3-30-22 – Full Show – Recapping the most compelling story lines that came out of Spring Football 2022

Jaren Hall throws a pass in spring practice. Photo Courtesy of BYU Athletics and BYU Photo.

Ben Criddle and today’s co-hosts Sean Walker (@ActuallyDSW) and Brancon Gurney (@BrandonCGurney) are joined by Brandon Huffman, Jared Lloyd, Max Hall and Bill Connelly as they bring you all of the news and notes from cougar country!

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  • Brice Larson is the Executive Producer of Cougar Sports as well as the co-host of Sports Saturday alongside James Peterson on ESPN 700. He is currently majoring in Communications at Utah Valley University and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2023. Previously he was a production intern for Greg Wrubell on the BYU Sports Network. Along with covering UVU athletics for the UVU Review. You can follow him on Twitter @LarsonSports.

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