BYU Football: What to expect at pro day

Former BYU players return to campus to work out in front of NFL scouts.

BYU’s pro day is Friday and there will be dozens of NFL scouts checking out watching the former Cougars and getting a closer look as they go through the drills. The players who are most likely to be drafted are running back Jamaal Williams and linebacker Harvey Langi — according to most mock drafts. However, Pro Day allows for players to impress scouts up close and in person who were not able to go to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine; the hope is to get the attention of an NFL team to be invited for more workouts and then either drafted or picked up as a free agent.

Here are the participates for Friday’s pro day

Jamaal Williams, RB
Harvey Langi, LB
Taysom Hill, QB
Kai Nacua, DB
Andrew Eide, OL
Parker Dawe, OL
Algernon Brown, RB/FB
Nick Kurtz, WR
Mike Davis, DB
Colby Pearson, WR
Sae Tautu, LB
Mitchell Juergens, WR
Garrett Juergens, WR
Travis Tuiloma, DL
Logan Taele, DL
Eric Takenaka, DB
Brad Wilcox, OL
Graham Rowley, DL

Outside of watching the players go through the drills, the other item to look for his to see how many former players have decided to grow out their beard now that they are out of school.

“It’s really cool. You notice the way they look when they come back? You see that beard?” running back Squally Canada said on Wednesday. “You don’t have to trim your beard no more. Go wild man. That’s the first thing everybody does when they leave BYU … It’s great to see all these guys come back.”

Former BYU quarterback Taysom Hill will be one key player to watch as he suffered a season-ending elbow injury late in the year and scouts will want to see how well he has recovered. He will be throwing at pro day in addition to running the 40 and other drills. A few weeks ago, Hill joined ESPN 960 to discuss his pro football plans and was asked about not playing quarterback at the next level.

“I am open to it, but the plan right now is to go forward and play quarterback,” Hill said. “If someone wants to take a chance on me to learn a new position and they’re willing to go through the learning curve with me and do that then I’d certain be willing to hear them out.”

Here is the complete interview of Hill from when he joined ESPN 960.

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Former BYU LB Harvey Langi joined Cougar Sports to discuss his process as he prepares for the NFL Draft.

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NFL agent Evan Brennan joined Cougar Sports to discuss Kai Nacua’s chances of getting drafted and how Brad Wilcox has gained the attention of some NFL scouts.

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