BYU vs East Carolina Statistical Analysis

A statistical breakdown of BYU’s game against East Carolina

BYU Offense:

Called Plays: 87

Called Passes: 44 (38 pass, 4 sack, 2 scramble)

Called Runs: 43

Number of Read Options (kept/given/pass): 11 (1/10/0)

The Cougars cut back on running the read option this week. Bernard led in the carries with 5 for 20 yds and Brown had 4 for 10 yds. Trey Dye also got a read option carry and looked good scampering for 5 yds on an outside zone. The team ran the option a little bit more with Hoge in at QB as that plays to his strengths, he had a few plays that he handed the ball off when he could’ve kept it and picked up some good yards, he should be able to pick apart the film for the four drives he was apart of and learn a lot about himself going forward.


Give (Brown, 6), Give (Bernard, 2), Give (Brown, 0), Give (Bernard 5)


Give (Bernard, 7)


Give (Dye, 5), Keep (Hoge, 5)


Give (Bernard, 2), Give (Brown, 2), Give (Bernard, 4), Give (Brown, 2)

Time Mangum/Hoge had in pocket on passes:

1st Q: 50.8/13 = 3.91 seconds

2nd Q: 36.4/10 = 3.64 seconds

3rd Q: 19.5/6 = 3.25 seconds

4th Q: 22.6/5 = 4.52 seconds (Hoge) : 13.7/4 3.43 seconds (Mangum)


      Mangum: 3.65 seconds

      Hoge: 4.52 seconds

Time Mangum had in pocket before scrambling (avg gain on scramble):

1st Q: 5.3 seconds (-9 yds)

2nd Q: 7.8/2 = 3.9 seconds (3 yds)

3rd Q: 11.2/2 = 5.6 seconds (-4 yds)

4th Q: 4.6 seconds (-8 yds)


      Mangum: 4.86 seconds (-10 yds)

      Hoge: 4.6 seconds (-8 yds)

How many man rush on scrambles:

1st Q: 4 man rush

2nd Q: 8/2 = 4 man rush

3rd Q: 8/2 = 4 man rush

4th Q: 5 man rush

Offensive Stats:

1st Q:

Tanner Mangum: 8/13 for 134 yds and 1 TD, 1 rush for -9 yds (sack); Algernon Brown: 6 rushes for 23 yds, 1 fumble (lost), 1 catch for 22 yds and 1 TD; Francis Bernard: 3 rushes for 10 yds; Devon Blackmon: 4 catches for 50 yds, 4 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 1 catch for 45 yds, 1 drop, 1 OOB, 5 tgts; Kurt Henderson: 1 catch for 11 yds, 2 tgts; Terren Houk: 1 catch for 6 yds, 1 tgt;

2nd Q:

Tanner Mangum: 9/10 for 134 yds and 2 TDs, 2 rushes for 3 yds, 1 sack; Algernon Brown: 6 rushes for 9 yds and 1 TD, 1 catch for 9 yds, 1 fumble (recovered), 1 tgt; Francis Bernard: 1 rush for 7 yds; Jonny Linehan: 1 rush for 7 yds; Devon Blackmon: 2 catches for 46 yds, 2 tgts; Terenn Houk: 2 catches for 22 yds and 1 TD, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 1 catch for 13 yds and 1 TD, 1 tgt; Mitch Juergens: 1 catch for 17 yds, 2 tgts; Nick Kurtz: 1 catch for 12 yds, 1 tgt; Colby Pearson: 1 catch for 12 yds, 1 tgt;

3rd Q:

Tanner Mangum: 4/6 for 51 yds, 2 rushes for -4 yds, 1 sack; Algernon Brown: 5 rushes for 62 yds and 1 TD; Beau Hoge: 2 rushes for 5 yds; Francis Bernard1 rush for 2 yds; Trey Dye: 1 rush for 5 yds, 1 catch for 8 yds, 1 tgt; Riley Burt: 1 rush for 4 yds; Devon Blackmon: 1 catch for 34 yds, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 1 catch for 5 yds, 1 tgt; Colby Pearson: 1 catch for 5 yds, 2 tgts;

4th Q:

 Tanner Mangum: 3/4 for 27 yds; Beau Hoge: 1/5 for 9 yds, 1 INT, 1 rush for -8 yds, 1 sack; Algernon Brown: 7 rushes for 40 yds and 1 TD, 1 drop, 1 tgt; Francis Bernard: 3 rushes for 11 yds; Devon Blackmon: 2 catches for 12 yds, 3 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 1 catch for 9 yds, 1 tgt; Terren Houk: 1 catch for 15 yds, 1 INT, 2 tgts; Colby Pearson: 1 tgt; Nick Kurtz: 1 tgt;

BYU’s offense was much improved this week, putting up 45 points against East Carolina. When Tanner Mangum was at the helm, they only had one 3 and out and only punted twice, it was a different story when Beau Hoge came in as they had four straight 3 and out drives. Hoge showed a lot of promise but was unable to put together a drive. BYU was able to rely on Algernon Brown in the run game, he scored 3 TDs on the ground and 1 receiving. Devon Blackmon also stepped up on offense and had a huge game with 9 receptions for 142 yds, his first 100 yd performance as a BYU Cougar.

Tanner showed incredible progress in just his 5th career start. He was making reads and plays that are expected out of a sophomore or junior, not a true freshmen. He was able to make throws on the money across the field, and is learning to read defenses all while the playbook is opening up. Three plays stuck out which showcased his progress as a QB. The first was his first TD pass of the game to Algie Brown where he went through each of his progressions, found that no one was open and checked down to the running back. The next play was his TD pass to Terren Houk where a LB came on a delayed blitz. He was able to get the LB to leave his feet with a pump fake, step up in the pocket, avoid the rush, and hit the receiver for a TD all while keeping his eyes downfield. The final play came on the last drive of the game where a corner blitzed from the boundary side of the field and he picked up the blitz and hit the open receiver as the safety rotated over the top into coverage.

BYU tightened up their rotation at RB against ECU. The backs got 34 carries in the game and Algernon Brown got 24 of those carries going for 134 yds and 3 TDs. On top of that, the backs only had one play that resulted in negative yardage which came in the 3rd Q. He ran the ball really well and was dependable on the ground. He did struggle to hold onto the ball fumbling twice and dropping a first down pass, but Algie is usually reliable and should improve for the upcoming game against Cincinnati. Francis Bernard continued to impress as well, he came in and was able to run physically between the tackles and move the sticks. Burt has continued to be integrated into the offense, he only got one carry but again looked really impressive in that one carry he got.

Through five games, BYU’s receiving core is living up to the preseason hype that they garnered. The three leading receivers on the team are Devon Blackmon with 27 catches for 342 yds, Mitch Juergens with 26 catches for 341 yds, and Mitch Mathews with 30 catches for 339 yds followed closely by Nick Kurtz and Terren Houk who have 235 and 271 yds, respectively. Through each game, a different receiver has been able to step up and make plays when the team needed him. Last week it was Houk, against Boise State it was Juergens, and this week it was Devon Blackmon. He finally seems comfortable in BYU’s offense and has found routes where he is most effective and can get YAC. He had career highs in receptions (9) and yards (142) against ECU but still has yet to find the EZ in his BYU career. The chemistry overall between Mangum and the receivers seems to be where it needs to be and this is a very dangerous group against any defense.

The offensive line did a good job keeping Tanner protected. Even though he was sacked three times, only one was on the OL which was a speed rush which Ryker Mathews struggled to pick up. The other two came from poor pass blocking by Algie Brown, and the third came from Tanner tucking the ball and running up field only to be dropped behind the LOS for a one yd loss. The OL has done a good job of making Tanner feel comfortable which has cut back the times he’s had happy feet in the pocket, which in turn has helped him improve his passing.

BYU did a lot of good things against ECU which will give them confidence going forward. When Tanner was in the game, there was a confident attitude among both the team and fans where they knew that they were going to win the game. After he came back, the whole stadium knew that Tanner was going to march the team down the field and lead them to a win which is absolutely remarkable for a freshman to be able to do.

BYU Defense:

Defensive Stats:

Michael Wadsworth: 10 tackles (8-2)

Kai Nacua: 9 tackle (6-3), 1 TFL

Manoa Pikula: 7 tackles (5-2), 1 QBH

Matt Hadley: 7 tackles (4-3), 1 TFL, 1 PBU

Sione Takitaki: 5 tackles (3-2), 2 sacks, 2.5 TFL, 1 FR

Fred Warner: 5 tackles (2-3), 1 FR, 1 INT, 1 PBU

Bronson Kaufusi: 4 tackles (1-3), .5 sack, .5 TFL

Tomasi Laulile: 3 tackles (1-2), .5 sack, .5 TFL

Michael Davis: 1 tackle (1-0), 1 FF, 4 PBU


Most Targeted Player:

Mike Davis: 2/8, 4 PBU, 1 TD

incomplete, PBU, complete TD, incomplete, PBU, PBU, complete, PBU

Micah Hannemann: 3/3

complete, complete, complete

Fred Warner: 4/6, 1 INT, 1 PBU

PBU, complete, INT, complete, complete, complete

Matt Hadley: 3/5, 1 PBU

PBU, complete, complete zone, complete zone, incomplete

Manoa Pikula: 4/4

complete zone, complete zone, complete zone, complete zone

Kai Nacua: 4/4

complete, complete, complete complete

Teu Kautai: 1/2

incomplete, complete zone

Michael Wadsworth: 0/1


Swing/Screen/Dump Pass: 7/7, 1 TD

screen (4/4, 1 TD), swing (3/3)

Thrown Away Passes: 1

BYU’s defense was absolutely dominant for the first three quarters against ECU. They were able to shut down running QB James Summers who had been a spark for the ECU offense throughout the season when they needed to put up points, but they did struggle against passing QB Blake Kemp who looked really good against a depleted Cougar secondary. BYU saw the return of Travis Tuiloma, even though his play was relegated to the first half he had a big impact on the game. BYU also saw a depleted secondary against the Pirates due to two suspensions and starting FC Micah Hannemann leaving the game due to injury. The team was worn out from being on the field in the 4th Q and they gave up 17 points to the Pirates, the most by far of any game this season.

BYU’s DL rejoiced in the return of DT Travis Tuiloma and for the plays that he was in, he had a huge impact dominating the man across from him and disrupting plays in the backfield. Bronson Kaufusi also did a good job as well, even though he didn’t put up a huge game statistically he created disruption with his pass rush and had a noticeable impact on the game. BYU’s DL could’ve been improved in the second half, especially during the 4th Q but their rotation had tightened up and without Tuiloma they weren’t able to create the same disruption as normal.

The LB saw some good production out of Sione Takitaki this game, coming up with two sacks and he has continued to be worthy of the praise he’s received from Bronco Mendenhall. As a group, they had a few lapses defending the run where they missed their gap assignment and the opponent was able to pick up a nice gain on the ground. In pass coverage, they did play well, Manoa Pikula seems to struggle the most in coverage, letting players slip behind him in the zone, while Fred Warner really impressed with his play in the open field coming up with an INT and a PBU.

BYU’s secondary was depleted, and it was noticeable with Blake Kemp being able to take advantage of injuries and suspensions. BYU had to bring in Matt Hadley into the nickel position for Michael Shelton and he looked good making some big plays, but also had some lapses where he lost his assignment due to miscommunication (see ECU’s final TD pass). Micah Hannemann went down to injury and starting KAT safety Kai Nacua had to rotate over to FC because they didn’t have much depth there due to the suspensions of Shleton and Preator. Nacua had nice coverage and showed great athleticism, but his lack of awareness at CB saw some passes get caught even tho he had good coverage. Grant Jones came in and filled in for Nacua at safety and played well, he’s a big bodied safety t 6’5″ who can come up and help with tackles, he did miss an open field tackle in the backfield that ended up as a big gain for ECU but it was really his first experience getting PT on defense, he will learn from that.

With Hannemann, Shelton, Preator, and Harvey Langi expected to be back next week, as well as Travis Tuiloma seeing an increased role on defense. BYU should be able to match up well against an athletic Cincinatti team that is very deep and talented at the receiver position. Going forward, they will have to perform better in their assignments, but with more experienced personnel returning they should be fine.


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