Cougar Cuts and Quotes: April 9th, 2015

Opening Segment:

Criddle: “I don’t know that the Big 12 would have made the CFP even with a conference championship game.”

How We See It:

Criddle: “We are going through the Big 12 non-conference schedule and for the most part it’s pretty weak.”

Criddle: “Outside of Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia, there is no one of note on these schedules.”

Criddle: “There is no one that will make the CFP from the Big 12 in 2015 unless they go undefeated. Even with a Champ. Game.”

Gurney: “If Taysom would have stayed healthy, in my mind he would be marketing himself for the NFL right now.”

Gurney: “I think Trent Hosick would be at BYU right now and be the #1 QB on the depth chart.”

Criddle: “I’m going to go as far and say that Chase Hansen would be the #2 QB on the depth chart, battling with Hosick for the starting QB job.”

4:30 Segment:

Criddle: “I think Tyler Haws is similar to Brandon Davies as to what he is missing. Neither are elite athletes, neither have elite size, but Brandon marketed himself at the Portsmouth Invitational.”

Criddle: “If Tyler goes to the Portsmouth Invitational and tears it up, he might be able to be a late-draft pick or a free agent.”

Criddle: “In my opinion, Tyler needs to work on elevating when he shoots, and dribbling, especially to the left. I don’t remember seeing him dribble to the left.”

Gurney: “I’ve never seen Tyler to the NBA, even though I hate to say it with all he has accomplished in his career.”

Gurney: “Tyler’s career has always been one that he’s worked to improve the parts of his game where he needs to improve.”

Criddle: “For all the work he puts in at the gym, it’s obvious that he shoots a lot but he needs to work on dribbling with that right hand.”

Criddle: “I think that Tyler and Brandon Davies could have similar stories in their pro careers depending on how Tyler performs at Portsmouth.”

Cougar Insider Report:

Criddle: “There’s not a ton going on in recruiting, but there’s always something going on in recruiting.”

Criddle: “Handsome Tanielu has gotten a few offers, BYU offered him and it sounded like he was going to go to the Cougars until he got a Boise State offer and said that it was a big one for him.”

Criddle: “Jonah Trinneman is a guy who absolutely flies, he runs a 10.5 100 m, out of Snow College he’s a big recruit for BYU.”

Gurney: “Trinneman told me after he never signed with Utah St is that he wants to play for BYU, he said going to Snow College helps him do that.”

Justin Anderson Interview:

Anderson: “It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, being a part of this special university and it’s football program.”

Anderson: “I went and coached HS football in Florida with my brother Tyler and came and came back to BYU as a GA then went and coached college football in Louisiana.”

Anderson: “Being a player here several years ago, you hope you have a good idea of what it’s like to be at BYU and the demands of a student athlete.”

Anderson: “It’s been some late nights since I came here trying to get myself caught up, recruiting starts April 15th so we’re getting prepared for that.”

Anderson: “Being from the south, I think the most important thing is winning your state, from there you get the best talent available.”

Anderson: “This is a unique university and we have to find the kids who would be a good fit here.”

Anderson: “I think they [the staff] has done a good job filling the needs of the team and bringing in kids.”

Anderson: “I’ve always thought that Utah has some good talent, I may be biased since I’m from here but it’s just getting more recognized.”

Criddle: “Is it kind of mind blowing seeing the way they juggle scholarships here at BYU?”

Anderson: “I know that because it’s different here that we have a different challenge. At BYU you can’t be a now guy, you have to look to the future.”

Anderson: “I loved coaching at Nicholls St. but the resources BYU has can’t compare, we had an excel spreadsheet and this software is awesome.”

Criddle: “What’s your message to recruits to tell them just how special BYU is?”

Anderson: “BYU is like no other place in the world, not everyone gets to go to the next level but BYU builds up the whole person.”

Anderson: “Coach Mendenhall is a great man and he wants to do the right thing. These coaches are some of the best.”

Anderson: “Coaches used to be recruiting coordinators but because of the way recruiting has changed they’ve created a position.”

Anderson: “The players here at BYU truly love Coach Mendenhall. When guys love their coach they will do anything for him.”

Gurney: “How has recruiting changed from when you played to now?”

Anderson: “I think we just had VHS tapes and would have to write letters, now you have hudl and twitter where you can easily access stuff.”

Anderson: “My wife has been a great support, our family is actually still in Louisiana, they will be out there until school ends [for our kids].”

Criddle: “What excites you most about this position?”

Anderson: “It’s football, you get to be a coach. One thing I loved about Louisiana was evaluating talent and getting to know people. As a coach you get to impact people’s lives.”

Criddle: “I think this is his dream job. He brought a lot of passion to his interviews and is continuing to do so now he’s in the job.”

Criddle: “I love the quote where he said, ‘Win Utah’.”

5:30 Segment:

Criddle: “Earlier I spoke of Brandon Davies getting invited to the Portsmouth Invitational helped raise his draft stock. I said the same if Tyler Haws was invited.”

Criddle: “Jonathan Tavernari tweeted at me and said that going to Portsmouth doesn’t help Tyler because if he doesn’t stand out his stock will plummet.”

Gurney: “I think that Anderson being from the South and away from BYU helps them a bit because he understands what BYU wants but what he can get from out there.”

Criddle: “I think with Justin Anderson coming in, BYU will focus on winning all 12 months of the year for in-state recruits.”

Gurney: “BYU didn’t really go head-to-head against Oregon St after they got Kalani Sitake but I bet that’s a battle they’ll have from now on.”

Matt Brown Interview:

Brown: “The clearest path for BYU to get to the Big 12 would be for no one to get into the CFP so they would have to expand to get a CCG. With this new legislation it changes this.”

Brown: “I think the reason the ACC backs it up is so they put their two best teams in the CCG opposed to reorganizing their league.”

Criddle: “I would not be surprised unless a team goes undefeated from the Big 12 that they get left out because of their weak schedule.”

Brown: “In the BCS there was an incentive to go undefeated at the loss of quality wins, where the CFP focuses on quality wins and losses take a bit of a back seat.”

Brown: “You look at BYU’s schedule going forward in 2017, 18, 19 , 20 and they are getting some quality games.”

Brown: “Harbaugh’s twitter account is a national treasure. He’s like the epitome of every weird Dad.”

Brown: “If Bronco did something like that I would have to hold back from making fun of him.”

Gurney: “I will never forget the twitter meltdown when BYU put the Tradition, Spirit, Honor on the back of the jerseys.”

Brown: “I talked to a guy who tracks tweets who said that was the 2nd most negative response to anything they’ve ever tracked on twitter.”

Criddle: “I thought that we had done so much good from having the “I’m a Mormon” campaign to show we’re not so weird then we go and throw the Tradition, Spirit, Honor on the back of the jerseys.”

Brown: “I watched the Michigan Spring game and they looked bad. Their front 7 is good but their QB situation and WR depth is bad.”

Brown: “There has not been development year after year because Brady Hoke and his staff was so bad at coaching up their guys.”

Brown: “The QB that is coming from Iowa was one who is leaving the program because he was benched last year.”


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