete in college football.”

Criddle: “Pound-for-pound if you compared Taysom to NFL athletes, he’d be in the top 10% best athletes.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “How is this Ziggy’s first true NFL offseason? It’s because of injuries.”

Criddle: “If you remember, when Ziggy was first discovered it was against Boise St. He suffered a shoulder injury and had surgery and you need to remember that it was shortened because he was coming out of college.”

Criddle: “After 2013, he had a couple other injuries. During the season he had 8 sacks and led all rookies.”

Criddle: “So this is his first true offseason to prepare for the 2015 season.”

Jorgensen: “You need to remember that he was also preparing for the combine and he wasn’t working on his pass rush or his football skills.”

Criddle: “Terell Austin is really excited about him. He thinks that having the full offseason he can work on that stamina and also get some experience.”

Jorgensen: “Do you think that losing Suh is going to hurt Ziggy?”

Criddle: “I think so because Suh was a mentor to him both on and off the field. Suh’s parents are from Africa so he knew what Ziggy’s background was.”

Jorgensen: “Ziggy was tied for 1st last year when it came to QBH’s. While he had 7.5 sacks, a QBH compared to a sack is a technicality.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “According to the article Matt Brown from Penn State is the first returned-missionary National Champion in college wrestling.”

Jorgensen: “Now remember that the greatest college wrestler of all-time was LDS in Cael Sanderson who is now the head coach at Penn State.”

Criddle: “I didn’t know anything about Matt Brown but he’s a 3x all-american and just won a National Championship last month.”

Jorgensen: “People that wrestle are crazy. They go into a hot sweaty wrestling room and grapple for 2 hours, then go run 4-5 miles, run some stairs, do piggy backs. They do that for their entire season.”

Steve Clements Interview:

Clements: “After I played at BYU, I had a chance to play in the CFL with the San Antonio Texans when they had teams down here.”

Clements: “It was during the time that I was down there that I got my teaching degree in special ed, my sister who is now 41 has special needs so it was something that I had experience with throughout my life.”

Clements: ” I came back to Utah and spent some time coaching at Lehi, our Head Coach became an administrator and the assistant coach stepped away so I became the Head Coach for the next 4 years.”

Clements: “I remember coaching against Jan when he played for Carbon, I told our kids that if they won that game they wouldn’t have Saturday practice the next day. They ended up winning but played flat so we had practice the next day.”

Clements: “I went back to San Antonio and was just teaching down at Euless Trinity. I stepped away for a bit, was home every day at 4.”

Clements: “There was an opportunity for me to go help with the receivers because one of the coaches got into some trouble, it was a great opportunity to be in Cowboys Stadium.”

Clements: “I got the call from West Lake 2 years ago to come and be the head coach for their team and it has been great.”

Criddle: “West Lake has really improved every year, you have Chaz Ah You, Dallin Pili, talk about those kids.”

Clements: “Chaz has 6 offers, BYU, Utah, Utah State, and Oregon State, he just turned 16 so it’s hard to say where he’ll go.”

Criddle: “What do you think of the talent of Texas football compared to Utah football?”

Clements: “A lot of it has to do with the number of kids, the facilities, is the biggest difference. Here in Utah you may have 3 varsity WR’s, in Texas you could have 7-8.”

Clements: “In Texas there are two season, Spring Football and Fall Football.”

Jorgensen: “I was a head coach last year and I feel like there are two extremes where kids either take football too seriously, or they don’t take it seriously at all.”

Clements: “When I was coaching in Texas, we’d be in the office from 6-3 preparing for games Monday-Saturday then we’d be in there 1-9 on Sunday.”

Clements: “For us, football is more than football. We want to teach our kids to do the right thing at the right time and the right place.”

Clements: “We have competitions with teams of kids with their GPA’s, attendance, and so on.”

Criddle: “You went to the coaches clinic, what did you think of that and what are your thoughts on the state of the program?”

Clements: “It’s really neat to go there, there may be a disconnect because BYU coaches 18, 19, 20, up to 25 year old kids while we coach 16 year old kids.”

Clements: “The discipline has really changed, BYU was the most penalized team in the nation and that is something they’re focusing on.”

Clements: “In my eyes, the new strength and conditioning coach and the discipline he is bringing gives BYU 4-5 more wins.”

Clements: “Sae told me that they have 19 work out periods and during their first practice they only got through 7 cause he demands perfection.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I don’t know if you know this but Steve was the Texas High School Player of the Year in 1989, he was a Parade All-American.”

Criddle: “Steve, what excites you about this team?”

Clements: “Obviously having Taysom back, one thing that I noticed was that during 11-on-11’s he was the one in the huddle making the call and Christian would go and run the play.”

Clements: “I think the focus of spring is finding chemistry and who your leaders are.”

Clements: “Mechanically, Taysom is more accurate. There has definitely been a progression during the offseason.”

Jorgensen: “So you’re saying that he’s no longer a runner that throws?”

Clements: “Definitely, he has improved.”

Clements: “I think that Blackmon is the X-Factor, he will be the guy that will stretch the field for the offense.”

Clements: “It opens a lot more options up for Taysom when he runs, more lanes for Jamaal.”

Clements: “I think your comparison to the 2006 team is spot on.”

Criddle: “The starters are legit, but there are some depth concerns.”

Clements: “If you take the top 11 guys on the offense you can take them against the top 10 offenses in the nation.”

Clements: “Obviously there are some depth issues, primarily at running back and then at the offensive line.”

Clements: “I think Beau Hoge is going to be REALLY good. Hoge and Mangum will both be green, getting off different boats but they have potential.”

Clements: “Anae’s system gravitates a little more to young guys and there’s an opportunity for them to learn.”

Criddle: “Talk to me about the glory days, you and John Walsh had a heated competition going back and forth.”

Clements: “Yeah it was pretty heated, he had something that I wanted and I was someone going for it. We weren’t on each other’s Christmas lists. We’re friends now.”

Clements: “Back then he’d have a good practice, then I’d strike back and have a good practice.”

Clements: “In ’92 we had four starting QB’s that year.”

Jorgensen: “What does that QB battle do for a team?”

Clements: “No doubt about it, it divides a team. Now, if gives aren’t playing they end up transferring.”

Clements: “It does a lot for the team to have the guy picked out after the spring game. If you go into fall camp with two guys competing it hurts the team.”

6:00 Segment:

Criddle: “BYU Rugby, good news and bad news. BYU Rugby has a game against UCLA tomorrow, but Kyle Sumsion is no longer a part of the team.”

Criddle: “Sumsion was one of 29 players named to the USA Rugby Select Eagles for the three-match South American Tour.”

Criddle: “In the years that Doman was the OC compared to the years that Doman was the OC, Anae only outscored him by 1.5 ppg.”

Jorgensen: “The big thing that it comes down to me is the QB’s. On one side you have John Beck where on the other side you have Taysom Hill.”

Criddle: “Plus John is a ginger, he can draw from those ginger powers from the universe.”

Jorgensen: “The difference is that John didn’t get hurt. Plus you throw in the offensive line, guys who played in the NFL, or should’ve played in the NFL. Ray Feinga and Dallas Reynolds are still bouncing around.”

Jorgensen: “Now it may sound like I’m contradicting myself but I do think that the 2015 offense will be harder to stop.”

Criddle: “I do think that this 2015 offense is going to be the biggest offense concocted by the Dr. Anae offensive mind.”

Criddle: “You can’t complain about the way he runs the offense, they were 26th for overall offense and were top-25 for scoring.”

Criddle: “Steve Clements isn’t going to hype up a team, he’s a straight shooter and he knows football. I trust what he says.”

Criddle: “Steve mentioned off-air that he believed that BYU was going to use 6 man and 7 man pro, similar to what they did in the 90’s.”

Bob Medina Interview:

Jorgensen: “You were with the Supersonics during their glory years, with UNLV during their glory years.”

Medina: “Yeah, we won a few games.”

Medina: “I coached in college and worked my way into the NBA, and worked my way back to college. This is how I always saw my career working out.”

Medina: “This is the best group of kids that I ever have had the opportunity to work with.”

Medina: “I’ve had 3 jobs in 27 years.”

Medina: “I’m from Utah and I feel like it would be a great place to have my kids grow up.”

Medina: “Part of the reason is because I would be gone 200 days out of the year. When I was with the Trailblazers I would have to go work out at the individual players homes, pre-draft workouts, and summer workouts, not to mention the regular season.”

Medina: “Being at BYU is the funnest time I’ve had coaching.”

Medina: “When I worked with guys that have ACL tears I am with them every single day. The same was with Kyle, we would work out for 5 hours every day.”

Medina: “The credit doesn’t go to me it goes to Kyle. He adjusted everything, his diet, his route, everything.”

Medina: “I told him this isn’t something that he does to get better, it’s something that he does for his whole career.”

Jorgensen: “I love to hear you talk about his meal prep. Nutrition is something that gets forgotten a lot at the college level.”

Medina: “I remember Travis Outlaw was a young guy that we drafted, we were in the weight room one day and he said that his stomach his hurting so we told him to stop eating McDonalds when he responded that he was eating Jack in the Box!”

Jorgensen: “One thing we bring up pretty often is the athletic ability of Kyle Collinsworth, how does he compare to a guard in the NBA?”

Medina: “When I’ve sat down and talked to Kyle, I told him that he would go one night against Russell Westbrook, then Chris Paul, then he’d get a break and go against Damian Lillaird.”

Medina: “Kyle has really bought into next season. He’s in the weight room every day at 7, working hard to prepare for his senior year.”

Medina: “There are really only 3-4 agents in the NBA. It’s all about having an agent that has connections.”

Medina: “His agent will pull him out of school and he’ll spend 3 days in Santa Barbara then he’ll come to BYU for 3 days and do his school work.”

Medina: “He will be back and forth from Santa Barbara to Provo until May 15.”

Medina: “From May 20th to June 20th, he will be doing individual team workouts.”

Medina: “When a scout comes in to evaluate Tyler, I tell them where he relates to players in the NBA and who he’s similar to.”

Medina: “One thing that I tried to coach him about is that he’ll be in Utah one day, in Sacramento the next, then two days later he’ll be in Charlotte.”

Medina: “The majority of the one-and-done guys are not mature enough to handle playing at the professional level.”

Medina: “Sometimes your almost better to not get drafted then to get drafted in the 2nd round because you can see who has spots available on their roster.”

Medina: “No one really understands just how hard it is to make it in the NBA.”

Medina: “The college game is physically tougher than the NBA, but when you get to the NBA it’s a lot mentally tougher.”


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