BYU vs Wagner Statistical Analysis

BYU Offense:

Called Plays: 69

Called Passes: 30 (27 pass, 0 sack, 3 scramble)

Called Runs: 39

Number of Read Options (kept/given/pass): 31 (9/21/1)

With Beau Hoge getting plenty of snaps at QB, BYU ran the read option 31 times which is a season high. Hoge kept the ball 9 times for 20 yds and 2 TDs and Carter got the ball 10 times for 103 yds and 1 TD including a 70 yd TD run. On the game as a whole, BYU ended with 177 yds on the ground from the read option and another 47 on a completed pass run through the read option.


Give (Bernard, 7), Give (Brown, 10), Give (Brown, 0)


Give (Carter, -3), Give (Bernard, 11), Give (Carter, 5), Keep (Hoge, 5), Keep (Hoge, -2), Give (Carter, 8), Keep (Hoge, 0), Keep (Hoge, 2, TD), Give (Carter, 1), Give (Carter, 7), Keep (Hoge, 4), Keep (Hoge, 2), Give (Carter, 2)


Keep (Hoge, 5), Keep (Hoge, 3), Give (Carter, 3), Pass (complete Kessler, 47, TD) Give (Carter, 70, TD)


Give (Carter, 3), Give (Carter, 7), Give (Ho Ching, 5), Give (Hansen, 8), Give (Ho Ching, 5), Keep (Hoge, 1, TD), Give (Hansen, 0), Give (Hansen, 6), Give (Hansen, 2), Give (Hansen, 0)

Time Mangum/Hoge/Detmer had in pocket on passes:

1st Q: 34.4/7 = 4.91 seconds

2nd Q: 23.1/6 = 3.85 seconds (Mangum) : 3.2 seconds (Hoge)

3rd Q: 13.6/4 = 3.4 seconds (Hoge) : 3.9 seconds (Detmer)

4th Q: 19/6 = 3.17 seconds (Mangum) : 6.1/2 = 3.05 seconds (Detmer)

Game: 3.83 seconds

Time Mangum/Hoge/Detmer had in pocket before scrambling (avg gain on scramble):

1st Q: N/A

2nd Q: 6/2 = 3 seconds (12 yds/scramble, Hoge)

3rd Q: N/A

4th Q: 3.3 seconds (-9 yds/scramble, Detmer)

Game: 3.1 seconds (1 yd/scramble)

How many man rush on scrambles:

1st Q: N/A

2nd Q: 4

3rd Q: N/A

4th Q: 4

Offensive Stats:

1st Q:

Tanner Mangum: 6/7 for 111 yds and 2 TDs; Algernon Brown: 6 rushes for 109 yds and 2 TDs; Francis Bernard: 4 rushes for 41 yds; Mitch Juergens: 1 rec for 34 yds, 1 tgt; Mitch Mathews: 1 rec for 20 yds and 1 TD, 1 tgt; David Kessler: 1 rec for 20 yds, 1 tgt; Colby Pearson: 1 rec for 16 yds and 1 TD, 1 tgt; Nick Kurtz: 1 rec for 14 yds, 1 tgt; Devon Blackmon: 1 rec for 7 yds, 1 tgt;

2nd Q:

Tanner Mangum: 6/6 for 126 yds and 1 TD; Beau Hoge: 0/1, 9 rushes for 38 yds and 1 TD; Nate Carter: 6 rushes for 19 yds; Francis Bernard: 2 rushes for 13 yds; Terren Houk: 2 rec for 65 yds, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 2 rec for 24 yds and 1 TD, 2 tgts; Devon Blackmon: 1 rec for 19 yds, 1 tgt; Mitch Juergens: 1 rec for 18 yds, 1 tgt; Morono Laulu-Pututau: 1 tgt;

3rd Q:

Beau Hoge: 3/4 for 69 yds and 1 TD, 2 rushes for 8 yds; Koy Detmer: 1/1 for 5 yds; Nate Carter: 2 rushes for 73 yds and 1 TD; David Kessler: 1 rec for 47 yds and 1 TD, 1 tgt; Josh Weeks: 2 rec for 18 yds, 2 tgts; Moroni Laulu-Pututau: 1 rec for 9 yds, 1 tgt; Akile Davis: 1 drop, 1 tgt;

4th Q:

Beau Hoge: 5/6 for 48 yds, 1 rush for 1 yd and 1 TD; Koy Detmer: 2/2 for 52 yds, 1 rush for -9 yds; Nate Carter: 2 rushes for 10 yds; Colby Hansen: 5 rushes for 17 yds; Taloa’i Ho Ching 2 rushes for 10 yds; Trey Dye: 2 rec for 55 yds, 2 tgts; Jake Zilkowski: 2 rec for 20 yds, 2 tgts; David Kessler: 1 rec for 11 yds, 1 tgt; Akile Davis: 1 rec for 9 yds, 2 tgts; Josh Weeks: 1 rec for 4 yds, 1 tgt;

Facing a lesser opponent, BYU was able to score on their first 7 drives and took a 42-0 lead into halftime. This game didn’t show a whole lot out of the first unit as there wasn’t much of a challenge but there was a lot of good things shown by younger players getting their first experience at the college level.

Tanner Mangum put up monstrous numbers going 12/13 for 237 yds and 3 TDs. He was able to go in and make great reads and allow his players to make plays. He also looked very poised in the pocket and had plenty of time to allow routes to develop. Beau Hoge entered the game during the 2nd Q and got off to a quick start running the ball and was able to show off his throwing ability during the second half. It was a good opportunity for the freshman backup to get extensive playing time and build his confidence in case his services are needed in the future. Hoge finished the game 8/11 for 117 yds and had his first career passing TDs and two rushing TDs. Koy Detmer also played two drives during the game and finished 3/3 for 57 yds highlighted by a huge completion to Trey Dye for 47 yds.

BYU was able to run the ball effectively against the Seahawks and had two 100 yd rushers in Brown and Carter. BYU was able to dominate physically and establish their powerful run game.

The receiving core didn’t get much of a challenge and were found open the entire game. They caught 23/27 balls on the game and only had one drop on the game. BYU had 12 different receivers catch the ball on Saturday and were able to show the abilities of some of their younger players that are buried in the depth chart.

The OL played very well during this game. The most important thing was getting their highly touted freshmen in to get gametime experience. True freshmen JJ Nwigwe and Jacob Jimenez were able to get extensive playing time as well as Parker Dawe and Jaterius Gulley. With a few players out with injury, it will be good to have some game experience to create some more depth during the final stretch of games.

BYU Defense:

Defensive Stats:

Mano Pikula: 6 tackles (3-3)

Jordan Preator: 5 tackles (2-3), 1 INT

Fred Warner: 4 tackles (2-2), 2 sacks, 2.5 TFL (-9 yds), 1 QBH

Grant Jones: 4 tackles (2-2), 1 PBU

Austin Heder: 4 tackles (2-2)

Sae Tautu: 3 tackles (2-1), 1 TFL (-5 yds)

Graham Rowley: 2 tackles (1-1), .5 TFL (0 yds)

Moses Kaumatule: 2 tackles (1-1), .5 TFL (-1 yd)

Va’a Niumatalolo: 2 tackles (1-1), 1 sack, 1 TFL (-6 yds)

Kesni Tausinga: 2 tackles (1-1), .5 TFL (-1 yd)

Tomasi Laulile: 2 tackles (1-1), .5 TFL (-1 yd)

Chris Badger: 2 tackles (0-2), 1 PBU

Teu Kautai: 2 tackles (0-2), .5 TFL (-1 yd)


Most Targeted Player:

Mike Davis: 0/1


Teu Kautai: 2/3

incomplete, incomplete, complete

Austin Heder: 2/2

complete zone, complete zone

Jordan Preator: 1/2, 1 INT

INT, complete

Graham Rowley: 1/1

complete zone

Lene Lesatele: 1/1

complete zone

Eric Takenaka: 0/1


Chris Badger: 0/1, 1 PBU


Fred Warner: 0/1


Michael Shelton: 0/1


Grant Jones: 0/1, 1 PBU


Swing/Screen/Dump Pass: 0/0

This game was a great opportunity for the BYU defense to flex some muscle. There were some backups that got great looks and were able to give BYU fans an idea of who is listed behind the starters on the depth chart. BYU had a few players that stood out in the game: Jordan Preator, Fred Warner, Lene Lesatele and Kesni Tausinga stood out in their play.

The DL did a great job controlling the LOS. Wagner is a team that runs the ball primarily. On 38 attempts, they were held to only 86 yds, good for 2.31 YPC. BYU was able to rotate in a number of players deep in the rotation.

The LB core played really well, especially with the number of players that were rotating in and out. Fred Warner had a huge game where he was flying around and making big plays which could be a turning point for him to close out the season and to use as a learning point in his career going forward. Another player tht looked good was Lene Lesatele who saw his first PT on the defensive side of the ball. He made some good plays and looked assignment sound.

The secondary cause plenty of issues for the Wagner passing game. Jordan Preator got in and played really well after missing some games early on to injury and suspension. He was slated to be a starter coming into the season but lost his spot after others impressed and he ran into his issues but he certainly earned himself more playing time after his performance against the Seahawks.


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