Texas AD Mike Perrin says Big 12 ‘conference (should) stay where we are’

Texas is in the drivers seat in regards to conference expansion in the Big 12, and right now they are saying no on the matter.

The Big 12 meetings kicked off on Wednesday and after all the build up, hype and hope that some sort of announcement would made on expansion, but we were all left with disappointment when Texas athletics director Mike Perrin spoke to the media.

Everyone knows that Texas is fine keeping the conference as it is with 10 teams and they like the financial and brand benefit they receive for having the Longhorn Network. So, the Longhorns want the status quo which benefits them the most.

“I think the prudent thing for us to do as a conference is stay where we are,” Perrin said.

We know what Texas thinks but one of the most irritating comments comes from Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby who commented on what teams are being considered for their league to add, or rather not add.

While the Big 12 has not yet decided on whether to expand or not it would make sense to present or at least discuss candidates that could be a fit for the conference. Each potential candidates have strengths and weakness but it is the time to start discussing teams to know who to weed out and then see who is left standing and then make a decision on expanding.

Back to Perrin, he made a comment about the Big 12 wanting to be ready for the next wave or realignment so that they are not saddled with additions that might not carry their weight.

This makes sense in principle but the Big 12 is starting to look more and more like the weaker of the power conferences and could either be picked off or see Texas and a group going to the Pac-12 or some split between them and the SEC. Odds likely favor no Big 12 compared to a Big 12 that is a threat to pull in teams from the ACC, Big Ten or SEC.

Most would like for the Big 12 to make a decision on expanding or not and Bowlsby is attempting to have the league vote on the matter by the end of the summer.

Not that this is a shock but whatever Texas wants is what Texas gets and that means that the Big 12 will remain at 10 teams and BYU is on the outside looking in.

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