Cougar Cuts and Quotes: March 27th, 2015


Logan: “It’s good to have a teammate who has your back because it elevates your game, knowing that someone else can do their assignment takes a lot off of your shoulders.”

Nitty Gritty:

Jorgensen: “Normally Friday Night Lights would be the biggest story of the day, but not with Pro Day being on the same day.”

Logan: “OL need to keep their shirt on. DL, LB’s, WR’s, S’s you guys take your shirt off so you can really impress.”

Jorgensen: “One of the biggest tests to pass is the eye test.”

Logan: “Pro Day is the interview of the last time, if you’re interviewing for your dream job how much are you going to prepare?”

Logan: “The night before you’re going to have memories of the past, vision of the future, you really understand that this is your chance.”

Jorgensen: “For some of those guys, it doesn’t matter what they did on that field. What matters the most is what you do in that hour.”

Logan: “Everyone’s situation is different, you have some athletes like Jordan Leslie who show up and have a chip on their shoulder and then you have guys like Alani Fua who already have proven themselves and now know how they match up against other players.”

Logan: “If you don’t have the formula you won’t make it. You need to have A, B, C, D, E, F, G.”

Jorgensen: “BYU doesn’t have any athletic freaks this year, the NFL is a league of athletic freaks.”

Jorgensen: “Pro Day is a day for the guys who aren’t freaks to showcase their talent.”

Jorgensen: “The NFL would rather take guys who they feel haven’t peaked. It’s all about the potential and how they can coach the ability out of him.”

Logan: “Let me give you an example: Devin Mahina, his stats aren’t there but they look at his size, his speed, his agility and they’re excited.”

Logan: “One guy that helped himself is Alani Fua, he went to the combine and improved on every one of his workouts today.”

Logan: “Between Jordan Leslie and Skye PoVey, they had the best day overall.”

Guy Holliday Interview:

Logan: “I played with a double sports hernia for 2 years and Coach Mendenhall wanted me to hold out for another 4 weeks.”

Jorgensen: “THE guys won’t be playing tonight, why?”

Jorgensen: “I know some fans wonder why BYU’s spring scrimmage isn’t a big deal. You turn on ESPN and you can see Florida St and Jameis Winston on TV.”

Jorgensen: “Coach, it doesn’t seem like BYU puts much emphasis on the game, why do you think that is?”

Holliday: “Other schools do it more for the publicity. The game is still very vanilla because they are trying to protect guys.”

Holliday: “The two things you want from spring is to help guys stay healthy, and you want guys to get better.”

Logan: “How much can fans expect to see guys like Mitch Mathews in the scrimmage today?”

Holliday: “We will be performing some skelly’s, some 1-on-1’s, 7-on-7’s. He doesn’t really have anything else to prove, he just needs to stay healthy.”

Holliday: “We’ve seen what we’ve need to see out of our receiving corps.”

Holliday: “Right now we’re trying to get guys to the point where they believe and are used to me as a coach, that they share my attitude.”

Holliday: “When I first got down here the general idea was that the defense was better and my goal was to change that.”

Holliday: “I don’t care who we have lined up against us, Brian Logan, Brandon Bradley, I don’t care who the hell it is. We’re gonna beat them.”

Holliday: “Hey home boy, go get some cleats line up against me and back yourself up. I’ll show you how old you really are.”

Holliday: “My mother used to tell me that if you’re lined up against someone you should dominate do it. We don’t play down to our competition.”

Holliday: “The consensus from scouts is that BYU puts on one of the best Pro Day’s atmosphere wise.”

Holliday: “I think a lot of guys helped themselves, whether they weren’t noticed or they were injured they did what they could do showcase their talents.”

Logan: “I’m gonna ask you about a guy like Jordan Leslie who had a chip on his shoulder, he came to BYU from UTEP with a little bit of a production drop off. How do you think he did?”

Holliday: “Jordan probably shouldn’t have played 4-5 weeks after the Virginia game because of his injury but his mentality is to go out there and battle. He came out today and performed very well and it was a coming out party for him.”

Holliday: “PoVey came out and really impressed, he showed up and his numbers really justified why he was so trusted by the defense.”

Holliday: “The NFL isn’t about who knows who, it’s about finding who the best players are out there.”

Holliday: “If you’re not drafted in the first three rounds, you’re chances of making the team are pretty even.”

Ben Criddle Interview:

Jorgensen: “What I like about Ben not being here is that we can do whatever we want.”

Logan: “Yeah, where in the world is Ben Criddle?”

Logan: “One thing that I love about Guy Holliday is the attitude that he is instilling in them, these guys are starting to walk around with some swag.”

Criddle: “You know when you go to a free spring scrimmage, you get what you pay for. But I do think that the fan fest will be great for fans to interact with the players and coaching staff.”

Criddle: “I wish Harvey Jackson would’ve done a little bit better in his drills. His athleticism is good and he could’ve gotten a good look if he did a little bit better.”

Criddle: “Apo showed really well, his broad jump was elite and he had a good 40 time.”

Criddle: “The guys who stuck out to me were Rob Daniel, Alani Fua, and Jordan Leslie.”

Criddle: “Jordan Leslie is an athletic freak, he showed up and I couldn’t believe it. He was the best athlete down there today.”

Criddle: “Skye PoVey had a 37″ vertical, a 10’2″ broad and an official 4.52 40.”

Criddle: “Bronco Mendenhall went to bat for these young men. He stood up for Jordan Leslie, Rob Daniel, Skye PoVey.”

Criddle: “PoVey has been talked about as a Julian Edelman type of player.”

Criddle: “Despite putting up a phenomenal performance, the scout from the Eagles said, remember #4 bites on double moves.”

Criddle: “One thing that I noticed was the way that Bronco interacted with the scouts, he was very proactive about the players today.”

Criddle: “Every scout knows that the coach is going to pump up his guys, but they know that Bronco is a straight shooter.”

Criddle: “My heart goes out to Craig Bills, the whole Bills family is full of incredible athletes but they were unfortunately so injury hampered.”

5:30 Segment:

Jorgensen: “ just released a short write-up about BYU’s Pro Day and the Big Draw was Devin Mahina.”

Jorgensen: “Mahina has the best chance to get drafted this year.”

Logan: “I talked to Devin and he said that he lost 20 lbs in preparation for today.”

Jorgensen: “He had an opportunity to go to the Senior Bowl and compete against the best and show that he can play to that level.”

Logan: “I think because of his athletic ability, Alani is getting the best look.”

Logan: “Standing next to Devin Mahina, he looks like an NFL player.”

Jorgensen: “The two guys who looked most like NFL players were Mahina and Ross Apo.”

Logan: “I’d say that Rob Daniel is there too, he looked like the hulk down there.”

Jorgensen: “Ross is probably the hardest guy to figure out, he has had flashes of brilliance and then ends like this, I don’t know what to think.”

Logan: “I remember Ross Apo came across the middle and was lit up by a safety and I got in his face and was saying, ‘Oh boii, welcome to college!!’ Ever since then, he hasn’t been the same.”

Brandon Gurney Interview:

Gurney: “It’s really rewarding to talk to these guys after they have a successful pro day.”

Gurney: “I think that PoVey had the best performance of the day today.”

Gurney: “I’d get a kick out of it if PoVey made an NFL roster because of the way that fans treated him.”

Gurney: “He was treated like that because of the time he played CB, it’s the most exposed position on the field and is the most criticized.”

Logan: “For a DB, having a good game means having a quiet night, no tackles, maybe a couple PB’s but not much other than that.”

Gurney: “It’s absurd the way that PoVey was treated by fans and a lot of it came from when he played corner.”

Gurney: “I think he did really well at safety last year when reviewing film and his accomplishments at the combine really compliment that.”

Gurney: “The odds are stacked against PoVey. Look at a guy like Daniel Sorensen and he really struggled trying to make a roster.”

Gurney: “The guy who I think has the best opportunity is Alani Fua. He was really happy with the results today where he wasn’t after the combine.”

Gurney: “Rob Daniel was told by scouts he ran a 4.34 40 and Leslie was also told he ran the fastest 40 of the day.”

Gurney: “Leslie’s results really show just how hurt he was last year, I was really surprised with how well he performed.”

Gurney: “I’d be pleasantly surprised if any BYU players were drafted this year, but I think that Fua and Leslie have the best opportunity to do so.”

Gurney: “It might be a blessing in disguise for some of these players so they can pick their own teams as free agents.”

Gurney: “I feel that Alani Fua, Rob Daniel, and Jordan Leslie all nailed their work outs and definitely put them on the map.”

Gurney: “Every high school player thinks they’re going to play in the NFL, when you’re recruiting it’s a huge selling point to players.”

Gurney: “If BYU is serious about becoming a real contender you need to put guys in the NFL.”

Jorgensen: “A player who has really gotten noticed by scouts since the end of the season has been Devin Mahina, how do you think he performed today?”

Gurney: “One thing about Devin is that he didn’t really put up the stats, Anae’s system didn’t really cater to him and he kind of flew under the radar. He was a big recruit coming in and I would love to see him get a shot in the NFL because of all he endured at BYU.”

Gurney: “There are a number of things that bother me about BYU, but it is never the players. You really get to be a fan of them because of how sincere and how hard working they are. Their personalities make you want to cheer for them.”

Gurney: “I don’t really expect a lot from the spring game because of the number of players who are being held out. It’s more of an event than it is a game.”

Gurney: “One thing I want to look for in the spring game is for a player who has a breakout game and really arrives on the scene, similar to Bryan Sampson a few years ago.”


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