BYU football team rocks out over heavy metal music

The BYU football team rocks out in full uniform, great to see the team bonding in the offseason.

First off, if you are not following BYU punter Jonny Linehan, stop what you are doing and do that. OK, now that you are back you probably saw this video that Linhehan took featuring his teammates rocking out in full uniform. This looks like it might have been from the team photo shoot.

There is so much going on in this video. First off, there is Jamaal Williams going with the air guitar and Michael Davis joins Williams in his myriad of moves. Thenthere is Fred Warner and Ului Lapuaho who bring out some sort of combination of a fist pump or Arsenio Hall-type moves.

Senior offensive lineman Brad Wilcox joins the party and starts head banging to the rock/metal music that is blaring in the background throughout the video.

Scanning the background there are those who are just hanging out including Kai Nacua who is adjusting his helmet in the background.

This is great to see the team bonding during the offseason, and can’t wait for the season to start.

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