BYU Basketball Stats: Five Man Lineups & Player Value in 2017-18 Season

BYUstatsman dives into advanced numbers for the 2017-18 Cougar Cagers

By: DJ Andreason
ESPN 960 Intern

Let’s talk about stats baby! Let’s talk about BYU! Let’s talk all the good things that BYU basketball is doing. Let’s talk about STATS!

First off, here are the ten most frequently used lineups by BYU basketball so far this season. The chart simply shows what lineups have played the most together and how well they perform in terms of point differential.

You’ll notice that there is a common factor in each of these lineups: Elijah Bryant. Seeing as most of these lineups have seen a considerable amount of success, that’s not surprising. There will be more on that in our next chart.

An explanation for how TPA (total points added) is calculated, click HERE

Elijah Bryant has by far been BYU’s most valuable player. He is the top player on BYU’s roster in Total Points Added and is 49th in the country in TPA. This stat is available for BYU going back to 2010, Jimmer’s senior season. Should Eli continue at his current pace, he could see himself breaking into the top 6 best TPA seasons at BYU in that span.

On another note, Jahshire Hardnett’s PER at 6.5 is the lowest of any BYU player playing 20+ minutes per game (since 2009, the first year Sports-Reference has PER data). He is also one of only two BYU players since 2009 to have an offensive rating below 100 (minimum 20 mpg). Hardnett’s ORtg is at 88.8, Matt Carlino had an ORtg of 97.4 during his freshman season.

Meanwhile, Yoeli Childs’ defensive rating is the 4th lowest by a BYU player since Sports-Reference started tracking the stat in 2009 (minimum of 20 mpg). His DRtg is 92.5 and is only surpassed by Jackson Emery and Jonathan Tavernari in 2009-10, and Brandon Davies in 2011-12.

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