#22 BYU vs Michigan: 1st and 2nd Half Comparison

Comparing the first and second halves of BYU’s game against Michigan.

BYU Defensive Starters:

RE Kaufusi

DT Taele

LE Rowley


BLB Pikula

MLB Langi

SLB Warner

BC Hannemann

FC Davis

FS Nacua

Kat Wadsworth

BYU Offensive Starters:

ZR M Mathews

LT R Mathews

LG K. Johnson

C Koroma

RG Lapuaho

RT Wilcox

IR Houk

XR Blackmon

Slot Juergens

QB Mangum

RB Hine

1st Half

31-0 Michigan


62 total yards (25 passing, 37 rushing)

Possession: 10:05

Plays Ran: 26

1st Downs: 4

3rd Down Conversions: 2/8


317 total yards (132 passing, 185 rushing)

Possession: 19:55

Plays Ran: 41

1st Downs: 15

3rd Down Conversions: 4/7

BYU’s offense got punched in the mouth early. Mangum was 1/6 in the 1st Q as the OL struggled to give him a consistent pocket and his receiving core struggled with physicality. BYU’s offense picked up 4 first downs on their first two drives. Nothing after that. They picked up 47 yds during those first two drives and after that, only 15. The longest play was a 29 yd run by Adam Hine. There wasn’t much positive to look at during this first half, the OL struggled with physicality and were missing gap assignments. As bad as the 1st Q was, it got even worse in the 2nd Q, BYU only had 10 yds of offense on 12 plays ran.

Michigan pushed BYU’s D around in the first half. After forcing a three and out, BYU’s D gave up 5 straight scoring drives of 80, 90, 68, 59 and 47 yds. There was confusion in the secondary in coverage and QB Jake Rudock was able to take advantage of the lapses in order to move the ball. They also carved out a lot of yds on the ground. BYU gave up 3 rushing TDs and Michigan avg’d 7.1 YPC headlined by RB Le’Veon Smith who had 117 yds, 9.2 YPC, and a 60 yd run.

2nd Half



43 total yards (30 passing, 13 rushing)

Possession: 11:17

Plays Ran: 24

1st Downs: 4

3rd Down Conversions: 2/7


131 total yards (62 passing, 69 rushing)

Possession: 18:43

Plays Ran: 35

1st Downs: 7

3rd Down Conversions: 5/10

BYU’s offense continued to play flat coming into the second half. Not much can be said that already hasn’t. They were outmatched physically, timing was off with receivers, and nothing worked. Their performance was abysmal, at best.

The defense did a great job making adjustments during halftime. After being dominated in the 2nd Q they came out and shut Michigan down in the 2nd half. For the first time this season, they didn’t force any turnovers in the game which BYU could’ve used to capitalize on the momentum shift. BYU will need to put this game behind them as they head home for 4 straight games in the ‘ACC portion’ of their schedule.


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