Cougar Cuts and Quotes: March 20th, 2015

Opening Segment:

Criddle: “When Bronco Mendenhall showed up in 2003-2004 he implemented the saying, ‘I Will!’ Every time you took the field, you said, ‘I Will!’

Logan: “I used have dreads and I would dye my tips blond and orange when I was in high school.”

Logan: “If Army is P5, I must be 6’0″”

Logan: “Notre Dame is Notre Dame. BYU is a tough game, you could win or you could lose. Army is Army, and it doesn’t make sense why they are considered a P5.”

Nitty Gritty:

Criddle: “Two of my favorite return specialists out of Brigham Young were Reno Mahe and Nate Meikle, they are both guys who are bottom heavy, not too fast, but can make guys miss, I think Takenaka fits that mold.”

Logan: “I think returning punts is an easy craft.”     “Whaaaa?” -Criddle

Logan: “I wouldn’t wish waiting on my worst enemy to be back there returning punts, but once you have the ball and you make one or two guys miss, you have a lot of green in front of you.”

Logan: “Punt returning is all about angles and using the gunners momentum against them.”

Bronco Sound Bite:

Bronco: “Announcement by the SEC is great news, especially on the heels of the ACC. We consider ourselves a P5 team and it’s good to see that we are being recognized as one.”

Bronco: “Signing a H-H contract with a team like Mississippi St, I think that’s cool

Bronco: “I’m not sure I’ve given enough attention to Christian Stewart, many guys aren’t willing to come back and practice with the team once they’ve used their eligibility.”

Bronco: “Mitch Matthews is having the best spring of any receiver I’ve coached.”

Bronco: “The safety from Snow has been making a real reputation for himself.”

Bronco: “Takenaka has played nickle, kat, and free, he’s a 4.0 student, good fit in the program.”

Wrubell: “You have 37 P5 games scheduled in the future.”

Mendenhall: “With Independence the advantage is scheduling, disadvantage is revenue.”

Mendenhall: “If somehow getting Cary hired at Timpview was orchestrated, kudos to Kyle for pulling that off.”

Mendenhall: “I think Cary has done a great job being as objective as he can, having a brother who is the Head Coach of another in-state school.”

Mendenhall: “Next weeks scrimmage may include some challenges for some guys in the local media.”

Logan: “I think there are a lot of factors that go into picking a school.”

Ben and Brian on Spring Practice:

Criddle: “Coach Mendenhall said that Mitch Matthews is having the best spring of any receiver that he’s even seen. That’s saying a lot since he’s seen Todd Watkins, Austin Collie, and Cody Hoffman come through.”

Logan: “The reason you see more corners and defensive backs returning kicks, is because you need to have your most athletic players in those positions.”

Logan: “Takenaka led the nation in interceptions last year at Snow College. With his ability to return kicks, he’s going to be a great asset.”

Jherremya Leuta-Douyere Sound Bite:

JLD: “This spring has had a lot of running, trying to build up that defensive culture that we used to have.”

JLD: “Spring ball is all about trying hard and finding guys who want to bring the culture here.”

JLD: “Right now, the two primary guys at MLB have been me and Austin [Heder].”

Criddle: “Manoa and Harvey are not a part of spring ball, does that set you back? JLD says no.”

Logan: “I think it does hurt a bit because of how young these guys are. Last year you had Alani Fua who has some experience, but this year a guy like Fred Warner missing a practice hurts.”

Logan: “I think it hurts because these guys are young and haven’t developed chemistry yet. If they are missing spring practices, they aren’t building any team chemistry.”

Logan: “It’s one thing to play defense in High School, but at the next level you need to learn the X’s and O’s, the schemes, it’s a lot more difficult.”

5 o’clock Hour:

Logan: “I was lucky to have guys like JP [Jordan Pendleton] and [Andrew] Rich out there playing by my side. It gave me an opportunity to try and do a little more and it made me a better player.”

Logan: “When you don’t have a guy doing his assignment on his side of the ball, you have to react to your opponent and your teammate who isn’t doing his part.”

Logan: “When you can trust your brother on your side of the ball then you can focus on your assignment and you’re good to go.”

Taysom Hill Sound Bite:

Hill: “I’m happy with where I am right now, but I’m certainly not satisfied.”

Hill: “Honestly, I think that Mitch is one of the best receivers in the country.”

Hill: “Mitch has become extremely smart…….at route running.”

Hill: “I plan on playing at 225 lbs-230 lbs. Not being active for a few months certainly changed the composition of my body but I am confident I can get there.”

Hill: “I think Coach Wintrich has been a great addition to our staff, not only to what he’s brought what we do in the weight room wise. But Coach Wintrich is a mentor and he can see guys struggles he’s a big attitude guy and because he’s established trust and respect with the team, he can grab guys and pull them aside and have an impact and a mentor relationship. Not only has he had an impact in the weight room and how we train our bodies to where we need to be but also as a mentor.”

Hill: “Algie Brown has played really well offensively, we saw what he could do last year while he battled injuries and this year he’s stepped it up and is playing at the next level.”

Hill: “Brad Wilcox has been playing extremely well, he’s stepped in for Ryker Mathews and has performed very well.”

Logan: “I don’t think a lot of fans appreciate the chemistry between a QB and a receiver. Knowing how a guy gets open, what way he breaks is huge.”

Criddle: “One key difference between Jay Omer and Frank Wintrich is the relationship that he is building with these players, he sits them down and asks them how they are doing, what they are doing, what they want to do. For me, that is huge.”

Logan: “You spend more time with your strength and conditioning coach, nine months out of the year, then you do with your position coach.”

Criddle: “I asked Kelly Poppinga if the strength and conditioning coach was the second most important coach in the program behind the head coach and he said that he most definitely was!”

Jonny Linehan Interview:

Linehan: “Anything with Jonny sounds good.”

Criddle: “Do you know who Jonny Lingo is?”

Linehan: “Mahana you ugly.”

Criddle: “You are an 8 cow Rugby Player”

Linehan: “We dedicated our game to our teammates father who passed away.”

Linehan: “This year had a lot more spots and positions up for grabs.”

Criddle: “Recently, BYU rugby has come on strong in the last few years, and you don’t need to post [viral] videos to increase your marketability.”

Linehan: “Last year both my knees were injured, I tore my left PCL and got surgery to repair my right meniscus.”

Linehan: “My mentality [since the injuries] has to become more of a distributor to my teammates.”

Linehan: “We feel that coming down the stretch we need to start off strong, try and be the first to score on the opposition.”

Linehan: “We fell that whoever comes out playing physical first tomorrow and smacks the other team in the mouth will gain the advantage.”

Linehan: “They [Utah] have some great players that we need to make sure that we cover and take care of.”

6 o’clock Hour:

Criddle: “When I went into the grove, we were mingling with some fans and I got to know a group of young men that were hanging out with the Stoudt family. Now, the stoudt family, the father was the quarterback at Tennessee. He was there with his daughter to watch his son, Zac, just like our Zac Stoudt. Anyway, we chatted for an hour and I got the number of the daughter Sidney and BYU ended up winning that game because of Zac. I ended up texting her after the game asking if she wanted to meet up the game but there were some hard feelings and disappointment because Zac had lost the game for Ole Miss.”

Criddle: “At BYU you don’t get on scholarship until the semester after cracking the two deep, so finally after starting last year, Christian Stewart should be on scholarship this last semester.”

Criddle: “I got to BYU in 2005, and I started the entire 2006 season and cracked the two-deep. I played the whole 2006 season and didn’t get on scholarship until after the season.”

Logan: “In spring ball, your stars aren’t going 100%, they are there to get the rust off and get ready for fall. You’re going head-to-head and you have a mutual respect for your teammate and you aren’t going to lay out for a ball, hit another player hard, that’s just not what you do.”

Criddle: “BYU has struggled with guys who make plays on the field and are leaders off the field. You have that in Taysom, Mitch, and apparently Eric Takenaka.”

Logan: “JLD said that BYU is looking for the guys who are out there working the hardest.”

Logan: “Guys are still working, out there sweating, but they aren’t out there in the mentality that they need to give it there all.”

Logan: “After that game against Utah State in 2010, I had never seen a grown man act like Coach Hill did. We knew as players that we were going to lose and that we were down. But it’s one thing for a coach to put that on display in the way that he carried himself.”

Logan: “That loss was bad, I wanted to get in the car with my wife and drive home, I didn’t want to get on the bus, I didn’t go to school for a week.”

Logan: “It’s one thing being black on BYU campus and people ask, ‘Man, which team are you playing on?’ But it’s another thing to be the smallest guy on the team, a guy who’s well known get beat down on ESPN like that, it was hard.”

Brent Norton Interview:

Norton: “BYU [baseball] is a young team, they have turned it around are playing really well right now.”

Norton: “I think the biggest reason for the turn around has been coming home and playing 7 games after being on the road for 12 games.”

Norton: “They are getting some great pitching performances from starters Mahoney, Kinser, and [Jeff] Barker as well as closer Michael Rucker who transferred from Gonzaga after he met a pretty LDS girl that he followed down to Provo.”

Norton: “Bailey is the best pitcher in the conference, he has pitched about 16 2/3 straight innings without giving up a run.”

Norton: “The bottom of the lineup has really struggled. Catcher Jarret Jarvis out of Spanish Fork has struggled, he’s batting about .100. It’s interesting, in baseball once you lose that confidence you just continue to slump.”

Norton: “Eric Urry and Derrick Whitney have really solidified the corner infield spots by stepping up and performing.”


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