Charles West still plans to be at BYU

Charles West still has plans to eventually go to BYU for the 2016 season.

UPDATE 6:46 p.m: Charles West has nixed his plan to go to Palmetto Prep, but still plans to end up at BYU in 2016.

BYU recruit Charles West is zeroing in on a decision about where he will play college football and he will in fact eventually go to BYU, or that is the plan. Ben Criddle has learned that West has hopes of attending Palmetto Prep in South Carolina, would be there with his the son of his attorney, and the ultimate goal is to be enrolled at BYU this January.

West’s run-in with the law have been documented ever since he signed with BYU this past February. He was charged and arrested at Coppell High School for allegedly assaulting a woman from an escort service whom he had summoned to his home while his parents were away. West has been indicted by a grand jury and is awaiting trial, and his attorney maintains that West will be cleared of charges.

West also was shot in his left arm playing pickup basketball in his home town of Coppell, Texas, in an argument that was allegedly over money.

Going to prep school is a good chance for West to get his life squared away and be able to concentrate on his academics, but he also will continue to play football at the prep school. This is more common in basketball where players reclassify in a different class while they get things sorted out with their life.

This is still a plan, and those can change, but getting to BYU in January could be a bit of a rush, however West wants to get to Provo to be able to participate in spring football to get ready for the fall of 2016. Perhaps the best news of this is not that West has a path to still play Division I football, but that the BYU coaching staff is not just giving up on him despite some issues that have come his way.


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