BYU Football: Kalani Sitake; “Preparation at Practice Brings Confidence.”

Kalani is excited for the opportunity to face Cal

By: Courtney Tietjen
ESPN 960 Intern

After a huge 28-23 win last weekend against Arizona for the Cougars, Monday afternoons’ press conference at Brigham Young University definitely had a buzz. As coach Kalani Sitake sat down at the table with a smile, he exclaimed, “Alright onto week two, I’ll take any questions you guys got.”

When asked about reviewing the film after the game, there were many things Sitake noticed.  

“There weren’t too many surprises. There are plenty of things to improve on. A bunch of things we can do differently and do better. It’s always a good opportunity and a good learning moment for us. But the fact that we got a win is a huge positive” Sitake said.

Of course, there is always a benefit with the Cougars winning their season opener, but how big is it really?

“All the hard work paid off but we are just barely getting started on our work as well. The goal is to work harder this week and get us into a position that we can be 2-0. We’re ready to move on and get ready for Cal. I’m extremely pleased with the guys’ effort. I think they played hard.” Sitake said.

It was pretty clear that BYU’s offense took charge of the Arizona game. Coach Sitake was nothing but happy.

“I’ve been really happy with the blocking on the field. It’s not just the guys looking to get the ball all the time. They understand their role. I thought Tanner Mangum did a good job at dishing the ball, handing off the jet sweeps, and also being able to see all the checks he needed to make along the way. It went really well and was executed really well. I loved the way they played.” Sitake said.

Squally Canada had a productive game against Arizona with 98 yards, three touchdowns, and over 20 carries. Coach Sitake was asked if that’s what he expected from Canada.

“He’s played a lot of football. He is a senior and he got to learn from Jamaal Williams for a couple years. He is in a position now where he can really do a good job to lead the position group. I’ve been really impressed with his little things. His pass protection, he had opportunities to pick up on blitzes, etc. He’s worked hard and our offense really trusts him.” Sitake explained.

Putting the Arizona game in the past and looking forward to the Cal game, there are many things that BYU can expect from Cal.

“I’m very familiar with Coach Wilcox and his defense. Cal is a different opponent so we will have to scout them and see where we match up and where we can have some success. Cal will be ready and they will be tough. They played really well last week so it will be a good challenge for us and we are excited for it.” Sitake commented.

One thing is for sure is that Cal will definitely be ready to play.

“Cal came off of a big win as well. They have a really effective offense and like I said before I know a lot of coaches on that staff. They will be ready and it will be a fun game. We will get ready and we’ll see what happens Saturday night.” Sitake stated.

Sitake is confident that the work the players put into practice will give them the best opportunity to win against Cal on Saturday.

“We care about this week, right now, and the work we are putting in. We have prepared from January to now and we are going to get ready. We want this game, we are happy, and we are right back to work. Our players are ready to work. All we can focus on is trying to get this win this week and it starts with our preparation at practice. That’s what will give us our confidence.” Sitake said.

Another big game is coming home to Provo for the Cougars at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Kalani is certain that BYU is confident, hungry, and ready. It’s go time.

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