#22 BYU vs Michigan Statistical Analysis

A statistical breakdown of #22 BYU’s game against Michigan

BYU Offense:

Called Plays: 50

Called Passes: 33 (28 pass, 3 sack, 2 scramble)

Called Runs: 17

Number of Read Options (kept/given/pass):

BYU ran the read option 9 times in this game, just over 50% of their runs. 4 went to Hine for 28 yds, 4 to Bernard for 30 yds, and 1 to Carter for 2 yds. BYU was able to kick out the read man a number of times to open up the hole for the RB and had some success when Hine and Bernard were given the rock.


Give (Hine, 3), Give (Hine, 29), Give (Hine, -6)


Give (Hine, 2)


Give (Bernard, 13)


Give (Carter, 2), Give (Bernard, 5), Give (Bernard, 1), Give (Bernard, 11)

Time Mangum had in pocket on passes:

1st Q: 24/6 = 4 seconds

2nd Q: 22.2/7 = 3.17 seconds

3rd Q: 24.3/8 = 3.04 seconds

4th Q: 25.6/7 = 3.66 seconds

Game: 3.43 seconds

Time Mangum had in pocket before scrambling (avg gain on scramble):

1st Q: 10.5/3 = 3.5 seconds (3/3 = 1 yd)

2nd Q: 3.4 seconds (-4 yds)

3rd Q: 4.1 seconds (-14 yds)

4th Q: N/A

Game: 3.6 seconds (-3.4 yds)

How many man rush on scrambles:

1st Q: 15/3 = 5 man rush

2nd Q: 3/1 = 3 man rush

3rd Q: 5/1 = 5 man rush

4th Q: N/A

Offensive Stats:

1st Q:

Tanner Mangum: 1/6 for 14 yds, 1 TD and 1 INT, 3 rushes for 3 yds; Adam Hine: 4 rushes for 31 yds; Nate Carter: 1 rush for 4 yds; Devon Blackmon: 1 catch for 14 yds, 1 tgt; Colby Pearson: 2 tgts, 1 drop; Mitch Mathews: 1 tgt;

2nd Q:

Tanner Mangum: 3/7 for 11 yds, 1 rush for -3 yds; Adam Hine: 4 rushes for 2 yds; Mitch Juergens: 1 rec for 5 yds, 1 tgt; Nick Kurtz: 1 rec for 3 yds, 1 tgt; Terenn Houk: 1 rec for 3 yds, 1 drop, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 2 tgts; Devon Blackmon: 1 tgt;

3rd Q:

Tanner Mangum: 5/8 for 15 yds, 2 rushes for -18 yds;  Francis Bernard: 1 rush for 13 yds; Nate Carter: 1 rush for 3 yds, 1 rec for 4 yds, 1 tgt; Adam Hine: 1 rec for 5 yds, 1 tgt; Nick Kurtz: 1 rec for 7 yds, 1 tgt; Mitch Juergens: 1 rec for 1 yd, 1 tgt; Moroni Laulu-Pututau: 1 rec for -2 yds, 1 tgt; Devon Blackmon: 1 drop, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 2 tgts;

4th Q:

 Tanner Mangum: 3/7 for 15 yds; Francis Bernard: 3 rushes for 17 yds; Nate Carter: 1 rush for 2 yds; Colby Pearson: 2 rec for 11 yds, 2 tgts; Mitch Mathews: 1 rec for 4 yds, 1 TD, 1 tgt; Devon Blackmon: 2 tgts; Nick Kurtz: 1 drop, 1 tgt; Nick Kurtz: 1 drop, 1 tgt;

Paging BYU’s offense.. It’s Monday and they still haven’t shown up to the Big House. Honestly, there isn’t much positivity coming from Saturday’s loss to Michigan. A few stats from the game, 105 yds, 1.8 YPA, 2.3 YPC, 2 YPP. That is absolutely abysmal. BYU wasn’t able to get any rhythm on offense and Michigan pounced and was in their head early on. If there is a single positive to take from the offense it would be that there wasn’t a single turnover in the game.

Tanner Mangum got off to a slow start and struggled to gather any confidence during the game. It is apparent from Saturday’s game that Tanner only has a portion of the playbook opened up to him and doesn’t have the option to make checks from reads he makes from the defense. There were a few plays where BYU ran even tho the box was loaded or where the corners played off of the receivers and there could’ve been some timing routes ran over the middle. The issues don’t just fall on his shoulders, the interior OL looked like they were on skates getting pushed into the backfield and the WR couldn’t fight through press coverage. Tanner struggled to look comfortable in the pocket and wasn’t able to keep his eyes downfield because of a lack of confidence, he also didn’t have good footwork, there were several passes where he was falling backwards as he released the ball, this effects accuracy BIG TIME. One play that stuck out and summarizes the whole game was early in the 1st Q where Tanner threw to Colby Pearson as Tejan is knocked back into him and Colby Pearson falls over while the ball comes in. Late in the game there were opportunities to hit open receivers, but his ball started to sail high and his timing was off with receivers. Tanner will be able to learn a lot from last week’s game and continue his development as a QB through the rest of the season.

The running game was able to get going early, Adam Hine rushed for 31 of his 33 yds in the first two drives of the game. They were effective in running off tackle and letting Hine run in open space. If there’s one thing they could’ve done earlier, it would be implementing Bernard into the game plan earlier in the game. He created a physical, change of pace, where BYU could run up the middle. Hine was injured on the first play of the 3rd Q and it wasn’t until that point that Bernard started getting time. There were only 17 called runs in the game, the reason being that BYU fell behind early and was playing catch up instead of sticking to the game plan that was seen in the previous two games against UCLA and Boise State where the run was used to keep the defense honest and opened up the passing game.

The receivers were less-than-stellar this weekend. Right from the start, Michigan’s DB’s played physically against BYU’s WR’s. They came up and played tight coverage and used an initial punch to knock them off of their route and were right on their hip playing physically the entire game. Devon Blackmon had the only catch of the 1st Q, which frankly should’ve been an INT that was deflected into his arms. That ended up being the longest reception of the day at 14 yds, BYU avg’d 4.58 yds per reception. When BYU had opportunities in one-on-one match ups, the receivers were too concerned about the defender that they weren’t able to catch the ball, Mangum took a shot at the end zone where Pearson was in one-on-one coverage. He had a step on his defender but was so concerned with creating separation that when the ball came he had one on the defender to create space and only put out one hand to catch the ball.

The OL has gotten plenty of praise in the past from their performances in the first three games. But they came out completely flat in against Michigan. Tejan Koroma was getting pushed 7 yds into the backfield by Hurst, he couldn’t keep up with the speed of Glasgow and there was constant pressure in the backfield from the middle. An adjustment that needed to be made was having either the LG or RG come up and help him out. There were some players who also struggled moving their feet and keeping their guy in front of them or picking up the blitz.  There was a play where Brad Wilcox was picking up the blitzing LB and he just fell over in an attempt to block him and completely failed. Also, there were issues with picking up the twists that Michigan’s DL ran, the DL would rush to the B gap and the DE would loop behind to the A gap. This would force the G to block to the outside filling the B gap leaving the A gap completely uncovered with an open shot to the QB. The OL needs to be able to communicate so that when a stunt is run they can push the guy off to the outside and pick up the delayed stunt.

BYU has a good chance to regain some confidence this week against UConn and put together a solid performance to build off of as they prepare for ECU and Cincinnati.

BYU Defense:

Defensive Stats:

Micah Hannemann: 10 tackles (5-5), .5 TFL, 2 PBU

Michael Wadsworth: 10 tackles (6-4), 1 PBU

Kai Nacua: 7 tackles (3-4)

Harvey Langi: 7 tackles (5-2), 1 sack, 1 TFL

Sione Takitaki: 5 tackles, (2-3), .5 TFL, 2 QBH

Sae Tautu: 3 tackles (2-1), 1 QBH

Remington Peck: 2 tackles (1-1), 1 sack, 1 TFL

Manoa Pikula: 2 tackles (0-2), 1 QBH

Kesni Tausinga: 2 tackles (1-1), 1 PBU


Most Targeted Player:

Micah Hannemann: 1/4, 2 PBU

PBU, complete, PBU, incomplete

Mike Davis: 1/2

incomplete, complete zone

Manoa Pikula: 2/3

complete zone, complete, incomplete zone

Michael Shelton: 2/2

complete, complete

Kai Nacua: 2/3, 1 TD

complete zone, complete zone (TD), incomplete

Sione Takitaki: 2/2

complete zone, complete zone

Swing/Screen/Dump Pass: 4/5

screen (1/2), swing (1/1), flat (2/2)

Thrown Away Passes: 3

Besides the 2nd Q, the defense actually looked pretty good. BYU came out immediately and forced a three and out. During Michigan’s second drive they had set themselves up in a good position where Michigan was facing 3rd & 5, Rudock threw a nice ball on a back shoulder fade in tight coverage where only the WR could get to the ball. Darboh went up and came down with an impossible catch. After that, BYU looked deflated and gave up 5 straight scoring drives which put the game away early. They made good adjustments during half time and were able to shut Michigan out during the second half, but it wasn’t enough. BYU needed to force turnovers and get some momentum and good field position to let the offense ride into a drive.

The front seven struggled to control the holes and allow the LBs to make plays. The DL wasn’t able to control Michigan’s OL, BYU needed Bronson to have a major impact in this game and he didn’t show up like BYU needed. Michigan ran a lot of power with pulling guards and several full backs. BYU needed their LBs to fill the holes and there were lapses where the wrong hole was filled or one assignment was covered by two players, one play that comes to mind was when Smith had his long 60 yd TD run, he ran into a pile and found a hole where the assignment wasn’t filled and was able to scamper for the TD. Pikula and Takitaki also struggled with this as well and looked undisciplined. Takitaki, Warner, and Taele had a couple plays where they had the containment assignment but weren’t able to hold the assignment and the RB or Rudock were able to take off for a gain that could’ve been easily presented.

The pass defense played good in their man coverage. Hannemann made some great strides in this game in his coverage and open field tackling. He only had one pass that was completed against him and it was an OBJ-esque catch. Now there were issues where BYU had a lapse in coverage because players took the wrong assignment. Takitaki and Nacua were major culprits during the game. During the third drive of the game, Michigan was down by the GL and came out in a three receiver set, the TE ran an arrow route while the WR ran kind of a swing pass, Nacua and Shelton both bit on the swing pass while the TE released and was wide open for the TD in what would’ve been Nacua’s zone. Takitaki also had a couple plays where he bit on the play action and left his zone and it made for an easy completion.

BYU will have to play more disciplined on defense going forward. That was the biggest issue, there were honestly less than 10 plays that ended up making a HUGE difference in the game. If BYU were able to execute their assignments properly like they did in their first three games, it may have been a completely different game, granted hindsight is 20/20 but the defense will be able to take a lot from this game and learn from it going forward.


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